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  1. You've got them the wrong way around. Wembley is 115 x 75, 10% longer and wider than Wycombe.
  2. Or front of the queue in Wednesday Tap. I stayed until the final whistle, as I always do, and queued for 20 minutes to get served in there yesterday
  3. That's what I was saying yesterday. It's the only time I've been at a game when we've scored 7 and I missed the first 'cos we got in late.
  4. I went in on Monday to renew my Season Ticket, the usual staff were there and I received the usual helpful, efficient service.
  5. I'm watching on ArgyleTV, decent coverage despite the, obviously, biased commentary
  6. I can't find where points have been accrued either, it was dead easy under the old system.
  7. Check now, mine has gone up to 660, 20 more than I thought that I'd got at the end of season 19/20. I thought that the 10 more that I had yesterday was for Huddersfield but 10 more have been added today.
  8. Yes, I think so, I checked mine at 17:00 and have 650. 640 that I had after Brentford last March plus 10 for Huddersfield on Sunday
  9. I've not been in this thread for a while so might have missed something, but I thought that it was about pubs near the ground that have shut. Both of these are close to my house and are definitely not shut. I went in the Top House (Rose & Crown) when Ted had it, I still go in now occasionally, and also Wadsley Jack when Jack Whitham was landlord. Jack moved in to a house across the road from me when he vacated the Wadsley Jack and became steward at Niagara Sports & Social Club.
  10. I was contacted from 0370 020 1867, the Club enquiries number, last October when staff were working in the office. Is it possible that this number will be used again from next Monday if the shop, as non-essential retail, re-opens?
  11. The 'Shareholder' bit has been taken off his Instagram profile now
  12. No, just he 16 digit card number from a debit or credit card, it doesn't have to be the card that you paid on. I offered sort code and account number, Sue only needed the long number, expiry date and, I think, the security number from the back of the card.
  13. Aye, that’s the number that I was called from. I posted the same advice two or three weeks ago
  14. My daughter emailed the club for both our refunds. I got my refund on 12 November, she hasn't had the phone call as yet.
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