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  1. 10 minutes ago, s29wfc said:

    That's a great cop out, if we win you can say great call, if we lose you get chance to hammer the gaffer.

    I never really “hammer the gaffer” to be honest but I get what you’re saying.


    It’s not the team I expected. I’m hoping we can frustrate them and then use subs to our advantage as I think there’s plenty of legs on that bench. 

    I just personally get frustrated chopping and changing the defence, cos I don’t think it helps any of the new boys back there settle.

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  2. I’m also fairly sure that they get fined if they’re late on matchday. 

    Just wait till after the game where I think the barriers are down. Are players are still much more accessible than most clubs for the kids to meet - but pre match can be a potential distraction.

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  3. It’s pretty much in line with most clubs now in fairness. Not saying I agree with it, but Hillsborough was always against the norm in terms of access to players pre match. I remember before the Wycombe promotion game that it took the likes of Madine AGES to wade through the crowd. 

    I think if you go after the game it’s more relaxed 

  4. Stockdale















    Subs: Dawson, Iorfa, James, Adeniran, Vaulks, Paterson, Sow


    Bakinson did well but there’s only so much room. Wouldn’t throw Adeniran into another start three days after his first minutes in months. But I think he’s more threatening than Bakinson to bring on.

  5. 1 hour ago, megsonstheman said:

    He wasn't good enough, Megson was right as we started to win matches consistently once he and one or two others departed. Palmer is a similar player in respect he is not good enough, been here a hundred years and he's never been in a promotion winning side or play off side. Fortunately, we were able to move Spurr on but we are stuck with Palmer.

    Made 14 league apps and scored one when we were promoted from league one last time.


    But other than that….oh, yeah you’re still wrong.

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