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  1. This looks pretty awesome. A purchase will definitely be on the cards.
  2. Taking my daughter to her first game tonight, she's been up since half seven a tad exited over going to Hillsborough tonight.
  3. I was thinking about taking my daughter to barnsley away, would be her first game she's been to.
  4. I was originally from Barnsley but my dad's side of the family are from Sheffield, but the part of Barnsley I lived in Wednesday fans out numbered the Barnsley fans.
  5. I'm not bothered what league the blades are in,although I don't want them to have a successful promotion push just so we can have a steel city derby.
  6. My psn is Maswfc if anyone wants to add me.
  7. not played fifa for months ..... maswfc, im up for this
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