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  1. One adult Leeds away ticket available. Face value
  2. Fans unable to collect their tickets from Hillsborough can do so from St Andrew’s. Tickets will be available until 2.30pm Buy online, simple
  3. Gardener is a massive loss this season, him and Roger would have been very good together, drop Lee back to right back (but that means replacing him in Midfield), Mattock back at LB and you have potentially our best chance of a decent defense. But as it stands we have have to put up with two players who are just not good enough at the minute, Reda and Llera. And teams target that, and we will concede with these two in our defense.
  4. Love it! Reminds me of my dad first taking me to games, walking down after parking up near forty foot!!
  5. Any news on how many we have actually sold? I'll be there, who cares what the price is!
  6. I don't mind them now, because having enough points to get tickets, or as people say they have gone to general sale anyway. When it will be a problem for me is next season. I go to Hillsborough with 3 other lads (all season ticket holders), but 2 of them don't go as many away games, so next season if a big away derby game comes up where tickets will sell, its the decision to get 1 or 2 tickets or risk leaving them all till general and possibly missing out.
  7. Looking forward to the game? The match specific no! But the overall afternoon, yeah! Chance to escape the house/women/Christmas stuff, have some afternoon beers and that. The day might take a turn for the worse when the actual footy starts tho. But hopefully they will surprise me tomorrow and get 3 points. Even if we lose I'd Take it over an afternoon in Meadowhall any day
  8. What a cracking 'supporter' you make! Why do you bother making the time to come on an 'Wednesday' supporters forum and take the time to even comment on the fact you don't give a shi*t. Just don't give a sh*t and save us reading it by not saying owt! you t*t! I will be there whatever Wednesdays plight, and I will sing all game long, because if there was a time when the owls need us it is now. Hand ball............ UTO
  9. Yeah agree quality player. But gotta be some reason why no-one from championship picked him up in the summer before he went Portsmouth. Only signed for them in October too I think, Strange. He'll either be rubbish for them, not play, or be a hit and bang a couple past us in December.
  10. Yeah hand them out around the pubs (Hooters for deff) before match and on the coaches.
  11. And the point of this thread is? DJ picked and started COG, and he scored.
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