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  1. Glad he's at training. Giving him the day off plays into Ashleys hands. Business as usual. Your move Fat Mike
  2. Anyroad, he's a bleein mad-man if he goes up there. They hate him already and he ant got a foot int door yet.
  3. I were only a kid when Ron left and I were roarin about it coz I thought things would never be the same again. Actually, I were right, they weren't but there's nowt you can do about it. Just support the boys and hope the new boss is a decent. Be really annoyed if he goes coz he'd done really well when he came in and there were signs of him moving us in the right direction. But thething that f*cks me off about it all is thst it's been common knowledge since the beginning of May that Benitez weren't staying up there. They've had plenty of time to get someone in and they've come in last minute and tried to nick our gaffer. Ashley should be just told to go and testicles. I'd force the issue and keep Bruce under pain of death. Though I'm reight mardy and that's probably why I don't work in footy!
  4. Has Ashley paid compo for his previous managers or have they all been out of work when they went there?
  5. Finding out stripes have been ditched again would just about put the tin hat on it.
  6. Well you'd hope so wouldn't you. But the pessimist in me always fears the worst. "Historical cases cannot be punished , but as this is recent were going to throw the book at Sheffield Wednesday to send a clear message to clubs etc etc" To be honest. Ignore me folks. I've had a reight poo day at work (away from news, intenet etc) and then come home to relax and catch up and there's all this going on. I've just got head on that's all
  7. More worried that there's ro be an investigation than quibbling over the price. Aye, other clubs have done it. But pound to a penny that if the powers that be decide it's time to clamp down on the practise we'd be the first one to face for it.
  8. It always fades quick. But bleedin hell it usually doesn't start fading till the first ball is kicked.
  9. Somebody once told me you should take a job based on the people you'll be working for, not what firm it is. Reckon that's sumat Bruce should consider before leaping in wi the boyhood dream stuff.
  10. 76 pages. Has it actually been sold then?
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