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  1. Yeah hutch for me to slow it down and break up play harsh on Lopez as he has played well and probably better on the ball just think hutch will protect us better
  2. Stobbs young lad given a chance and tried to do something more than can be said of mcgeady
  3. Pressman Nilsson Walker thome r.johnson Waddle Sheridan bannan Forestieri Di canio Hirst Westwood Lees J.johnson Carbone C.palmer Semedo Hooper
  4. Wallace looked poor for me before his ban but now has plenty of rest would start for me,matias is,taking to long to come good and mcgeady would never wear a,Wednesday shirt again in my opinion
  5. Got mine as soon as got home last night £ 20 is a bargain great move by the club
  6. wildsmith palmer sasso turner helan mcgeady mcgugan hutch matias nuhiu joao no point in risking injuries or suspensions
  7. Been a great servent to the club but his time has come to a end be a brilliant league one player for someone next season
  8. It was a absolute joke i sat in the lower half of the kop and went to use the toilet at half time , it was absolute chaos i decided to use the stairs which leads to the top end of the kop on my return, and you could,nt move the stewards just stood looking at each other with no idea, people were getting pushed and shoved, people were shouting at them to restore some order but they just stood smiling needs to be some sort of plan in place and sorting quickly with the play-offs sorted there will be a lot more fans in the ground needs a serious re-think
  9. End of the day its a lottery and it will be what happens on the day, that dertimines our outcome maybe we will get a ref who does us a favour rather than one going againest all the time whatever the outcome enjoy the ride
  10. Remembering seeing antonio cut inside and thinking to myself just hit it the rest is history .........
  11. To be fair Wallace needed a rest he has been poor last two games his crossing has been awful and hasn't been beating the first man from a corner will come back fresh for the play offs
  12. Westwood Hunt Lees loovens pudil Matias Lee bannan Forestieri Nuhiu hooper
  13. maclean,mcgovern,brunt,whelan,jj,antonio,carson,r.jones,batth,marshall
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