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  1. Anybody can make a mistake or be spoonfed the wrong information as a kid. If it takes adulthood or just a realisation a different path has to be taken I will never criticise any footy fan converting. Glory hunters are a different breed to that and I treat with total contempt. I was lucky I was taken to Bramhall Lane, Oakwell and Milmoor before arriving on the old Lepps all in the same season of 1964. The choice was left down to me and without any pressure as soon as I stood under the old Lepps shed I felt at home.

    I was born at number 234 Bramhall lane . I went to my first Wednesday aged 7 in 1945, apart from when i was playing ,i have been going since.

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  2. Too be honest it's never happened with Bury supporters, every one that have come onto this board after we bought Lowe and Jones have been very gracious, much like yourself, shaker0.

    All the best to Bury, your fans will always get credit from me for not taking the 'easy' option and supporting a Manchester club.

    Does anyone remember the two very good players we bought years ago from bury, Eddie Quiggly and Eddie Killshaw,both were bought around the same time.

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