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  1. Watching the highlights from yesterday just look how many players we have in the box. Rhodes and Fletcher together with Harris picking up the pieces. A second body takes the pressure off Fletcher all the time. Also look at Palmer's overlapping runs. One allows Reach to cross for the goal and when he finally does receive the pass (a beauty from Bannan btw with his right foot) we nearly score again. Super to watch. Clinical was definitely the right word from Monk. Love the togetherness in the celebrations. Down on Sunday from Newcastle and can't wait to get to Hillsborough with my two lads!
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49493499 Very well written about the situation and we can no doubt name mates who follow either team!
  3. Yes... As you come off A19 follow down the dual carriageway toward the ground. Come off on the slip road where the ground is to the left but go up and over the road at the lights to the right. Take your first left and any of the side streets there is usually fine. Leaves a short walk
  4. Nevermind Westy saying it has been a surreal 24hrs... How about the last few days of being an Owl! Fans Forum debacle CC puts club up for sale Jos no show Bullen takes centre stage Jos goes (for the train) Westy returns Clean sheet Victory Agnew et al in the crowd The gloom may not have lifted but can look forward with a little more hope. In the meantime and until Boxing Day we can sit back and enjoy the festivities. Here's wishing all Owls a peaceful and merry Christmas!
  5. Game tomorrow. Desperate for a result. Why not get the job done by Monday and give Bullen five days to get his messages across? Now he is left with zero time to do anything constructive prior to what will be a very tough game! Lets hope he can give a good rallying cry. Why if he took training this morning and knew the score did he spout all that rubbish in the presser? Nothing ever straight forward with our lot. Lets just hope the lifting of the mood around the squad and in the stands will carry them through! UTO
  6. So looking at the form guide for the last 6 games Norwich, QPR and Birmingham are top 3 and Boro and Pigs are lower but top teams in the division. This came after a tough run of opponents prior to that. It is maybe no surprise that we have come up short in the last few weeks. Confidence plays such a big part added to the loss of Matias and Fessi at this time has not helped Jos. Now I am right royally fed up with tactics and couldn't bring myself to watch last night after the abysmal capitulation that I witnessed the week before but he has been up against it and maybe we should cut him some slack...
  7. Saw enough last Saturday. This manager is not playing players to their strengths. He couldn't be bothered to get off his seat. We were abject in every department. His only ploy seems to be wait for a mistake from the opposition and try to pounce. Positive is a clean sheet. Negative is he stays in the job for longer as a result. One team in Sheffield on the up with a plan and style of play and it aint us. Mismanaged from the top down. Normally a happy clapper but the second half last Saturday was enough! Tonight only confirms it. A non footballing team playing non football.
  8. Makes no odds who you play if they are anywhere near as woeful as Saturday's second half. They were like complete and utter strangers out there and it was an embarrasement. Please don't play Penney as a full back. Please don't play Onomah as a wide midfielder. Please don't play Pelupessey. Please get Bannan on the ball in the right areas.
  9. Do you mean will we lose 4-1 or 5-1..? I would be surprised if we scored!
  10. Honestly not sure I can bring myself to watch as last Saturday's second half was the most abject display I have seen in living memory. Not only were the manner of the goals conceeded utterly diabolical and comical but the way in which we were so completely disjointed and had players looking around for someone to blame or having a go left me feeling sick. The manager was nowhere to be seen in the same manner as his team who were pathetic in every sense. We will get annihilated at the Lane if we show so little backbone. What will Jos do? Make wholesale changes to the back line to try and rectify the situation but will have no impact because there is no consistency and confidence in each other knowing what to do or how to play in a system...
  11. Well done boys! Lived in the Toon for 20 years. Always love the weekend. If you are around on Saturday try the City Games on the Quayside. Will be spectating near the start on the Central motorway fly over and my boys love spotting fellow Owls in their shirts. If you keep right on the motorway and go over the top road we will give you an up the Owls if you have colours on!
  12. Remember watching a game at Hartlepool. Was sat in Hartlepool stand close to the side of the pitch and the noise when he took the ball down on his chest was something else! It was like the ball had hit a concrete wall.
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