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  1. . Cracking turn of phase owd Carlos. Sacked = I ended up leaving, not on my own initiative
  2. Mebbe he's got better team mates now. I don't mean better technically, particularly. But maybe they have a good vibe in their dressing room. No cliques or owt that can make a young lad feel left out .
  3. Most importantly he'll be able to wear a cream blazer with the sleeves rolled up over a vest and pad about in espadrilles and nobody will think twice about it.
  4. I've been writing a story while I've been at home. Can I get some feedback There was this toy shop once. They used to put reight good displays in the window. But , the big retailers moved and it got a bit left behind. Started struggling. Couldn’t get in decent stock. Couldn’t keep up. Borrowed some money to try and get some decent gear in. But it all went sour. Shop looked like shutting at one bit. Anyroad, there’s this bloke. He’s always liked toys and especially liked old school retailers. So he thought he might buy it. It was a lot of money t
  5. Phil Neville is to step down as head coach of England Women with immediate effect. Neville, who was appointed in January 2018, had originally announced last April that he would move on this summer in order to pursue new opportunities, given that the pandemic-affected international calendar meant the home 2021 UEFA Women’s EURO would be delayed by a year to July 2022. His decision to leave now means we will shortly confirm the name of an interim head coach to lead the Lionesses in February with Sarina Wiegman assuming the full-time role following the Olympic Games in Au
  6. I thought ominous means there's a threat of sumat bad happening
  7. That's yer modern footballer int it. They love tattoos.
  8. Like nob'dy on here's ever had a bad day at work.
  9. Aye. Deffo a midfielder. Done a smashing job at back today though. Fair play to him.
  10. Good debut I thought. Bot nervy at the off, but bound to be really. Thought he grew and showed a bit of promise. Dead pleased for the kid.
  11. I'm pleased to tell you all that @steveboom has been working with his new , and powerful producers and has been drawing up another Lucky Wednesday song book. As well as several WWE play lists and some classic pop music play lists. There are Steves private projects. However. With Wednesday once more in a state of flux with regards the manager Situation Steve has decided to bring back the lucky song book for you all to listen to. There are some copyright issues so this isn't the full list. But really. You should be grateful it's back at all after some silly questions last
  12. Oh aye. 80% still couldn't pronounce Nuhiu after 7 year. This kids got no chance.
  13. No surprise I've seen him speeding about like a f'ckin lunatic in that things. Nearly splatted a load of people crossing road outside Childrens/Museum entrance about a year back straight through a red at mach3.
  14. Agree two costly errors. One much more than the other. I think we'd have easily made us money back on Winnall if his knee ant gone mind.
  15. Sod it. Lets gerrim as part of the deal. He aint gonna be any worse for us.
  16. A no pressure club where he can go out and enjoy him sen and probably nick a couple. Good luck to him. This mean we can sign 2 nippy young strikers on £15k a week each. Would seem to make more sense.
  17. Well if it's on twitter there's a 90% chance it's absolute b'llocks int it. Still need to be looking at typing up players who have some potential and aren't going to cost the Earth if we're to steady the financial ship.
  18. Considering he's probably not on massive wages and we still might be in League 1 next season it seems a bit daft to me they haven't secured him.
  19. Playing out short from the back might be a bit much for our goalies, who miss Christmas and new Year games from "having to do a lot of kicking" - Neil Thompson
  20. It'd be standard Wednesday to sign him till the end of the season And the new manager to fall out with him within a week and have him sat at home waiting for the (late) wage.
  21. Dropped more points from winning positions than any other team this season (11) Only professional side in England who are yet to get their goal tally into double figures with a grand total of just eight.
  22. They could all go wrong. Lets be reight... at this club Guardiola could go bleedin wrong.
  23. Chansiris doing all right on that score by himsen!
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