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  1. Thanks, seems it's on Bein 2 & 3 for some reason?
  2. I have no video available today and audio only. why is that? Not that I'm complaining too much mind, might be a blessing in disguise...
  3. Tbh I think I'm past the point of caring now, 4th manager of the season. Seems like a decent bloke, got a very raw deal at WBA. Good luck to him, probably just keeping the seat warm for the next poor victim incumbent. If he's still here next season I might take an interest, assuming we still have any players/a club left by then.
  4. Can't help but feel a bit sorry for FDB...signed by Monk who was turfed out after a few months, not really had a kick since he signed. Finally gets a few minutes recently and then literally kicked out of the game. Shame, Weds career not really started yet has it?
  5. For me the most amazing stat there is the thought that Izzy Brown has made more than 15 appearances for us and supposedly done something useful...nearly two 'key passes' per game? Really? I'd be surprised if he touched the ball twice per game tbh
  6. A strange month what with the Covid break and hard to pick a stand out, but Paterson edged it for me. Keep it up, we're gonna need it!
  7. Did anyone else clock the triple substitution he made in the 78th minute? <-- Palmer, Urhoghide & Joey --> Harris, Luongo & Dunkley Two defenders and a holding MF off, attack minded player in Harris and less negative MF in Luongo on. Effectively then this would be known as 'going for it', and he was right as Bournemouth were there for the taking. And it paid off, Harris' cross for the winner! Whisper this quietly but I think NT is doing a good job...
  8. As usual with our fanbase as soon as Reach goes a game or two without scoring/assisting it's 'oh Reach does nothing, what a waste of space'. Without repeating all of the (accurate) statements above about him being played out of position, I still thought he put a shift in last night and was actually very effective at cutting out a lot of passes through the middle of the pitch. He rolled up his sleeves and did a job for the team, and still gets moaned about because he's not spaffed one in the top corner from 30 yards. There's a set of fans who Reach will never win over bu
  9. More like Herbie Kane and Abel Xavier off recent form!
  10. I don't understand why we don't just send him back. He's played a grand total of 390 minutes under three different managers, none of whom seemed to rate him. Assuming we're paying at least part of his wages, what's the point of him being here other than to warm the bench? Unless we were/are just so desperate for players that when we made the loan agreement we didn't include a termination clause, or we genuinely don't think we could get anyone better (transfer embargo?)
  11. Just tried to access video at half time, only an audio option for me?
  12. If he goes he goes, so long as we get some money for him and hopefully a sell on fee. Priorities are not really midfield/CB atm, use the cash to buy a CF. Looked like he had some potential but by the same stroke could be yet another failed academy product in a year or two's time, so won't lose any sleep over this.
  13. Looking at this all wrong - he's been on warm weather training since August and it's all part of the masterplan bringing him back for the remainder of the season all energetic and injury free
  14. Would probably sell my left kidney to get Hugill! Or better still flog one of Marriot's or Brown's, definitely get some use out of them then...
  15. Clutching at straws a little, but at least our squad has had a bit of a rest and should have recharged their batteries over the past couple of weeks. No significant new injuries to speak of either (touch wood).
  16. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55696323 Bit of a 'come and get me' plea to any potential suitors. Worth a look for us surely?
  17. Especially seeing as he's supposedly worth £1.4m https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/josh-windass/profil/spieler/280813
  18. Quite plausible given we were on -12 points at the time we signed him, so needed to dangle some sort of carrot in front of him to get him to move. The West Brom story is probably BS but there's potentially an element of truth to it, i.e. someone found out he has a min fee release clause for a PL club. Just they put 2 + 2 together and came up with the answer of 'bananas'
  19. Not really, as it's critical we get the recruitment right this transfer window. If we sign a load of players to play Thompson's way then midway through Feb decide he's not much cop, the new manager will want his own players in but can't get them so we're well and truly f...
  20. I would say that anyone who's not Carlos represents a risk, as he's the only manager Chansiri got on with! Based on that the following should be prime characteristics: Motivator Yes-man with limited involvement in transfer dealings Coach rather than manager Media friendly and capable of raising the profile of the club None of the above are intended as criticisms of Carlos, just observations! DC has already stated publicly that he doesn't like the classical 'British' manager approach who expect to have too much influence in how things are run; DC's word is
  21. I think we should insist our entire squad needs to self isolate, until the end of Jan at least...
  22. Marriott isn't ours in the first place, so hopefully we just take him back and avoid the overdue lending charge For Kachunga, to again replace like for like we're in the market for the latest in bench warming technology, AKA a hot water bottle
  23. Dross give him a crack in the first team, took him on loan then seemed to not rate him Bruce didn't rate/play him Monk didn't rate/play him Bully didn't rate/play him Pulis didn't rate/play him despite publicly moaning we had no LBs Seems pretty clear cut; get rid (ideally with a sell on clause), use the wage for someone who's actually capable of playing for us now/in the future
  24. We're aiming for a like for like swap, so we've stuck a leftover sandbag upfront in training
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