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  1. Dave Bennett getting way too easily confused for Mark Chamberlain here.
  2. Remember being excited we'd signed someone who'd bagged 42 goals in a season for Portsmouth but not really done much at Villa one in five man used all over. Then came here had a cracking debut before spending the rest of his time as a hard working but steady midfielder.
  3. Let's not call computer games "sport". No wonder there's so many pasty kids about.
  4. Them 90s short sleeved shirts....that came down to the elbow.
  5. "I think it’s important as well that the Owls media corps do try to be positive rather than negative, empathising with the club - where possible." Gi'or. They love a Wednesday Doom story. It's better click bait and what's left of sale.
  6. Some one did that outside my work I'd be ringing security. They wouldn't turn up mind, they don't like getting cold. But that's another thing.
  7. His gaffers not bothered. He's got bigger issue to worry about. Like making sure the public don't find out about all the thieves in the sorting office!
  8. Just keep it focused on Pelupessy and Dawson.
  9. My postman is responsible for delivering my mail. Sometimes he accidently puts em through next doors box. Dozy b*stard . Sometimes I don't get any mail at all. Sometimes the van breaks down. Sometimes his gaffer outs him on a different route. Sometimes he's told he can't deliver me packets over a certain size but other times he can. I'm not a fan of my postie. I don't think he's a great postie. But I don't blame him for everything that happens at Royal Mail which impacts his ability to get my mail to me.
  10. Well it int. There can be all sorts of things going off above the managers head which hold a club back from being successful in all areas.
  11. More to the point who replaces the bloke who's replaced Monk in 6 months?
  12. That's just two sides of the same coin mate. Managers looking after em sens
  13. What about folks who think changing the gaffers name on the office door int gonna solve the bigger issues?
  14. What? Run away at first sign ot trouble? Don't see that being a sign of self respect. I think most want Monk gone. Most dint want him in the first place. Including me. But walking away because things are bad? It'd only make me more determined to sort it out.
  15. No I'm saying that men who act effeminately - -can rightly be described as effeminate - regardless of their sexuality
  16. Bit harsh of Iorfa. He should be starting at centre half every week for me.
  17. I think it's younger than that. They're brought up wi it. I didn't have a mobile till I was 22. Remember running off to the phone box down the road to ring the bird because I dint want family nebbin if I used the house phone. Kids now can conduct their entire lives from their rooms if they want to. As they get older perhaps like us they'll ease out of it. But with technology advancing maybe things will get even worse. They might come on here for a laugh. But even so they're human. Seeing yourself being slagged to hell every single week by anonymous mudslingers can still have a negative effect. If you're someone with low confidence anyway its going to have a bigger psychological effect. Think we all too easily forget players are human beings sometimes. They're just 'players' to us. They should toughen up or give it up. Etc etc. Yet we know from the number of sports people who have mentioned and come forward in recent years that even some of the perceived toughest people about can be struggling internally.
  18. It's part of their everyday lives. I'm not on twitter. I keep me Facebook to keep in contact with family and ex team mates etc. But for the kids when so many of your mates use it you risk being left out of you dont. Which doesn't bother me as a middle aged bloke. But the younger end it's a different game. Even if yer don't have twitter, instagram etc . If you're in the public eye how tempted would you be to Google you're own name now and again? Temptation must be massive. Folks always wonder what folks are saying behind their backs. These days they can find out..
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