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  1. The PO final didn’t bother me as such. Was a great season. Unexpectedly at Wembley. And was a Great day out ruined by 90 minutes of us not even mustering a shot on target - if we were ever in the game I’d have been more gutted but Hull had us on toast and should have won by 2 or 3.
  2. That game was awful. Handball goal. Their keeper had a worldy. Did we have a shot cleared off the line after a scramble?? And I’m sure we also had another goal bound shot blocked by our own player who had fallen over. It was just never meant to happen
  3. If we beat Huddersfield in that away leg we’d have gone up. That was a very poor final. If Hooper was fit he’d have made the difference as him and Fletcher were on fire. Only time I’ve cried at football cos I knew it was the beginning of the end of that kinda era we were in. And then the Derby relegation. We didn’t deserve to stay up. We rode our luck all season to take it somehow to the final game. And still we give fans enough hope throughout the game and go down by the finest margin. However, I stand by that it was probably a good thing and I’m genuinely enjoying the rebuild.
  4. This is exactly why I try not to get too whelmed or underwhelmed by a signing. Sometimes it is just right club right time. Sometimes a manager or a system will get the best out of a player. Sometimes a manager or a system will absolutely NOT bring anything out of a player. Wing being poo here doesn’t really mean a huge deal. His career will tell the story though. And it’s why I’m not yet that excited about Michael Smith. As free transfers go it’s a good one mind, im just not automatically expecting him to keep up his Rotherham form in this team.
  5. Among a few other hugely generous donations, our own Denis Adeniran has donated £100. I’m not sure their paths will have crossed professionally but I could be wrong - but good on him. But great to see the likes of Robert Snodgrass donating a grand. Again: this was just a small fundraiser created by Spurr’s work colleagues to just help the family along a bit financially if either needed time off work. From what I’ve read the diagnosis was only a couple of months back so they’re probably not even fully aware of what costs could potentially arise. so every little helps.
  6. There’s now a new target of 7k As long as that’s okay with some people who seemingly think footballers should funnel money away just incase their kid gets cancer.
  7. Yes, it’s former player Tommy Spurr. after tax, living his life as a 20 something footballer and then settling down and giving his family a life he wanted them to have (all his prerogative - he’s earned it) I believe he’s put himself through coaching courses as well as Uni. All of which expensive. If you read the just giving page then it’s not money to pay for treatment - but Tommy’s employers have thought of the idea to give him and his wife some financial breathing space should they need extended time off, or if either needed to stop working full stop. Just cos he’s earned a fair whack during his career, doesn’t mean the bills are all automatically paid for I'm afraid. No one plans financially for this to happen. And I imagine that as they’re at very early stages of this diagnosis, and it seems quite an aggressive illness for the boy, anything over and above the 1k raised could go towards funding other treatment….or god knows what else. Very happy to see the target smashed anyway. Hopefully the support brings the Spurr family some comfort.
  8. Would be good if @Owlstalk Admin Teampinned this for a while? They’re really close to the target but would be great to smash it beyond the target of course
  9. Awfully sad news for the Spurr family as his child has been diagnosed with kidney cancer which has spread. Owlstalk is great for this sort of thing - let’s help him and his young family out https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-spurr-family
  10. Someone raised a fair point that now the Hull chairmans made this public then DC probs won’t wanna play ball. So yes the deals probably dead
  11. I imagine we’ve agreed terms in principal with Wilks though as a player. And it’s just a case of offering the right ££ It could also be mind games from Hull offering the chance for another club to come in and offer more ££
  12. Wouldn’t necessarily mean it’s a case of move on. There’s a player there that’s available it’s just we need to offer more money. Perhaps it’s a deal with a few moving parts. If we get our 500k from the Joao leaving Reading deal then who knows.
  13. Could change it to Michael Michael Ihiekwe He f**ked off Rotherham To sign for the Wednesday
  14. I’m almost certain I’ve now jinxed it and he’ll be crap.
  15. ‘And I want you to know he’s gonna take us up now cos he leads our line and I want you to know he’s gonna take us up now cos he leads the He’ll score a goal or two or three He’d head a brick and then a tree He hates the red, he’s white and blue He is Ihiekwe, can I be Ihiekwe too?
  16. Mike Ihiekwe He left Rotherham for the Wednesday Defending and scoring from set plays And he leads our line (She’s Electric)
  17. Mike Ihiekwe Left Rotherham for Wednesday Cos he knows it’s true Yorkshire’s white and and blue Gonna score a goal or two (Abba - Super Trouper)
  18. Harsh on Joey. Very harsh. Became very trendy to hate him. He wasn’t amazing but he really wasn’t that bad for the type of player he is.
  19. Oh what a night Mike Ihiekwe in the blue and white He left Rotherham cos they’re f***n s**te What a feeling what a night
  20. If we’re planning three at the back we probably need two more CB’s signed. if we’re playing four at the back we need a an out and out left back, maybe even two. We’ve not even touched the loan market yet which is exciting. There’s always one good’un out of the 7 we tend to sign
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