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  1. Not one vote for Turner has surprised me. Our only silverware winning keeper to be on the list. Played in what was possiblly the best season in many of our life times... Best season I've ever had. If he' played in the 93 cup final instead of Baywatch that Lineghan header doesn't go in, just like Hughes ' didn't. I'm sure of that! Strange to me that Woods and Srnicek (rip) two reyt flappers on crosses and one terrified of getting bashed up have more votes. That's footy though I suppose.
  2. Listening to the FFP thread you have to think that clubs know that they can get him for nowt in 12 months coz we won't be offering him a new deal...
  3. To be be fair to S36 OWL he's first un in this thread to say "in his opinion"and not state it as fact!
  4. If a player doesn't wanna sign there's nowt anyone can do. Mind.its swings and roundabouts. If we still had Milan in charge we wouldn't have been able to afford having 7 other forwards blocking his route to the first team! Mind. He gone now. Spilt milk int it.
  5. I ant been yet this year so I've got a question for those of you that have. How much of the shaky start is the formation and how much of it is just about intensity and intent. I only ask coz Carlos was 442 and it was dull. Jos is 352 and I'm hearing it's dull. Is it more about general attacking/defending intent? Can't really tell from highlights (though looked like we should have nicked it from them)
  6. How do we know they ant been trying their best to get him another club? They might have circulated his name to every club int league for all we know. Thing is, if other clubs know we're up the creak wi out a paddle (and every sod knows) they also know they can get him for nowt at the end of July next summer.
  7. Think Jos has been left holding a shitty stick with this un. Reckon he's gonna get asked about it every week an all until Westwood is sold or one of the others gets injured and he's back int squad.
  8. Have the Hirsts/dropped their side of story now he's proper left and signed up in Belgium? Cleared their names of all the stuff the chairman were saying?
  9. Love reading about sumat like this. Restores a bit of faith in the modern game. Might only be a little thing int big scheme of things but it'll mean loads to that kid. Smashing to see things that create and help forge a closer bond wi the club, players and fans.
  10. I actually think it's wise to not have Fernando and Barry modeling the kit. The lads who modelled last year's all got injured!
  11. Nike, Adidas, Elev8 ... doesnt bother me. It could be manufactured by Shag-snot Ltd ..it's still a thing of beauty!
  12. Even sadder. The lad doesn't get to wear our brilliant new kit.
  13. What an image! As a middle aged heterosexual bloke I didn't think i'd ever say this. But I might get me knòb out and drag misen around the room.
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