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  1. I have to applaud you on your attitude, sincerely hope it is only a diversion elsewhere on the road to a successful career for your son.
  2. A calculated interview, designed to annoy our supporters and put pressure on Chansiri to compromise.
  3. His form isn’t in question, his fitness perhaps is.
  4. Is there anything to stop Chansiri buying up all of them as a way of injecting money into the club?
  5. He played some early round matches so he’s probably correct about the medals
  6. Winnall made a great front post run, Palmer crosses the ball two yards behind him straight to the defender. Was a match winning opportunity lost.
  7. Palmer is a very limited footballer, sad indictment on our club that he has played 200 games.
  8. Didn’t see the game, Forestieri strikes me as the sort of player though who responds when the team is built around him, Jos is never going to see the best of him from the bench. He needs a run of games for fitness and confidence.
  9. Andy’s call, You know someone is barking mad when Brian the Blade comes on and sounds normal.
  10. He’s loving having his ego stroked by that Scottish brown noser Jim White. He had a couple of good seasons but I wonder what Stuart Gray would have achieved with that budget.
  11. I was surprised to hear their Chairwoman mention the Forestieri incident on Radio 5 the other day as fact
  12. Maybe we are required to sell Westwood, perhaps most supporters realise that but absolutely bizarre for the Manager not to speak with him prior to the Wigan fixture. Appalling treatment.
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