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  1. Whilst managers are on considerably less (wages) than players in the top flight I suspect that any in there would be able to get at least double what they could earn at Hillsbrough. Though there maybe one or two that might come (if unemployed) But I suspect the majority wouldn't contemplate dropping down to the bottom of the championship even if they were unemployed and would rather wait till another Prem job came up I suspect the small handful who would are managers who have been at clubs that even though in the Prem would be considered smaller.
  2. Please stick all Sunday Managers clips onto one film !!! .... amazing stuff. That passion and enthusiasm. I'd listen to his interviews every week !!
  3. Backed up by Hirsty who Ron played through a barron 10 match goaless run some years ago. "It makes all the difference and relieves the pressure when you know the gaffer rates you"
  4. There's been times in the past under several managers where we have had a bad run, or played crap, and the inner cynic in me has looked at the fixtures and thought "Jesus ! I can't see us winning another game here " But they will .They'll nick a win somewhere. Someone will produce something. One or two players will hit form. A new player will settle in. That's just football int it. Always ready to spring a surprise. Quick question. When we were on the unbeaten run how many expected us to go on this losing run ? Not many i don't think because we start to believe we are ace. Now I think, in reverse a lot are thinking we're totally poo pooe. When in reality it's somewhere in the middle.
  5. Fine in principle as long as they support whoever gets the hard job at the top...
  6. The Irony being - considering what happned later - that Ron had already had middle men talking with Desailly about coming the following year during that second spell before he got the boot...
  7. I think that;s one of the main points though. He got rid of 'big' charachters and the sort of players that make good skippers, because of his own nature, i don't think he felt he could compete with them. In fact. Ask the Cup winning Skipper what he thinks...
  8. I think he took over a team with an already excellent spirit and which already had massive forward momentum on the back of a Cup final win and a promotion. Nothing too drastic needed doing.
  9. Oh ,I heard it was sexy time with the wife of a United player who played in the same position....
  10. Coming into the season with the momentum and team spirit that had been fostered last term I had hoped that might carry us through to a top 10 finish and perhaps a play off spot. But with the number of additions to the squad that need to bed in , settle, get to know the other players already here - all of them having to adapt slightly to the way Jones wants us to play - combined with the fact the team is hvaing to be mixed up on an almost weekly basis - then I think retaining status in the division and building for next year would be more realsitic than my first thought.
  11. If people aren't performing then changes need to be made from time to time. But I do wonder how much of an effect all the chopping and changing that has happened all ready is the cause of the form. How many new players have come in this summer ? It will take them all time to gell on and off the pitch. Some times think that new players should be eased into the team one at a time ao the ryhmmn and spirit isn't disrupted too much.
  12. Here you go... http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-dave-jones-threatens-to-wield-the-axe-1-4947116
  13. Yeah Genuine quote. It also say that Lee might get a run out. Though there is no comment from Jones on that subject.
  14. Well someone looks like missing out whatever formation he plays. “I left Miguel Llera out because he was costing me too many goals. I can leave other people out. Why? Because they’re costing me goals. I ain’t here to pussyfoot around. They have a job to do. The people who had the opportunity against Huddersfield didn’t do it, so I might have to change it again.” DJ
  15. Sheffield Wednesday facing possible FA sanctions Sheffield Wednesday are facing possible FA disciplinary action after coins were thrown on to the pitch during Wednesday's game against Huddersfield. The Owls lost the game 3-1 and referee Graham Salisbury, who awarded the visitors two penalties, noted the coin throwing in his match report. A club statement said: "The throwing of coins and other objects is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. "The club is currently in the process of reviewing CCTV footage."
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