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  1. Still looking for two tickets for my nephew Sheridan and his friend, cheers guys x
  2. Asteener omg, I've missed your poetry mate!!!!
  3. Need two for my nephew and his friend, they missed out on General sale, im not going but looking for tickets for them x
  4. I miss Brighton & Hove loads, we only left in October, moved to the Netherlands, we lived in Hove for 5 years, amazing City, the best people.
  5. Brighton is currently very noisy anyhoo, it's the middle of the Festival which is on the whole of May, party all day and night.
  6. I haven't been since 2009, I moved away, life changed, still follow the Owls on TV every weekend, haven't been on here in forever, I blame Lloydswfc, I would love to go again, distance is a huge factor plus ticket, hotel etc I do miss going loads, watching it Friday night I was I tears, I had goosebumps watching cauldron Hillsborough come alive.
  7. Sometimes not watching is better for ones health!
  8. I thought this was a thread about tomorrow and some kind of ode haha Flippin 'eck said lad on't kop.......
  9. Drink alcohol take painkillers and stop being a drama queen...... Oh and a poem for old timesake would be rather nice :d
  10. Its not there at all for me, argh, oh well will keep refreshing in the hopes of something 'Official' cheers :)
  11. Erm is it just me or has the news section on the official site gone walk abouts? Could be me I am blonde and thick afterall
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