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  1. he,s called the players a shower of poo and theyve spat the dummies out and are in protest....spoilt overpaid kids!!!
  2. ive asked about wether the training ground was too soft a surface resulting in twisted ankles and strains before but never seen an answer,also was the training ground surface the reason the under 23s stopped playing matches there and moved to stocksbridge?i would appreciate some answers.
  3. remembered him getting his comb out in any break of play and combing his tony curtis quiff, a great character!
  4. I will be happy with the points this season, save the classy football for next season when we're back at Hillsborough!!
  5. 1 have been once ,too much hassle getting there
  6. i can only put it down to the middlewood training ground maybe being too soft or lumpy, was this the reason for changing the under 23 matches to stocksbridge?
  7. whats happened with alex hunt, is he still injured?
  8. whenever the team arrive at a away match they get off the coach with their personel music playing thro their earspeakers so dont require a power supply.also doesnt manager travel on team coach? think stories been exagerated.
  9. on checking out exectives on E.F.L board and saw that rick parry is the chairman.it also said he was a chief executive for liverpool football club from 1997 to 2009.he also reeived a honoury doctorite fer services to city of liverpool. i hope it hasn,t got personell with our charges regarding the E F L. just makes you wonder eh.!
  10. might be worth moving him up front to partner fletcher and put big dave in his place as a central defender! it was only a suggestion
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