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  1. If anybody wants another look at the Terry/Nuhiu tackle:
  2. IFollow

    Seems a bit petty for them to have blocked 2 streams on one computer given that it's the only way to have the commentary with the game.
  3. iFollow

    No not specifically, it was words to the effect of "we recently changed our terms and conditions to...". It's possible they were just trying to put me off cancelling I suppose, or they've botched the introduction of the new restrictions if it worked for you yesterday.
  4. iFollow

    Yup, I explained to them that I was abroad for a period of several months and wouldn't be setting up a foreign bank account just so I can watch some football matches but that's how it is now apparently. I assume it's to try and stop people doing it with a VPN in the UK but I'm sure it will stop some people using the service at all. I'll maybe speak to them again if I try to give it another go but their approach seems draconian to me.
  5. iFollow

    No problem, they were much easier to deal with on the phone than email/live chat. I explained the problems, they said there would be a 10% admin fee but I wasn't happy with that because I was only cancelling due to technical problems so they agreed to wave it. There was a pro rata deduction for the first few weeks that worked which was fair enough. If anybody wants it this is the number: +442078264577 Also, they told me from now on anybody purchasing needs a foreign bank card and foreign billing address for the international passes. I had paid with my UK credit card but I won't be able to do that again.
  6. iFollow

    I rang iFollow today to cancel the season pass and get a refund. I've been having problems for the last couple of weeks with my IP address being blocked despite me being in France and they couldn't suggest anything that would help. It's disappointing because it was perfect for the first few games. I may try it again in the future but for now it's not worth the hassle.
  7. iFollow

    I had a similar problmem for the Brentford match. I was in the UK at the weekend but was back in France by Sunday evening. When I tried to watch the match on Tuesday it wouldn't let me, so I went on live chat and waited 50 minutes for a reply. The person said my IP address had been flagged by their system as suspicious and I couldn't watch. I checked my IP address and it was French, the person on live chat said there was nothing they could do and tough luck basically. Try again next time and hope it works. But the upshot is if they don't like the look of your IP for whatever reason they don't appear toxbe able/want to help. I'm still waiting for them to reply to an email about another problem I had so I'm not really a fan of their customer service so far.
  8. iFollow

    Forget that, I'm getting the stuttering now as well!
  9. iFollow

    No problem for me so could be a problem your end?
  10. iFollow

    Accoridng Rob (who does the commentary with JP) they could easily get the audio in with the video without too much fuss, the problem is they need to send a feed without commentary for broadcasters and they have no means of doing both with and without commentary, I guess that's where the fancy equipment you talk about would be helpful.
  11. iFollow

    It would really be great to have replays too. We get replays on the big screen so there's somebody there doing it already. I was waiting for another look at the chance Rhodes just had but of course there wasn't one.
  12. iFollow

    If you're watching on a PC then you can open a second window to run the "Listen Live" commentary at the same time as the video. I had pause the video for about 15-20 seconds so the audio could catch up but if you don't mind doing that then it works okay.
  13. iFollow

    I've managed to achieve it by opening iFollow in two windows, one audio and one video, then pausing whichever one was ahead. Is it something that might be available later?
  14. iFollow

    Should there be commentary with the video?
  15. iFollow

    Quality is okay for me, not HD but a solid 540p I'd guess. Do you guys have it on "Auto" for video quality?