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  1. 4 hours ago, gurujuan said:

    Hutchinson was such a key player though, with him around, there weren’t any problem areas as such, not in terms of systems anyway. Sure there were positions we could upgrade, but generally he enabled us to put square pegs in square holes So much of setting up a team is about balance, and Hutchinson gave us that. Look, I don’t have an issue with Monk suggesting he was a wrong influence in the side, and deciding to leave him out, that’s his call. However, knowing how critical he was to the way we set up, to get rid of him before bringing in a replacement, was foolhardy in the extreme


    I don't think one man makes all the systems more playable. 

    He might help do a certain job...within em all.


    We could play a 4-5-1 for example and if we dont have anyone who can play the lone striker then Sam ain't gonna have made much of a difference. 




  2. 11 minutes ago, Ian said:

    Of course the goals count...if he was bagging 20 a season Id accept his limitations.


    But he's not


    And he's taking the place of someone who might.....and can run


    To be fair to him we've only had two players hit 20 goals in the last 25  years. 


    Great impact from Murphy and Nuhiu. 

    One give us a focal point we dint have first half. Sumat to aim for. To play off.  And the other injected some movement and drive.  Someone will travel wit ball and drive people back.


    Thought Pelupessy played well n'all. Got in some good blocks and tackles. Especially on two breaks one at start of first half and the other in second when Mitrovic were away in box. Carried on where he left off in week.


    Them goals conceded though...



    One of me favourites in recent years. I'm a bit old fashioned but I like seeing someone out there getting stuck in. We've always been a bit milky for my liking letting opposition stroll about. 


    Shame it seemingly turned to shyte. But that's life. If dressing room unrest is true you just can't have it. 


    Anyroad. Cheers Sam. 

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  5. 18 minutes ago, frastheowl said:


    Wildsmith - 6 - Quiet game with next to nothing to do, except pick the ball out of the back of the net. 


    Palmer - 7 - Steady enough. Anticipated and intercepted well. Gets drawn todays the ball too often, which left us vulnerable at times.


    Iorfa - 6 - Moments of class and moments of madness. But he's our rock at the back. So often makes crucial tackles/interceptions, almost taken for granted, but he dropped too deep, too early in the lead up to the goal, ensuring Lolley was onside, despite been three yards ahead of the rest of our back line.


    Borner - 7 - Decent return to action. Looked comfortable enough throughout. 


    Harris - 5 - Wonder if Cash has taken him out of his pocket yet. No joy whatsoever up against Forest's right back. Need much more.


    Murphy - 6 - Dangerous in the first half, but struggled to get into the game in the 2nd. 


    Bannan - 6 - Couple moments of quality (especially the through ball for Rhodes in the 1st half), but his deliveries were absolutely dreadful throughout. Felt vulnerable with him been the only holding midfielder, with our wing backs so advanced. 


    Lee - 7 - Thought he looked really sharp in the 1st half, and showed some nice neat touches. Faded in the 2nd half...but how the hell has he missed the sitter following Wickham's header?


    Luongo - 6 - Want more from him. Seems to have a decent all-round game, but struggled to put anything into place today.


    Rhodes - 6 - Did OK. Sniffed around, and looked to get in the right areas. Expecting him to do better with the chance in the 1st half though.


    Wickham - 7- Man of the Match - Looked strong and sharp. Probably the sharpest player on show. Should've done better when he's hit the post prior to Lee's sitter, but made up for it with a good header for the equaliser. 


    Odubajo - 6 - He seems to constantly be in the action. Came on, skinned two players and won a corner. A minute later, he's responsible for marking Lolley who scores Forest's goal (although to be fair, he's played a decent offside trap, and Iorfa has hung him out to dry), and then a minute after that he's taken a player out and got booked. 


    Da Cruz - 7 - Looked to run the channels, an option we didn't have before his introduction, and his deliveries from set pieces were fantastic. Positive impact. 


    Overall - 


    It was probably a better return than I expected, but still the same issues raise their heads. Missed chances, vulnerable when in possession, conceding soft goals. It was a brave selection from Monk today, but long term, it's unsustainable. You need balance, and I just felt, as much possession we had, we always looked open to counter attacks (hence the goal). 


    That said, I'd like Monk to keep with that system, but with different personnel. We've got the players to play it, but Monk seems intent on playing players out of position within it. Maybe, he's treating this first week as a mini-pre season, getting minutes into players legs (I think we'll see a totally different side next weekend), before settling on a more balanced set-up when the intensity increases. 


    Cheers for this mate. I haven't seen the game today.  But from previous games you're usually on same lines as me so great to read this and a get good idea of what happened.  👍👍

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  6. 23 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:


    To be fair the older generation don't really believe in mental health because back then people had breakdowns behind closed doors and never admitted to them as it would be seen as some kind of weakness or worse a perception of being a mental case.


    Mental breakdowns most definitely DID happen back then though. 


    "Where's aunt Shirley, mum?"

    "She's gone for some sea air and a bit of a break"

    "What? In Whiteley woods?"

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    We had a bloke used to comega in the boozer.

    Big bloke. Great character. But one new year he had a massive stroke.

    Could've killed him. 


    10 days later he rocks up.

    I says "You shouldn't be here, I know for a fact that your doctor said you had to give it up. I bumped into your lass at the shops"

    "He's told me to give up the beer son, it's true, which is why imanufacturers moving onto lager. Pint of export please" 


    Yer couldn't tell him. It was jut how a generation of blokes were brought up - Work hard, play hard. 

  8. 14 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:

    I think people are realising that  the days of egging footballers on to drink loads and have funny stories are rightly over.

    The aftermath of that generation is horrific.

    Mental breakdowns all over the place.

    Suicidal ex footballers in a right mess



    I think a lot of that is to do with the fact the retire 20/30 years before very one else and suddenly have a vacuum. 


    For olden days players they might takeon a boozer or a shop, something to have to get up for. 

    Theses who've earnt a fortune and don't need to do anything after, while they are still quite young have time to fill. 

    And the devil makes use for idle hands or sumat.

  9. To be honest ito just the same as most working class blokes int it?

    I worked with blokes in the past who thought nowt of sinking 10 to 12 pints like it were normal. To them it were normal. 

    Not saying it's reight, and loads of em are dead now. 


    Think it's the time too. The whole country has a boozing culture.


    I was working in boozers when all day opening came in.

    I remember Blair saying sumat along the lines of us being like our European mates and being able to enjoy an afternoon glass of winew with us snap.


    He were forgetting one thing. We, at that time anyroad, had a completely different booze culture. Oh, and shyte weather. 

    Folks just started getting pissed all day them that could.


  10. 22 minutes ago, asteener1867 said:

    Yea..The money will be easy..Its the 

    "Who's gonna be Owlstalk Landlord" when you hit the f.ookin' prombles...


    Nay then, there's a covid poetey thread on here and I've been expecting you to put sumat in it for three days. 


    And I don't wanna hear any excuses about yer drain pipe. 




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