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  1. I'd be happy with that side. Stick Reach on the left (when he's fit) and I think that's about the best side we've got.
  2. Telling a young person to opt out of social media is like going back 30 years and telling folks not to go to the boozer.
  3. We'd be daft to think or doesn't affect folks. You only have to see the effect ot has on young kids generally. Not a week goes by without some school kid topping em sens coz they've been bullied in their own homes via the Internet. Even on here , which is much lighter hearted than the vitriolic facebook and twitter you can't go a day without certain players being slagged to hell.
  4. No one I know would give a hoot. There would be some who wouldn't be able to resist a dig mind. It's the opposition players and supporters who would try and weaponise it.
  5. His hand was on the underside of the ball weren't it. I thought he'd got enough on it but he might have slightly lost sight of it as it arrowed through Iorfas legs. He'll be disappointed but bit unlucky an all with the spin and dip when it came down.
  6. I had a mate who bought one of them flats down West Street near that Vodka place that used to the Hornblower. Did nowt but moan about music noise and drunken revelry. You chose to move on to a major drinking circuit. Cleggnut
  7. They'd have ripped us to shreds with all them gaps Nev!
  8. Bleedin hell We'd have had an absolute hiding if we'd done what you suggest. Can't fault your optimism though, that we'd have banged 4 goals against one of the best sides in Europe.... when we can't score more than 1 against bang average Championship sides most weeks.
  9. Did you think last night was tactically inept? Very nearly worked. Fletch's toe were an inch longer we'd have possibly made extra time. Don't think many would have expected that before kick off. He's then had to make two subs coz of injury. What would you have done.
  10. I liked the kid. Helped I think that Baz tucked in a bit and we look more 5-3-2 when he came on. Looks a bit slight to be playing a two at the minute. Monk sticks him in a two in their on Saturday and we get over run hell be accused of chucking a kid under the bus. He's gonna have to be mindful how he uses him and increases his game time.
  11. I'd like to see the kid eased in to be honest. But I'd hate to see him getting stick or accused of being a training cone if he doesnt hit the ground running. Its water off a ducks back to Joey but we know how derision can affect the young and more social media savvy younger players- Weve seen it.
  12. I don't think he is. But Hutchinson ain't getting picked Lee hobbled off last night. Luongo must be miles behind in his match fitnes The other option is the kid. Who although I thought did all right I'm not sure Monk will risk. Mebbe I'm wrong.
  13. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Börner Fox Pelupessy Bannan Murphy Windass Forestieri Fletcher
  14. Aye. I'm sure a 3 or 4 nowt loss would have really had folks buzzing.
  15. Subs two players who'd got a strains = wasting his substitutions. 😅 Once fans think you're a shît manager they'll find fault in everything you do to prove em sens right.
  16. Aye they lost six nil and eight nil. But their fans will have gone home delighted coz their team had a go or sumat.
  17. Before the game folks are worried about double figures being put past us live on telly infront of a watching nation. We're a bang average Championship side in an absolutley dreadful run of form and making calamitous mistakes every week and we're playing against one of the best side on the globe with £500m worth of talent on the pitch. We keep it to 1-0 Not good enough. Fckin hell.
  18. Iorfa for me. Solid thoguhtout. Forestieri worked his tail off and Murphy had a good game. I won't be picking holes in the team effort tonight though. They all put a shift in against a city eleven that cost £427m and who put most teams to bed without much bother.
  19. After a dreadful run and some really inept defensive displays this season I thought the lads worked their socks off tonight against one of the world's best sides. I think they got a bit of dignity back despite the almost inevitable result. Unlike some of our 'support'
  20. They've all had spells in and out of the team but his being missing hit us the worst Has to be a no brainer to sign him up....on a reduced terms deal.
  21. Westwood weren't available anyroad. He's injured again.
  22. We ant lost so folks have got nowt to rage and shout about. We ant won so the positive types can't bang on about turning the corner properly. It's just a draw.
  23. Think your missing the point of this thread mate. You're meant to say Westwood would have saved all threr and that wi Hutch an all we'd have probably won three nowt.
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