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  1. Lee Carsley has been appointed England U21 head coach, with Ashley Cole confirmed as his assistant. Carsley, 47, steps up from his position in charge of the U20 team to replace Aidy Boothroyd, who left the role in April after five years in charge when the young lions were knocked out of the European U21 Championship. Ex-Chelsea and England left-back Cole's appointment sees him take up his first major coaching job since retiring from playing in August 2019.
  2. So really you need abs or fake knockers to get anywhere these days. Mind you, a boob job comes in cheaper than a degree and takes about 3 year less.
  3. Oh, that FIFA! I thought you meant like on them official World Cup films they archive.
  4. Sun stroke! Have a paracetamol, a glass of water and an early night!
  5. Too bloody right! Same manufacturer n'all. This in blue would have been spot on. Proper back too. I'm even more annoyed now.
  6. I really can put into words how much the back of that collar area is annoying me. I mean, some f'cker has signed that off. "Yeah, that's looks good" It more horrific with every viewing.
  7. I've seen your tea coasters and plates Maxine, so I'll have to take this comment in context of that...
  8. It has. Concentrating on just the football an ignoring some of our social f'ckwittery the tournament itself has been fantastic. Knock out Monday is one of the best days football I've ever seen from an entertainment point of view. Brilliant!
  9. Pre-season though. I remember us beating Alaves one pre season and a mate of mine saying we were going to have a reight season...after all we'd beaten Alaves who'd pushed Liverpool all the way in the UEFA cup final two months before. We finished 20th in the 2nd division and missed the drop by a point. So I'll not be rooerin about this.
  10. That sponsor looks a bit messy. Have they forgot to put a collar on any description on?
  11. More than 2,300 police incidents linked to the Euros have so far been recorded, surpassing the 2018 World Cup to make it the worst football tournament on record for crime. They include stabbings, glassings, fights and assaults on police officers, with at least 622 people arrested so far in England and Wales
  12. A university has withdrawn an offer to a student following racist abuse towards England players after the Euro 2020 final. Video footage from a Snapchat group chat circulated on Instagram, with one individual heard using racist language towards Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka, who each missed penalties in the shootout at Wembley. A spokesperson from Nottingham Trent University said: "This allegation does not involve an NTU student. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, including racism. "We looked into this matter immediately and as a result have withdrawn an offer to an applicant."
  13. 4 arrests. Four! There were bloody hundreds of vile, despicable comments.
  14. This thread is ace. Reight cheered me up
  15. Well theres a bit of that of course. But It's not just that though theres all the stuff with the kids they are doing, the zoom sessions etc. I mea, a game of darts with a press hound might sound crappola, but when you look at previous camps one of the main thing they always talk about is the boredom between games and training sessions. Game of arrers, a chat with folks back home. It's a two way street. I've genuinely never seen an England squad look so relaxed and that's a good thing in a tournament environment IMO
  16. I dont think its performing for the media I thi k it's worked on multiple ways. For a start I think its stopped em with the doom mongering a fair bit, and that thing they always used to do where they'd have a story about a player and sit on it until the tournament was about to kick off. But I think its created a level of interest and backing. (Rscist f'cktards excluded) on a scale we havent seen before. Even my kids, who I've previously attempted to get into football but who shown little or no interest (mebbe not surprising after seeing my face most Saturday tea times) have been asking about it. I think it's been a huge positive. The us and them thing with the media has ruined many a campaign. Included the Argentina debacle when the press paid some latin lotharios to chat up the wags and then took pictures. Bonnetti was in bits, seeing as he was already having trouble with the missus. Theres a self destruct element in our press. Now I get that we shouldn't pander to em. But having em inside and onside I think has really made a difference.
  17. I'll be honest I think it's great how the manager has invited the media in.
  18. Dunno why but this has proper tickled me. Which I needed coz it's been a duff few days.
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