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    Most importantly he'll be able to wear a cream blazer with the sleeves rolled up over a vest and pad about in espadrilles and nobody will think twice about it.

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    I've been writing  a story while I've been at home. 


    Can I get some feedback



    There was this toy shop once. They used to put reight good displays in the window.

    But , the big retailers moved and it got a bit left behind.  Started struggling. Couldn’t get in decent stock. Couldn’t keep up. Borrowed some money to try and get some decent gear in. But it all went sour.

    Shop looked like shutting at one bit.

    Anyroad, there’s this bloke. He’s always liked toys and especially liked old school retailers. So he thought he might buy it. It was a lot of money though and there were massive arrears on it. 

    Luckily, for him, a couple of mates of his lend him a few bob to do it.


    So he comes in and saves the shop. Gradually things start to get a little bit better after some bleak days. Shop is gradually getting back on its feet. However, they can never spend more than £350,000 on stock.

    Eventually he’s done all he can and decides it’s time to move on. One of the blokes who lent him the money is keen to stay involved though. He loves the toy game, but he’s not really very well-liked by the ETL, the English Toy League. He’s made lots of money out of London Toyshops in the past despite not really being anything to do with Toys.

    So he’s disappointed he can’t stay involved really unless, he leaves his money in the business. But he doesn’t and can’t invest owt or have owt to do with it himsen. He needs his mate to stay around but he doesn’t want to. It’s tricky.

    One day he is in bakers buying a bun and he bumps into an old mate of his.

    “Aye up” he says.

    “What are you doing here?” says his mate “I thought you were in Tel-Aviv?”

    “Ah y’know.” says the bloke.

    “I’m here for the Portuguse tart misen. Reminds me of home” says the mate.

    “Ah, that’s nice” says the bloke. They get chatting. He tells him how he’d like to get back into the toy game, but how he’s not really allowed. How he’s in, but can’t stay in.

    His mate says he’d like to help. But he can’t really as he’s already involved with a Toyshop in Berkshire himsen.

    “Tell you what though” he says “I’ve made some mates in the Berkshire gig, why don’t I see what I can do”


    And he does. He touts about a bit. But no one is really bothered about Toy shops that aren’t making any money.

    Then one day one day he’s in the market and he sees a lad working on a fish stall. “Is this your stall, it’s pretty busy” he says to the lad.

    “Nah” says the lad. “It’s me Dads. I’m just here while he’s gone for a brew.”

    “What do you do then?” says the bloke

    “Owt I want” says the lad. “Me fathas minted.”

    “Oh. Oh, I see.” Says the man. Stuffing the rest of his tart into his mouth. “I’ll tell you what son, do you like toys?”

    “Oh aye,” says the lad. “Love em!”

    “How would you like to own yer own Toyshop?”

    “God, I’d love to. I love toys. I’ve gotta tell you though. I don’t know much about Toy shops. Or retail really. Stock, marketing. I dunno…”

    “Tell you what kidda,” says the man “How about, you buy it, and I’ll help you run it”

    “Will you?”

    “Oh yes.”

    “Hang on,” says the kid “how do I know you know owt about Toys and Toyshops”

    “Coz I already work for one mate! I know all about this game.”

    “Great says the kid”


    So the kid buys the Toyshop.

    “Right,” I’ll name you as , I dunno, what do you want to be called? General manager?” says the kid.

    “Ahh, thing is kid, I’m already doing that at another shop aren’t I. It wouldn’t look good, know what I mean? I tell you what. Why don’t you get someone else in to do it short term while I sort out leaving the other place”

    “Oh, right. Ok then” says the kid.

    The kid doesn’t know what he’s doing really, he’s admitted it himsen. So he looks about and reads up and he brings in 5 blokes to do all the stock buying for him. Tell him what’s what.


    When his mate gets back he’s a bit shocked. “You don’t need all these lot” says the bloke  “Especially now I’m here”

    “Oh right” says the kid. And fires them all. “shall I put you name on the door now then.”

    “NO!, I mean no,” says the bloke. “No need for that. I’m reight modest and that me. No, if anyone asks just tell em I’m some sort of wise sage, an advisor , helping you out.”

    “All right.” Says the kid. “To be fair to them lads I sacked though, they got us a couple of decent Toys in that I’d have not really thought about otherwise.”

