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  1. Did that on the first day that it launched, paid second months subscription last week. Thanks for bringing this appeal to the wider Wednesday audience.
  2. Whoooooo, hark at her, Grammar police can't spell can't
  3. I can see your point about Wildsmith playing on Wednesday, although it does seem a strange on to me, giving ‘game time’ to a player against probably the best team in England in a game that we wanted to win. Whatever the reason, he did nothing wrong to deserve losing the shirt, unless, as you say it was purely game time. Dawson is obviously short on confidence and that is affecting his decision making in games and costing us goals. If Westwood is out of Monks thoughts, why not give Wildsmith a few games?
  4. He's a big part of the problem Dave
  5. Dawson is a good shot stopper and catcher of the ball, the reason that he is not a great goalkeeper is his decision making and distribution. His confidence is shot now, probably because of the abuse he's getting, and has reverted to punching rather than catching, that cost us the first goal. Still cannot see why he was picked in front of Wildsmith yesterday. Dawson was dropped on Wednesday night because of his form, Wildsmith had a decent game and did nothing wrong to deserve losing the shirt yesterday
  6. Stayed to the bitter end yesterday, Murphy my MOM, Pelupessy probably had his best game for us and yet remains far below Championship level, not much to choose between the rest of 'em, all rubbish
  7. Made me chuckle, I was still laughing at that when I walked in Wednesday Tap.
  8. It was Rob, not Harry. He wanted to talk to someone who he could get some sense out of. Correct, Harry had a good chat with us in New Barrack Tavern the night before the playoff final.
  9. Aye, Rob Staton was in New Barrack Tavern with a camera and sound man pre-match on Saturday. Does he still post on here? I can't find his old username.
  10. An away trip to Old Trafford Not far for fans to travel, a big payday from TV rights and a winnable game against a Premier League side
  11. There's a thread about this in the Wednesdayite section. I don't use the car park but I thought that they had been using Hillsborough College Car Park all season.
  12. It was open after the Wigan game, although I've not been in pre-match since the Luton game. I think it opens at 16:00, I got in at about 17:00 when we played Luton. I don't know about cheque payments, I used cash last time I was there..
  13. Not the best IMO, definitely in the top two along with Thorniley.
  14. He was ok defensively, on a tough night. His distribution was poor, mostly long ball or back pass to keeper, but that was probably due to the fact that we were lacking in midfield.
  15. Reading were bottom of the league after we beat them
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