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  1. It'd have to be Fletcher for me. Ok, this is a bit of a b*locks at the end. But he's been the best for me. And if, I know it's at big if, if his injury is genuine. Be harsh to forget everything else he's done this season.
  2. They'll not be laughing if they lean against your drainpipe for support!
  3. One of me favourites in recent years. I'm a bit old fashioned but I like seeing someone out there getting stuck in. We've always been a bit milky for my liking letting opposition stroll about. Shame it seemingly turned to shyte. But that's life. If dressing room unrest is true you just can't have it. Anyroad. Cheers Sam.
  4. Cheers for this mate. I haven't seen the game today. But from previous games you're usually on same lines as me so great to read this and a get good idea of what happened. 👍👍
  5. Best footballer or best right back? Petrescu were a nice footballer....
  6. "Where's aunt Shirley, mum?" "She's gone for some sea air and a bit of a break" "What? In Whiteley woods?"
  7. Fckin prestige text. *predictive FFS
  8. We had a bloke used to comega in the boozer. Big bloke. Great character. But one new year he had a massive stroke. Could've killed him. 10 days later he rocks up. I says "You shouldn't be here, I know for a fact that your doctor said you had to give it up. I bumped into your lass at the shops" "He's told me to give up the beer son, it's true, which is why imanufacturers moving onto lager. Pint of export please" Yer couldn't tell him. It was jut how a generation of blokes were brought up - Work hard, play hard.
  9. I think a lot of that is to do with the fact the retire 20/30 years before very one else and suddenly have a vacuum. For olden days players they might takeon a boozer or a shop, something to have to get up for. Theses who've earnt a fortune and don't need to do anything after, while they are still quite young have time to fill. And the devil makes use for idle hands or sumat.
  10. To be honest ito just the same as most working class blokes int it? I worked with blokes in the past who thought nowt of sinking 10 to 12 pints like it were normal. To them it were normal. Not saying it's reight, and loads of em are dead now. Think it's the time too. The whole country has a boozing culture. I was working in boozers when all day opening came in. I remember Blair saying sumat along the lines of us being like our European mates and being able to enjoy an afternoon glass of winew with us snap. He were forgetting one thing. We, at that time anyroad, had a completely different booze culture. Oh, and shyte weather. Folks just started getting pissed all day them that could.
  11. Loved this badge. Simplicity of it was its genius. RIP
  12. Nay then, there's a covid poetey thread on here and I've been expecting you to put sumat in it for three days. And I don't wanna hear any excuses about yer drain pipe.
  13. That was one of me saddest days. As an emotional teenager it felt like the family was losing someone.
  14. Dave Bennett getting way too easily confused for Mark Chamberlain here.
  15. Remember being excited we'd signed someone who'd bagged 42 goals in a season for Portsmouth but not really done much at Villa one in five man used all over. Then came here had a cracking debut before spending the rest of his time as a hard working but steady midfielder.
  16. Let's not call computer games "sport". No wonder there's so many pasty kids about.
  17. Them 90s short sleeved shirts....that came down to the elbow.
  18. "I think it’s important as well that the Owls media corps do try to be positive rather than negative, empathising with the club - where possible." Gi'or. They love a Wednesday Doom story. It's better click bait and what's left of sale.
  19. Some one did that outside my work I'd be ringing security. They wouldn't turn up mind, they don't like getting cold. But that's another thing.
  20. His gaffers not bothered. He's got bigger issue to worry about. Like making sure the public don't find out about all the thieves in the sorting office!
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