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  1. Tempted to get one before a sponsor gets slapped on it
  2. My favourite kit since 2011/12. We got promoted that year, so promotion guaranteed this year lads
  3. Disaster averted, that sort of mistake would financially cripple most families
  4. Anyone want to try work out the cost per minute of football for Abdi, I'm too frightened
  5. Akpo Sodje, looked promising then got plagued by injuries. Now has a European Arrest Warrant
  6. "Hutchinson let the occasion get the better of him" That's him every week
  7. Lawrenson is such a bore, when is he going to retire
  8. Agreed, this season is a write off anyway, and we only need about 5 wins from 18 games to stay up, so sell Reach, FF, anyone else still worth a few quid, balance the books and start afresh.
  9. I think Chansiri is hoping there's enough uptake on this to solve FFP for another year, sell the club within that year then its someone elses problem.
  10. Moreover this will just exacerbate cash flow problems down the line if many people took this up. If say 10k people took up the 5 year plan, great, huge wad of money for the current season, but if you don't get promoted in that next season, then you have no cash coming in from those 10k for the next four years. Absolute madness.
  11. I'm trying to think of another club that have sold as few players as we have in the last 2.5 years. We have sold Hunt, and, er... Players come and go, that's the nature of football. I get that we want to build a team, but there comes a point where you have to start afresh, which is what we should have done following CC's departure. The most profitable clubs in the Championship balance the books with player sales, and do better outside of matchday revenue.
  12. I mean, spending £10m on Rhodes wasn't exactly a 'staving off relegation' move. From the sounds of it, no new signings for January, probably selling Reach, and begging fans to sign up to this club to stay afloat. Not looking too good
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