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  1. I was born at number 234 Bramhall lane . I went to my first Wednesday aged 7 in 1945, apart from when i was playing ,i have been going since.
  2. Marnham

    Well Done

    He was a brilliant winger who broke his leg after about six games, what a waste of tallent. Eddie Quiggly was also a good player
  3. Marnham

    Well Done

    Does anyone remember the two very good players we bought years ago from bury, Eddie Quiggly and Eddie Killshaw,both were bought around the same time.
  4. Marnham

    George Henry (49/50 - 51/52)

    there was a gerald henry playing around this time, he was a cult hero , he was big and rough, if any wednesday player got hurt all the crowd in one voice would shout gerrim henry, and he would charge accross the pitch and wallop, he wouldn,t last a minute these days. hope that helps