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  1. sas72

    Urby is alive

    Played poo i heared , big dave scored , won 1-0
  2. sas72

    End of Season Awards

    Player of the season - fezzi Young player of thr year - wildsmith Goal of the season - hooper - brum away Assist of the season - pudil for wallace -arsenal Save of the season .. westy - hernandez Best game - brighton home Worst game - charlton away Best signing - bannan Worst signing - lachman Most dissapointing player - mcgeady Worst ref ' most of em Best individual moment - the hillsbrough lights Worst individual moment - losing to hull in the final
  3. Mine was paying £26 for 4 pints ....
  4. sas72

    Ebay ticket

    Date of delivery ? 😂
  5. Block 551 row 7 & 9 -5 of us
  6. sas72

    1 Bristol City Ticket Needed

    Mat birkett got one for sale on noseybook
  7. sas72


    Cringy as f++k
  8. 3-0 hooper to score first . 66/1 w hills had a cheeky £10 onit
  9. sas72

    Playoff dates

    Booked our hotel aswell just in case £60 for 2 nights. Can cancel upto the day before + dont pay anything until we get to the hotel.. happy days
  10. sas72

    Lachman - off out on loan

    just rewind is old one
  11. sas72

    the kop pillars

    Does'nt matter where you sit on't kop. They still get in the way
  12. sas72

    Charlton's Form

    I wonder what chant they have for thier second top scorer... T.WATT ?
  13. sas72

    Incident last night

    A fan of bha tweeted someone was bieng recusitated near them on the lepps last hope he/she made it
  14. Me + 7 going cant beat a day out down in the big smoke