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  1. wisewoodowl


    You don't have to go to that many games to have enough points to get tickets that are 'in demand'. You could have got at ticket for t'lane with points from less than half of the available away games and home cup ties. That said, something could be done about fans buying tickets to get points and then selling them on on here. Perhaps Mods should be deleting such threads.
  2. wisewoodowl

    clive betts

    dem blaVdes keep saying this. They weren't being pelted with smoke bombs, traffic cones, beer cans and coins while they were being penned towards 2 working turnstiles by South Yorkshires finest were they?
  3. I'm against Sky Sports and was forced to go to t'lane for a 19:45 Friday kick-off rather than 15:00 on a Saturday because of Sky Sports.
  4. wisewoodowl

    FAO all our fans going tonight

    Some people do tho' During the minutes silence last week at Hillsborough some bimbo walked up The Kop with a pint in her hand, straight past a steward. Fair Play to the steward, he didn't challenge her during the silence, let her walk to her seat, plastic glass in hand. By the time the minute was up, and when he went to her, she'd supped up.
  5. wisewoodowl

    Question about priority levels

    You would have got a blades ticket with 650 points this year (lowest number of TPP for Tuesday morning sales, it sold out on Tuesday afternoon). That means you would have needed to go to 19 of the 40 available away league games, home and away cup games (23 league away last season, 8 league away before lane tickets went on sale, 7 home and away cup last season, 2 home and away cup so far this season) .
  6. wisewoodowl

    Season tickets

    New ones, I picked mine up this afternoon
  7. wisewoodowl


    I checked my TPP last week, 180 points for my 2017/18 season away games and home cup games, 460 points less that I thought that I should have had. 2017/18 and 2018/19 Season Ticket points have been added on this week, all up to date now at 640.
  8. We need one new centre back signing, that will be Reece Burke.
  9. wisewoodowl


    We would need to sign Venancio to go for that line up, I think that we could do better than to offer him a contract
  10. I don't have a set, just one, a Royal Doulton Football Supporters Character Jug.
  11. wisewoodowl

    Getting fit at Hillsborough Stadium

    I fancied signing up for this but can only attend 8 out of the 10 sessions. I emailed Callum, asking if this woild be okay, on 22nd March, not had a reply yet.
  12. wisewoodowl

    Shirt sale

    Sorry pal, I don't know. I wanted the third shirt as a 150yr anniversary souvenir, that was all I tried on.
  13. wisewoodowl

    Shirt sale

    I had to get 2 sizes bigger, 2XL instead of my usual Large. That's to fit me, not to wear over anything else other than, maybe, a T-shirt.
  14. wisewoodowl

    Season tickets - who's renewed?

    I would have bought a five year ticket if The Club had played fair with their pricing policy. I have one year left on my three year Season Ticket and qualify for a Senior concession (over 65) at the start of season 2022/23. I expected that I would pay 3/5 of the 5 year full price and 2/5 of the 5 year concession rate. The Club said that I would have had to buy a three year extension at full price and a two year extension at the two year senior rate. This would have cost me £90.00 more than I thought that it should. I ended up buying a one year extension, 9 months interest free, on my Owls Mastercard
  15. wisewoodowl

    Shirt sale

    I’ve just got back home after buying the third strip shirt, used some teamcard points and got it for £26.50. Sizes are a tad small, I’m usually a size large in most shirts that I buy, sometimes medium. Ended up buying 2XL today and there’s only room for a thin T-shirt underneath it.