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  1. Doesn't mean his position is still tenable. If most want him gone, sooner or later he'll go.
  2. My only hope is that Wednesday have a good team of lawyers who wouldn't have allowed this unless it was done by the book. Based on what I've read however, this looks dodgy as hell and if we do get a points deduction, embargo or worse, Chansiri has to go.
  3. I like minimalism, a badge should be clean and instantly recognisable, I think Derby's for instance does a good job of that, I don't feel our current badge does. Dunno why people think the minimalism is dated, I think our current badge is even more dated, because it is!
  4. Any renovation of Hillsborough will for sure have SAG getting their grubby hands in it, they will drive costs through the roof to make sure the updated stadium meets their impossibly high standards
  5. If there's no new signings in the next two minutes we can forget about promotion
  6. Think dotting the I's is done, just need to cross the T's. ITK.
  7. Tempted to get one before a sponsor gets slapped on it
  8. My favourite kit since 2011/12. We got promoted that year, so promotion guaranteed this year lads
  9. Disaster averted, that sort of mistake would financially cripple most families
  10. Anyone want to try work out the cost per minute of football for Abdi, I'm too frightened
  11. Akpo Sodje, looked promising then got plagued by injuries. Now has a European Arrest Warrant
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