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  1. He’s a young lad and more and more footballers are, through their own choice, sharing their lives on social media. Some players only need to sneeze and it’s front page news, rightly or wrongly. That’s just the world we’re in now. Even without that aspect, you get end of season walks round the pitch, awards nights where players are seen with their partners. This announcement means he can live his life privately and publicly the way he wants to. And also will help other players see that it’s okay. He also seems at peace with the idea that he’s bound to get comments. Which he will. But I think we’re at a point as a country where the support will outweigh the stupidity and ignorance.
  2. Dads a gills fan and he’s rated very highly. Id actually be a bit surprised if a promoted team didn’t go for him. Like a Rotherham or a Wigan.
  3. Broom and Grant id be interested in on Peterborough’s transfer list.
  4. Feel awful for him really. We all know he’s an emotional passionate player, he’s been through A LOT but found a career here. The first time he left he was frozen out and never got to say goodbye properly. And if he leaves this time it’s off the back of a play off defeat where his mistake has been crucial. He’s also lost a play off final here and missed a penalty in the semi vs Huddersfield. I’ll have a lot of great memories of Sam and he’s served us well. I just hope he picks himself up psychologically from another setback.
  5. Final home game of the season and we finally manage to field our best 11. That said. I’m really not sure Baz or Windass are fit. What will be will be UTO
  6. It’s not like we’d be sticking some random youth in net. Wildsmith is a senior goalkeeper with plenty of games under his belt and will be looking for first team football somewhere next season. Let’s not throw a wobbly if he needs to play.
  7. Only disappointment would really be that BPF seems a speciality penalty stopper. But Wildsmith has played several big occasions. Arsenal at home to name one. He’ll be fine if he needs to play.
  8. Fridays done. All about tonight. And regardless, I’ve genuinely enjoyed this season and I think we’re building something potentially special here. I just hope the lads leave everything out there and don’t have any regrets when they leave the pitch. If we lose cos Sunderland are better than us then it’s fair do’s isn’t it. If we lose just cos of a silly mistake or not playing to our own full potential then it’s a sickener.
  9. Exactly what you said really. He was either asked to purposely hold back and be mindful of todays game, or he absolutely wasn’t fit. We will find out tonight. I’m more inclined to think he just wasn’t fit and If that’s the case I wouldn’t start him tonight. Push Byers forward and put Dele in next to Luongo
  10. If I can see MK turn it round then I’ll feel a tonne more confident Also. Kinda rate the shithousery from then, splitting Wycombe fans away from each other. Couldn’t we have done the same? Seat 1000 in the Lep Upper and 1000 in the Don?
  11. We need to go at them like Brighton did to us in the second leg. I know they still lost but that was very flukey. But that is the type of energy I wanna see from us. Balls to the wall attack
  12. Or do we match Sunderland up and go 3-4-3?? BPF Storey Dean Hutchinson Hunt Luongo Bannan/Byers Johnson Windass Gregory NML
  13. I’m not saying we’re going to win. But we have a superb home record and haven’t we scored the most home goals in the country? Sunderland are a good team. But they’re just another team and their defence, once we got at them, looked just as nervy as ours. It’s fine margins. If Palmer is an inch taller he nods that ball across and Greg’s has a tap in. For all of Sunderland’s possession and chances, it’s still only 1-0 and they could regret that. We need to sort out whatever mentality issue affected us last night
  14. BPF Storey Dean Hutchinson Hunt Bannan Luongo Byers Johnson Gregory Windass But I’m not sure Bannans fit at all. There’s a temptation to play Fizz instead and bring Baz on for extra time if we can scrape a draw. I really Don’t know. Cos I don’t think we lost last night due to the line up, but mentality.
  15. 3-1 3-0 until the final 10 minutes where Sunderland make it nervy.
  16. And if Paterson had started and been ineffective then he’s started the binman. if Windass had started and then pulled up he’s not managed his injury correctly I don’t think we lost the game cos Saido started. People have been pining for us to give Gregory and Saido a run of games together and to stop tinkering with the strikers.
  17. Dean starting is just as important, if not more so away from home, than Bannan. If we can get two games and maybe a third out of him then it’s a master stroke by Moore and the fitness team re: managing Deans calf.
  18. I think it’s the perfect balance for the away leg and gives us some flexibility. Replace Palmer with Hunt and it’s the perfect home leg team too.
  19. Nervous But as long as we take them into the second leg within a goals reach if we lose, I’ll be satisfied enough and confident at Hillsborough. Really hope Dean is fit. I actually think his fitness is more important than Bannans for this away leg
  20. If we don’t go up should we try and get in a manager that probs is way out of our league and risk upsetting a manger who’s done a stellar job here? I wanna say no.
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