    “Aye, don’t you worry about Toys, son, I’ll get you all the stock you need.”

    And he did. He got on the blower to his old mate. “You still got all that old stock you can’t shift?”

    “Tonnes of it mate. Tonnes of it. I’m not meant to be selling owt though. You know how things are.”

    “Ah that’s bad”

    “Not really” says the old mate “I’ve got this young pal of mine to set up a wholesaler, so I’ll put me Toys through there. Then it’s nowt to do with me is it, eh, know what I mean, eh, know what I mean”


    “He also does staffing n’all. This kid. Not just Toys. He wants a few bob for helping us though”

    “Ok no worries. Tell him I’ll get the kid to sort out some ,erm, admin fees for suamt. Anyway, gerrus some toys then, not too many though, Ive got a few of my old uns up in the attic,I wanna shift, I thought I might try and flog them to the kid too.”

    “No problems I’ll get you some Toys and some Saturday staff. Just don’t ever mention me”

    “Oh don’t worry, I won’t.  I try to keep out of the news misen. You know what it’s like with ETL nebbin all along”

    “Aye, I do. I really do. I’ve gorrit worse than you remember though. I’ve been in this game yonks. I’ve had the and Toy Association after me in the past and EUETA”

    “Kin hell”

    “I know”.




    Anyway. I'd appreciate some feedback on me story.


    Oops. Sorry. Posted this in the wrong section. Was meant to be in the dressing room.




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  3. Phil Neville is to step down as head coach of England Women with immediate effect.


    Neville, who was appointed in January 2018, had originally announced last April that he would move on this summer in order to pursue new opportunities, given that the pandemic-affected international calendar meant the home 2021 UEFA Women’s EURO would be delayed by a year to July 2022. 


    His decision to leave now means we will shortly confirm the name of an interim head coach to lead the Lionesses in February with Sarina Wiegman assuming the full-time role following the Olympic Games in August. A recruitment process had already been under way with assistant coach Rehanne Skinner’s departure to join Tottenham Hotspur last November.

  4. I'm pleased to tell you all that @steveboom has been working with his new , and powerful producers and has been drawing up another Lucky Wednesday song book. As well as several WWE play lists and some classic pop music play lists. 


    There are Steves private projects.

    However. With Wednesday once more in a state of flux with regards the manager Situation Steve has decided to bring back the lucky song book for you all to listen to. 

    There are some copyright issues so this isn't the full list. But really. You should be grateful it's back at all after some silly questions last time. 


    However, though Steve wants to share this with proper fans and help bring Wednesday some luck, sadly because some people can't be trusted to be silly and ask silly questions this thread will be locked upon posting.


    Steve doesn't want it to be spoilt for the rest of you because of a silly few. 


    Steve would also like to thank @marconi for being a good lad.


    Steve would also like to tell the members of the Wednesday Week @TWW Vic and @@owlstalk that they welcome to carry on making Podcasts. Steve will be making his own. There is enough for all three.

    And  it might help people stay at home and do as they are told while we are in lockdown if they have something to listen to.


    He also says that when Covid is over you are welcome to use his old Studio for your Podcasts if you want. Because it is many, many miles away from his new one. 



















































    OH YES!















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  5. 5 minutes ago, gurujuan said:

    If he gets another chance at a championship club, he will have done well. The sheer folly of signing Rhodes and Winnall, has been the painful experience I warned it would be. The scary thing is, we’re still doing it Anyone think we’ll get our money back on Windass and Paterson?


    Agree two costly errors. 

    One much more than the other.


    I think we'd have easily made us money back on Winnall if his knee ant gone mind.

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  6. 40 minutes ago, Tommy Crawshaw said:


    They've got a 23 year old striker Shodipo on a season long loan at Oxford.


    He's banging the goals in for Oxford and looks a good player, I wonder if they would be looking to recall him.


    Sod it. Lets gerrim as part of the deal.

    He aint gonna be any worse for us.

  7. Just now, Kanye West said:

    Not entirely sure that the account the rumour had appeared from is that accurate to be honest. 


    Well if it's on twitter there's a 90% chance it's absolute b'llocks int it.

    Still need to be looking at typing up players who have some potential and aren't going to cost the Earth if we're to steady the financial ship.


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