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  1. We ant got a proper 9 never mind a false one!
  2. So reading between the lines...he'd like Nketiah int bothered about Clark-Harris and we're none the wiser about Odubajo rumours
  3. We've got him for two years. Might as well use him!
  4. Aye, he was the one that kept their £17m man quiet till they subbed him off.
  5. X-ray might be clear. But that face he made when we went down tells us more than that I reckon. Your sometimes better off breaking a bone than the other damage that can be done in that area.
  6. Aye. Thought he did reslly well , stopped that Bissouma seeing hardly any of the ball till they emded up subbing him off. That Bissouma that cost £17m
  7. For to agree. Thought them three were ace in the middle today. Brilliant to see Lee back and playing like that. Joey did well int the horrible role.
  8. I managed teams at various levels (including Sundays many moons ago at the start!) I always left 3 up top. One on the half way and two wide and a bit deeper. Worked a treat for us and I did the same thing when I moved on and up. Opposition often left 3 or 4 back when we did. Did we concede more or less than we would have with everyone back? Don't know, because we didn't do it so it's supposition. I do know my Keepers loved it. Less bodies in there, less jostling, able to come and claim stuff in relative freedom. Most of it is mental. A mental boost. And always got the opposition thinking because oat didn't expect it. We could have had 11 men back. But if they couldn't head , were nesh or midgets I never saw the point. Other than hoping they 'got in the way' they never achieved anything. Any half clearance would end up getting put back in anyway as there no out ball. Sexton once told me, and it always stuck with me, "There can be 22 players in there. But there's only one player going to get on the end of it. "
  9. He's clearly not getting carried away wi 3rd spot and the good run. Prob right too. Keeping expectation down takes the pressure off the players.
  10. Probably Hutchinson for me. Lees looked solid. Shame Fletcher came off. But understandable if it's right he'd had a knock and had been a doubt for the game anyroad. Can't risk him getting a injury that keeps him out.
  11. Start supporting wednesday ay at 3pm yesterday and pack in at 3.45pm? Only way you could come out with this. No where near being our worst ever.
  12. Bloody hell. That was a tough watch. Looked a nailed on 0-0 then when we got that un at the end I thought we'd stole a reight result. What a kick in the balls that last five .
  13. Release Fletcher? He's been one of our best players this year.If not our best player. Bannan a waster? Aye, all right.
  14. Level headed look at it. Too easy for folks to get carried away. Fulham will be a different game again.
  15. Milan fans weren't reight happy when they were chasing Sacchi, a Serie C1 manager , but they soon changed their minds dint they after a league, cup and two European cups !
  16. Penalty Lincoln. Big John Akinde (6"5) misses. Little side foot straight at the keeper. Cowleys out!
  17. Why won't they get 3 years. Chansiri dint want to sack Carlos or Jos. One thing he int is trigger happy. Reckon it's actually one of our best selling points, not getting the boot after 20 games!
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