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  1. Tbf I think it's the extra man Peterborough can pass to that's the main cause of us getting overrun in MF. Also Bazza and Fizz didn't exactly look effective in there on Saturday, IIRC Charlton were running rings around us before DM changed it second half.
  2. Well we're not far off that with all these dementia cases. Just think, we'd be invincible!
  3. There's passion and there's being disrespectful to the assistant when he's been asked to take one for the team. Fine coming his way methinks, will be on the bench for a bit too. That said a puzzling sub.
  4. Yep, getting the same issue tonight. Error code 102
  5. I keep getting kicked out every 5 mins for some reason?
  6. Tried logging out then in again and it worked. The mysteries of ifollow!
  7. We don't seem to be on any tv channels, WTF ifollow?!?! https://liveonsat.com/uk-england-all-football.php
  8. I can't get any stream today, only commentary. Anyone managed to get a video?
  9. Stadium MK supposedly holds 30,000 across both tiers, the top tier was shut so just the bottom then which at capacity must hold 15-20,000. If we brought ~6.5k then that photo should be about ~6.5k people too (taken at KO btw)...really?! Sounds like a load of to me! Creative accounting at best (season ticket holders who didn't turn up?)
  10. Storey certainly did, he was fantastic and should be a high priority to get him signed up for next season if possible. Dean looked good when he played, but only managed a handful of games in the end. We still shipped goals from set pieces towards the end of the season, Fleetwood and Bolton away and Wimbledon and Accrington at home spring to mind. Needs to be sorted for next time out.
  11. It'd be quite good if the buggers could keep 'em out the other end first! Our defensive record from set pieces has been poor all season, if only we had a manager who knew something about defending...
  12. Yep last season hurt way more, it was just watching that slow car crash that was our season and knowing the inevitable was coming. Then a faint glimmer of hope towards the end, 25 mins or so from safety then it all went wrong. Before the season ended I was mentally prepared for another year in league one. Unlike when we lost the championship POF to Hull, I don't feel this was a golden chance that has slipped away. If we keep the core of this squad together then automatic promotion is a real possibility next time out, or even then we'll go up the year after. No worries about becoming another Sunderland or Ipswich. Besides if we'd gone up it probably would've been a really hard gruelling season in the championship. We're not out of the woods yet in terms of FFP and couldn't spend much (if anything) on transfers. Would've been wheeling and dealing for frees and loans which is a lot more effective in league one. Keep the rebuild going, add some youngsters, build a solid base to survive and push on once we go up. WTID
  13. Not sure how Gregory has run away with MoTM TBH. OK so he executed what could've been a crucial moment in the game for us, but other than that we hardly got him into the game. Thought Luongo was one of the few players that played to their best last night, he was everywhere winning the ball back pressing. He even led a few charges forward at times, got a grip of the midfield a lot better than on Friday. Just really hope that wasn't his last game for us, we have arguably the best midfield three in the division and if we kept them together then automatic promotion is a real possibility next season.
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