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  1. Dunno mate. Was just sumat he said in one of them press things before game the other day.
  2. Pretty sure Bullen mentioned he'd nipped back to Thailand the other week.
  3. That's the thing though int it. He isn't the manager, he's filling in, and the players know that. I'm not saying he should get the job BTW ,I think we should get someone who's got more experience, but if he were full time I think they'd be more likely to do what they're told.
  4. Mebbe he does I reckon Mourinho knows more than Hazard but he still helped get him the boot.
  5. We can argue the throw about player selection. Means nowt if they don't give the ball to em. That's what I meant in my first post. It was one example but there were loads of times in the first half where we're squabbles going off.
  6. Formation is up to him. No doubt, but that wasn't what I was meaning. Point I'm trying to make is that you can play 442, 352, 343, 424, 4231, 433, 4123, WM, 235, and it doesn't matter a jot if folks don't do what they've told to do.
  7. It might be a bad plan. But me point is if they're not following it then if undermines the whole thing.
  8. That's me point really. He ain't been promoted , he's standing in. That ain't ever gonna work over a long period. I'm not advocating him for the job by any means, but if he's gonna do it, then they should give it him. That at least puts him a position where the players have to do as they're told or they're out. Stand ins can't do that. Not when there's a chance they have to go back to what they were doing before. It's give it him , or give it someone else. At minute he's just there to be shot at every times there's a halfarsed performance. (I'm not absolving him of blame.its just there's more to defeats than formation etc. Like everyone singing off the same hymn sheet. As a player you might not like the plan. But you've still more chance of winning if everyone sticks to it than doing their own thing.
  9. I just wondered coz , let's be reight managers don't send their teams out to fanny about. I know that Bullen said he wanted us to go out and be quick and attacking and use overloads in the wide areas by getting the ball out wide to our full backs against their 3-5-2. There was a bit in the first half, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw it. QPR jad attacked down our right , it jad come to nowt and Westwood had the ball. Soon as he got it Fox and Palmer split wide and advanced both calling for the ball. Borner was pointing at Fox but Westwood took an age with it and Bullen was at the edge of his technical area going apoplectic pointing and waving his arms about that he wanted the ball thrown wide quickly. It was only about 30 seconds, but by that time QPR were all back in position. Borner did one of them frustrated open palm gestures to Westwood. Bullen was still screaming across and Westwood did one of them calm down gestures with his hands before picking the ball up. Then with QPR all slotted back into shape Hutchinson came back 20 yards behind Iorfa and Borner to collect it. Bullen turned back to the bench with a face like absolute thunder. Now before anyone starts this ain't an anti Westwood thread or owt. He is (and always has been since he came here) our best keeper. He should always start IMO. My point is, if players aren't doing what the gaffer wants then he's on a hiding to nothing. No matter what he's trying to do. Mebbe it's coz they know him and know there's nowt he can really do about it. I know there's a lot of talk about them kids at Lincoln or whatever but can they deal with big personalities in the dressing room. Internationals. Millionaires etc. I know that shunt make a difference. But it can. I think whoever comes in , whatever their tactics or what have you needs to be someone who's going to be a proper gaffer. Get thst respect. Not sure if there's anyone out there. And I'm not slagging Bullen off here. I don't think a caretaker whoever it is can get that sort of respect because the lads know he might be going back to being the coach again soon. Bit like at school when you had a stand in teacher and took the piśs knowing he wouldn't be there next week. I don't know who I want to get the job. They could all do great or do crap. Nobdy knows really. But this caretaker thing I don't think can go on. It ain't good for the team. It's certainly no good for Bullen I think he's been hungout to dry in no man's land taking the blame for everyhing. (I k ow the tactics were down to him, but that performance was about far more than 352, 442, whatever) there was no cohesiveness and they played the exact opposite of what he said he wanted in the pre match that's application and attitude in my opinion. Not saying I want him to get the job full time by the way. Not a fan boy. But I think he's been let down by everyone really. Owner and players. Think he's being used a buffer by the chairman And a fall guy by the players
  10. As seen that list and they all look tug to me That why I hate him even more
  11. We can blame Bruce for 2 bailing out on us. The Bell. DC needs to save Bullen here. Before he gets nailed. Get some f*kerb we don't like as manager.
  12. Bruce. Yer forty face get. I thought we had a sniff this season and you fizzed us over. Ypu and fat twatt mike Ashley. Absolute tug ers the pair of em. Ballsed it all up for us. Twatts.
  13. Full weight prīck just like that bald nob centre back. Soneone should have ripped his arm pit hair out when he was rolling about ont floor.
  14. Diving gobshite. Roaring to the ref and rolling about. Someone should have kicked the bastaŕd and go him sumat to cry about. Did a job on us though. No one willing to deal with properly like how his type deserves to be defended against.
  15. Aye. Dirty diving lobbers. We were still crap though. Needed changing at the break.
  16. Aye. He's still a cùnt though and I'm glad Stonesy raked him playing for Whitby
  17. Could have landed the ****** moon in the middle of the pitch wi out hitting any of our midfielders
  18. We've got some reight nice kids playing for us. We'll always come unstuck against dirty cùnts that scare refs
  19. Aye Mebbe Forestieri could have tried to expose him an all
  20. Proper dirty cheeky monkey. Wish Fletch had chinned him. Also wish we had a few dirty flaps. We're too nice.
  21. Roughed us up. reight diving get though Saw his was giving the ref an ear bashing all the way from the tunnel to the centre circle when they came out second half. Proper fool. Played well though.
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