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  1. Julian Nagelsmann

    Your living in cloud cuckoo land if you think a Manager of his standing would consider 2nd tier English football
  2. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    Jack Hunt, how flipping bobbar was he today
  3. If you have a bet365 account you can stream the game over here
  4. Alan Judge

    Thought about him last week as someone who might be an option, has been in America doing some rehab work, maybe he is a Carlos type player as a hard worker who tracks back well.
  5. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Time for him to go, very good player on his day but those days have been few and far between.
  6. Forestieri

    Staying with the in laws
  7. The next Steering Group meeting

    Have to applaud Chansiri for his investment in the club but whilst understanding that he pays the bills and calls the shots I'm disappointed that he doesn't recognise that the blue and white stripes are an important part of our history and identity.
  8. Merry Christmas from down under...

    Merry Christmas from another Owl in NZ, do you know if the Newcastle game is on here? Sky says it's Barnsley but surely that's not right.
  9. Di Canio definitely did, I know from talking with his wife that they had 4 Christmas air fares booked back to Rome that she had made in November one year.