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  1. What a player he was. It was a privilege to see him at Hillsborough. I had no recollection of us being linked with him after the World Cup but what a signing that would’ve been.
  2. I renewed mine on the Kop. 34th consecutive season ticket. As long as I can afford it and still get up the steps to my seat I can’t imagine I’ll ever stop going. FFS!
  3. stoff

    BBC pundits tonight

    Lawrenson is getting on my paps already FFS.
  4. Bored silly no doubt. Extra glühwein for me this week.
  5. They do care about us despite what they say. I’ve seen loads of anti Wednesday stuff in Leeds and every Leeds fan I know just wants to finish above us. Seriously. I work with a shedload of em. It’s gonna be a fun day at work tomorrow :)
  6. Is that Terry Curran under the "A"?
  7. I never saw my ex shagging her boss but it still pissed me off.
  8. stoff

    Wednesday / England Band

    They should've gone years ago. They can't play in time, they're too slow, they join in when a song starts but play in a different bloody key or slow it down, and start different songs when one is already going on. Get rid. It seems like a lot of people have become lazy waiting for them to get it going on the Kop. Myself included. Never used to be like this. Really it didn't.
  9. stoff

    Under 21's v Stocksbridge

    Pretty impressive for a 15 year old (I presume) to be in the under 21s alongside the likes of Bus.
  10. Dammit, I meant to plus you not neg you FFS. And then then I found out I can reverse it....move on, nothing to see here.
  11. This was my first official kit too. I would've had it a couple of years earlier but John Quinn sports talked my mum out of buying it for me and sold her a cheaper, unbadged blue and white striped shirt with blue shorts. I loved it and hardly took it off that summer, sleeping in it and the lot. Then I went back to school and everyone else got the proper one FFS. I was 7. Still miffed!
  12. Guy Whittingham's always amused me coz he used to do a different one each time. His Mick Channon was ace!