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  1. Appalling half of football from Brown. Can we just not play with two makeshift CBs 2nd half Darren? Stevie Wonder could see we don't look comfortable at the back.
  2. Just come back from 4 months out, I doubt he's ready for 90 mins yet
  3. Yeah especially considering we have two very attack minded WB on now, Hunt at least offered something defensively too
  4. Anyone leaving any football match without a bloody good reason when there's still a result in the balance should be shot on sight. Or banned for life, take your pick when you buy your ticket!
  5. From one of the corners, should we not try and pick out someone other than Dunkley given they've got about six players marking him by now...?
  6. Just me or is it really annoying how the commentator keeps saying "THE MK Dons". It's just 'MK Dons' surely, not like you'd say 'the Ipswich Town' or 'the West Bromwich Albion. Almost as annoying as that blatant pen we should've had...
  7. And yet he did get a fair bit on it...not too much you can do about that. Let's wait for the inevitable 'oh it wasn't top corner, BPF should've done better' posts...
  8. Has anybody worked out whether they brought any fans tonight? Can't imagine MK Dons have hordes of diehard followers but there must be mortuaries that make more noise than the away end...
  9. Assuming you overlook that two of his brothers played for Nigeria...can just about claim that one!
  10. Well then let's hope they haven't got onto the 'holding onto leads at the end of games' module yet then huh?
  11. We've hired a sports psychologist? Not bloody worked has it Darren?!?!
  12. Oh dear, there goes our chances of ever being on ITV again!
  13. Not surprised really, he's been arguably our best player till now. Only reason I can think of for subbing him is the yellow he picked up?
  14. Sooooooo is Johnson actually playing CB today? Mind boggling if so when we've got Dunkley on the bench...
  15. I think Wigan, Sunderland and Ipswich have got a wee bit more cash to splash in terms of wages than us...plus probably weren't under a transfer embargo and walking the FFP tightrope. Basically we sifted through the 2nd or 3rd choice cast offs and got what we could, we weren't able to sign the top freebies. Hence why we got some kid from Wolves, a guy who struggled to score in Scotland, and a problem child who has probably got more parking tickets than goals in the last five years. Paterson and Gregory as a pairing look a bit immobile. Needs to be one of them paired with someone with a bit more mobility ideally, not sure we have anyone with genuine pace though.
  16. You're not wrong there - it's ok to play out from the back if you've got the players capable of doing it but right back from when Monk tried to do it, we've never looked like we have defenders who are comfortable enough on the ball. Possibly Gibson is the missing link there (though judging by his cameo against Bolton the other day probably not) but Moore needs to either abandon his principles or bring in defenders who are good with the ball at their feet. Is that a sackable offence though? Definitely not. Even if you count the time tillering the sinking ship he inherited towards the back end of last season with forced absenses because of illness, it's extremely harsh to judge the bloke off a few months. Particularly given we brought in a whopping 14 players over the summer, who would need a few months just to gel under any manager. Wouldn't matter if it was Pep, Jurgen or Darren we'd still be a work in progress. We're 7th at the moment and seasons aren't defined in October. We also don't know what objectives Chansiri has set for him; if it was 'win the league' then I'm sure the man with the itchy trigger finger will be happy to oblige in any case...
  17. Wages maybe we're up there but be realistic - the squad had been hurriedly thrown together in the summer from a bunch of cast offs and loan signings. We haven't spent a penny in transfer fees as we're still within the straight jacket of complying with FFP. A new manager is not always the answer! That strategy was fantastically successful last season wasn't it? I agree that this season has been a frustrating one so far with the amount of points thrown away. I was at the game yesterday and was furious at the full time whistle at two points dropped, and wondering why Moore didn't make at least one change after they scored the first. Particularly why he didn't sub on Adeniran or a defensive MF for Wing, who was clearly blowing out of his arse. Why Adeniran didn't start after Bolton was a mystery to me anyway. Then I actually looked at our bench, and realised we didn't have a defensive MF on there, or in fact a recognised centre mid...we are badly lacking a holding MF at the moment, Hutch is out, Luongo is out, apparently Adeniran as well now. Byers too, plus our top scorer from last season in Windass, and Gibson looks like a perma-crock in the making. You can't blame for the manager for not changing things when we simply don't have options. We have no divine right to walk this league, there are clubs with much better settled and balanced squads than ours. Yes we have some players of real quality in certain areas but not the strength in depth across the squad. I'm not necessarily sold on the idea that Moore is the right man for the job but give the bloke a fair crack for christ's sake. I really don't want us to be the Watford of league one.
  18. Yup, this wingbacks experiment hasn't really worked so far has it? Either going forward for us, or in terms of keeping Bolton out. Would we be any better with a back four? Possibly not but something's gotta change. Keep having palpitations every time I see Gibson on the ball too!
  19. Awwwww Kane's gone off? Highlight of the first half the bloke in the stand yelling 'baldy' at him at every opportunity...might have to rely on the football for entertainment now!
  20. Apologies I've had a few sherberts; of course I meant Gary M*d*ne lead the way last time around, seems I erased that rascal from my memory!
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