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  1. Overall. I think I'm probably going Borner or Fox.
  2. Bloody hell. That was a tough watch. Looked a nailed on 0-0 then when we got that un at the end I thought we'd stole a reight result. What a kick in the balls that last five .
  3. Release Fletcher? He's been one of our best players this year.If not our best player. Bannan a waster? Aye, all right.
  4. Fletch for me. Absolute beast up there. Has been all season.
  5. Level headed look at it. Too easy for folks to get carried away. Fulham will be a different game again.
  6. Milan fans weren't reight happy when they were chasing Sacchi, a Serie C1 manager , but they soon changed their minds dint they after a league, cup and two European cups !
  7. Penalty Lincoln. Big John Akinde (6"5) misses. Little side foot straight at the keeper. Cowleys out!
  8. Why won't they get 3 years. Chansiri dint want to sack Carlos or Jos. One thing he int is trigger happy. Reckon it's actually one of our best selling points, not getting the boot after 20 games!
  9. Folks said that about the Krankies but forty years later they're still going Who had the last laugh there!? Apart from the audience like, they weren't laughing they were probably a bit spooked out.
  10. Big lad could be rubbing his hands at prospect of Cowleys coming in! Once it dawns ont fans Cowleys like a big unit down the middle some on here might top em sens!
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