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  1. It's almost as if sky rigged the draw
  2. Him and Lee were my stand out players
  3. I'm coming in from South Sheffield by the way
  4. Don't you need a permit for the weds car park
  5. Any fellow owls offer any advice on best place to park tonight? Normally use bus and tram but taking the car as working late Cheers
  6. Ferdinand and McShane won't have an easier game all season. Joao was exposed up front on his own but the ball bounced off him a bit and he needs to toughen up a bit. Only his 3rd game though, needs time to settle in as do a lot of the new players
  7. Thanks mate, I'll tell him that she doesn't need to get a crew cut then!
  8. Quick question, I'm off on hols (today) and I have a ST on the south for me and my lad (under 18) I'm going to let my brother take my ticket for the Reading game and he wants to take his daughter (under 18). Will he have any trouble getting in using mine and the lads card? He won't have a problem but I don't him to get held up at the turnstile because of the obvious reason that he's there with a girl! I think normally you can go to the ticket office to get a ticket printed but I can't get there today Cheers *Title should have read USE my ST!
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