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  1. Presume we are saving Jordan Rhodes for the penalty shoot out. Oh wait...
  2. No, but apparently DC & KM do when a set of accounts is stuck in front of them. Also our defence last season anytime we had a lead with 5 mins left to play...
  3. If this is true then this really does not bode well for the future. After all DC is a businessman with a passing fancy to buy a football club who at least at the time of purchase, knew little about football. Do we honestly think he's in it for the long haul, or at some point does he get fed up now his 'get to the PL for our centenary' scheme has well and truly been blown to pieces? It took us the best part of fifteen years to erase the mess of the latter end of our PL days. I can only hope we're not setting up for another decade or so in the wilderness, you only have to look at what's happened to teams like Coventry if you want to see the worst case of what happens when a football club loses ownership of its stadium.
  4. Sheffield Wednesday FC owned it before, now Dejphon Chansiri owns it. If there's a new buyer for the club, they now not only have to buy the football club, but conduct a separate transaction and due diligence process to buy the stadium as well. Effectively DC could sell the club then, and refuse to sell the ground and hold us to ransom from now to eternity.
  5. I know someone going for nowt and looking for a new club...he's a bit old, and a bit on the short side, and I doubt his English is great, but I reckon he'd do a job for a season or two. He's no Big Dave that's for sure...
  6. I'd like the chairman to NOT break the rules ideally, but if he has to then at least do it intelligently!!! Yes he might lose a few baht, but I can't imagine he paid Mandaric that much for us in the first place. Also he owns a certain stadium which I'm sure he can lease back to us at an extortionate annual rate to make up his losses...
  7. Jesus Christ! As I've said elsewhere the trick for dealing with these FFP rules is not really toeing the line, it's more how creatively or audaciously you can circumvent them. Our only real failing then is that we've gone about this in a completely idiotic way. And who will suffer most from this? The fans. If we don't win this appeal, Chansiri should resign as chairman on the spot and look for a new owner asap. In any other walk of life or business heads would roll for a ******** up of this magnitude! 🙈
  8. Adam Idah would be nice on loan, doubt we would get him though they just signed Hughill so you never know... Tyler Walker, as Forest seem a bit overloaded with strikers? Nice Weds connection too... Kayden Jackson? Jonson Clarke-Harris? Armand Gnanduillet? All optimistic...more likely Wickham on another season long loan.
  9. Given the start of the new season is less than a fortnight away, and with zero strikers signed to date, would you give the big man a contract for next season? Simple as, would you or wouldn't you? Beggars can't be choosers...
  10. Nah more likely we'd have a fall out with him over a new contract, then he spends the rest of his time here in the reserves before leaving on a free!
  11. It'd have to be a really deep hole for the top of his head not to be sticking out 😁
  12. OK then let's simplify this then...three at the back, a WB either side, two up front, and three in MF. Who are you suggesting has been playing 'in the hole' then at the back end of last season?
  13. As Brown in CM? I could be wrong here as I sadly haven't been following the ins and outs of the playing positions at Luton last season (riveting as that may be), but I don't think Brown can play CM. Or at least it's not his ideal position?
  14. Brown is potentially a decent signing, but yeah not really seeing how he fits into a 5-3-2 with wingbacks?! Where does he play in this system as I had him pegged as an Attacking Midfielder, another square-peg-in-round-hole winger cum wingback? Wouldn't we be better off signing you know, a recognised wingback in that case? Might as well play Rhodes there as he's not much cop up top...false nine all season to look forward to it seems seeing as there's been zero movement on strikers so far!
  15. The cost of his wages. any loan fee and the valuable time of our coaching team? Would rather Beattie and co spent their time coaching players we own than trying to improve those of other clubs who's already failed to perform for us last season
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