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  1. Press conferences are all a bloody waste of time IMO. Whether you're on a winning run or a losing run its all the same old same old. We wanna keep the run going/end it So and so has got a knock. Training had been good. Blah blah. Managers are probably even more bored of it than we are.
  2. Growing up Beardsley was probably my favourite 'non-Wednesday' player
  3. Love Flash, a camp classic! Could probably do wi Brian Blessed delivering an inspired team talk! Reckon that's about the best team we could stick out there today. Not a fan of Forestieri at wing back.
  4. St Mirren have signed former Celtic and Sheffield Wednesday winger Ross Wallace until the end of the season. The 34-year-old, capped once by Scotland, arrives in Paisley as a free agent after leaving Fleetwood Town at the start of September. He made four appearances as a substitute in August for the English League One side. "Just having someone with his experience around is great," manager Jim Goodwin told the St Mirren website. "He can play in midfield and at left-back. People will be used to him playing in more advanced areas but he actually played a lot with Fleetwood Town last year in the middle of the pitch. He's a very calming influence in there, keeps things nice and simple and reads the game well. "He's still got bags of quality as well." Wallace, who also played for Sunderland, Preston North End and Burnley, spent time training with St Mirren in November. "That was purely for training, it wasn't a trial period," Goodwin explained. "At that moment in time we didn't need anybody but then obviously losing Kyle Magennis and Ryan Flynn, along with Ross still being available, convinced us to get him in. It's vital that we have enough to get us through the season. "Fitness-wise he isn't going to be where we want him to be at the moment but we will work with him over the next few weeks."
  5. Player who's been dropped thinks team selection is poor shocker! If they're taking better than they're playing mebbe they should take up management.
  6. Wed have folks rowing about the keeper for months before we even got to defence and midfield!
  7. I'd have a bash we all know best back four But rest of team I reckon yer could ask 20 different people and they'd all give you a different team and formation!!
  8. Luckily I never bet on Wednesday so they never let me down in that sense. Reading however have royally f*cked me over.
  9. Just need to mix it up a bit. Put a couple of first timers in now and again. Doesn't have to be a 1 v everytime.
  10. To be honest I think he could have been on about at least 8 of em!
  11. Problem he's got here is he knows who he wants rid of but no one is going to take them. He'll have to wait for the summer to off them. Problem is will he get that long, some folks are already calling for his head. And when they do go in the summer....for nowt...He's not going to have owt decent to spend on replacements - if he's still here. This is gonna be an on going issue for whoever is in charge
  12. Less pressure on the away side. Suits the players and the way we play. Amazing vocal support. Three things we don't have at Hilsborough.
  13. Pleased for the lad. Also pleased the manager is easing them in and having a look at them in the right way. Thought he did ok and didn't look overawed. Like a lot of lads he needs to fill out a bit. Well done to the him.
  14. Don't mind Carlos. He was decent while he was here. Ran out of steam and seemed to nesh games after the first season and had to go. No ill feeling really.
  15. Not been able to get on line @Whitechapel Owl No worries. If deadline missed. Would have gone with Leeds.
  16. Bit unprofessional. You might say it in the dressing room. You wouldn't say it in the press.
  17. As others have said -It's more about having that little bit extra nous to break teams down at home than set up. IMO. That and the home crowd frustration which seems to add a level of panic to some of the play.
  18. Thought the back four were brilliant. Took the early railing on the chin and got on with it. But I thought Borner and Fox in particular were superb. That wry smile and 'see ya later' from Fox when Costa got subbed from the action. Lee was so busy in midfield. Incredible work rate. Mention for Nuhiu too. Lots of folks would have leathered that shot over the bat, got right underneath it. But he's caught it sweet and kept it down. Celebrating before it reached the goal line. You always know when you've struck it sweet. Well done to the gaffer an all. Round pegs in rounf holes. The benefits are there to be seen.
  19. Don't know if he's posh or not. Just comes across as a conceited dicksplash. Clearly love himsen. In a way I'm glad he plays for them. I always like teams to have a couple of players I hate. Make victories all the sweeter.
  20. What Mel Sterland often said we didn't have enough of. "You want players who'll bust a gut there to get back ,Seth"
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