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  1. with the bruce setup we were definately going places what,s the differance now he,s gone with bullen doing the exactly same thing with training and style of play as bruce.was there a magic formula that bruce had that bullen can,t copy. i would suggest as well that neil thompson joins him , l believe they would make a good partnership and maybe an older more experienced manager like ian holloway as director of football.
  2. He was very poor in the under 23 match with Leeds United.
  3. just got there after a hours travel to be told match was called off due to frozen pitch was surprised as i did,nt think it had been that cold!
  4. our defence couldn,t cope with their attacks they were totally outplayed .how we won the game i,ll never know. probably used our luck up for the rest of the season.!!
  5. thought abdi was very mediocre tip tapping short passes to nearest player as soon as he recieved ball. after 65 minutes he was replaced by alexx hunt. best player for me was jack hobbs who ran his heart out down right wing ,being supplied ball by ben hughs for hobbs to cross ball into goalmouth of which one ball curved over their goalie hitting far post and into net.our new striker did very little, didnt see him get one shot on goal though he was well marked by their no.4.van akin didnt stand out either.
  6. Probably watching under 23s, I saw him there the last match.!!
  7. brilliant tonignt definatly a top choice with lees for centre back positions he will become a valuable asset,
  8. very good physically strong,hard to knock off the ball,good header with a fearsome shot and i believe he,s only 20.a future foresteri!
  9. Iv,e heard the physio who does all the massages is a big buxom amazonion sexy blonde who does extras ,so all the squad are feigning injuries to get her services.
  10. nice to, see alex getting his dream promotion, maybe his granddad will celebrate and buy the beer for the lads in the club.[even tho he,s a blunt!
  11. over the moon, if the new manager can create ateam like that in 4 days training what,s he going to do by next season? it,s made my weekend!
  12. gran dkids took me in over xmas, not impressed at 3.90 a pint!!! daylight robbery,
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