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  1. Enjoyed reading this. Borrowed from a neighbour. Thought someone here might enjoy also.
  2. Anyone ever wonder what it would look like if a camel astronaut tried to wrestle Sheffield Wednesday? Wonder no more! http://jimllpaintit.tumblr.com/image/53290141616
  3. I think it's a better idea to let us hard earned cash paying loyal fans actually go on the pitch. What harm is it? Everyone could wait for the players and officials to leave knowing they'd be on the pitch soon. Cheaper on stewards. Fewer needed. The stewards could keep a section free for the players to return or they could cone out onto directors area in a Wembley-esque salute. Just think its a steep job trying to hold back 30k excited fans with stewards who aren't supposed to even grab people. Kinda impossible.
  4. Just watched Fantasy Football Club on Sky Sports. They had Neil Warnock on. He was going through his fantasy 11. Usual suspects in there, Kenny in goal etc. However he chose Andy Booth up front as his LONE STRIKER. Said "Andy is the best header of a ball I've ever seen. Shame his knees were wrecked. No other player could have played with his knees." Interesting choice I thought.
  5. Just seen that Leon Clarke has been nominated for League One Player of the Year. http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/news/football-clarke-contention-award-105624249.html Never saw that coming! Fair play to the lad, must've improved since he played in the blue and white.
  6. Cheers for the non-baiting posts. Ask a civilised question, get a civilised reply: I believe that this is a crucial game for us. Might answer some big questions that most of us are worrying about: Was loaning COG a massive error? Can Wednesday create chances without Antonio? Do our players have the bottle to scrap it out in crucial SIX pointers? Has Lita settled in (and therefore won't score ever again) Are we good enough to stay up? Are we about to embark on a slump of poor results? See you Saturday.
  7. Wer it Rob Burch? He went off to Lincoln City and did alright. No idea where now tho...
  8. Nope, don't get excited, DJ hasn't resigned. Even better news! In a truly inspired piece of public relations the club have announced the mega store blue star sale! We can now buy stuff cheaper! Yep, in an attempt to link up with on field events the prices are going down! Rumours of a new manager at the store have been denied however. Extra discounts on super glue shirts! (to help us all stick together) However you must buy now as there will not be another promotion for a long time! DJ will be there signing autographs, no refunds on this item. (DJs signings aren't very good usually). Alternatively, click here for the Blue Star sale and look for the price reductions in most departments. Remember, the Megastore is open on Sundays 10.00am to 4.00am leading up to Christmas! (THAT LAST BIT IS ACTUALLY OFF THE WEBSITE, so I know what I'm doing at 2am). Another example of a SWFC "silly mistake" wouldn't you agree DJ?
  9. Was feeling a bit down, what with all the poor results, negativity etc. thought I'd go read Bristol Rovers Forum. Surely loads of negativity on there! Surely dispair and clamour for managerial head to roll?! Erm.... Not really. Strangely optimistic / talking about other stuff. Pah. Any ideas of any depressed fans out there whose forums I can read to make me feel better?
  10. He's played left back plenty of times in the past. Good crosser, good at set pieces. No need to worry about him been a bit shaky. No lose situation?
  11. Not a bad shout that. Or maybe a loaner left footer who can cross?
  12. Derry hasn't got the legs anymore IMO. I think our strikers have got goals in them. But I believe it's all about getting crosses on to them in a 442. O'Grady is good in the air. As are Goal Machine and Bothroyd. Keep Antonio on the right, get him in behind his man and his crosses in from the line. Who's gonna ping them in from the left? Jones on the over lap?
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