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  1. Some great memories here. Dressed in black every week with my long sleeved Depeche Mode tops on, I thought I was as cool AF. We had names for all the women we’d see down town every week - Broomstick, Kylie, tartan skirt, pick n mix, frigid, red ribbon and chequered trou! Oh god, take me back please! Our regular haunts (Thursday, Friday and Saturday every week) were the Stonehouse, Fountain, Gladstone’s, Henry’s, Millionaires and then either Kiki’s, Cairo’s or Occasions. On nights where we felt a bit more brave we’d head to any of Legends on High Street, Dickens, Golden Ba
  2. I received my refund call yesterday!* *I didn’t. I’m still waiting.
  3. Well they’ve missed me out then the sh1thouses.
  4. Now this bobbar season is all over (thank you Jesus), which was the worst game/performance? I seem to have thankfully wiped a lot of the games from memory but Blackburn at home stands out for me.
  5. Loved him and his celebration tributes to other players. Always remember his Mick Channon!
  6. Bye Steve. I hope you poo your pants live on Sky next year and wet yourself on match of the day you absolute cap end.
  7. Anybody know what happened tonight? There was what seemed to be quite a loud bang from the north stand side of the kop and then everybody came in back late talking about a crush and it being carnage down there. They were still pouring back in on 50 minutes. Anyone here caught up in it?
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