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  1. Tammy Abraham Stefan Johansen Gary Cahill And I’m not just saying it. The sorts of players we should be looking at.
  2. Best lineup we have fielded for quite a while.
  3. I recoginze Beavis and Butthead, but who Are those other guys?
  4. Westwood - 7 Iorfa - 6 Lees - 8 Hector - 9 Palmer - 6 Reach - 7 Bannan - 7 Hutchinson - 6 Aarons - 7 Fletcher - 6 Nuhiu - 4
  5. Whats happening? Are we discussing LB options, and actually having several decent options, despite the best choice our with injury? Long may it last. Fox, Palmer, Thorniley depending on fitness is my ranked order, and wouldn’t be too frightend with either tbf
  6. He did yesterday. Because of injury of course, but I think he might make one or two changes when matches comes within a few days.
  7. I would too. with cameos from at least one new guy.
  8. Westwoood - 5 Palmer - 7 Lees - 7 Thorniley - 5 Fox - 6 Hutch - 5 Pessy - 5 Bannan - 5 Reach - 5 Boyd - 5 Fletch - 6 Think Nuhiu looked up for it, Fessi and Joao never got into it.
  9. Most probably mentioned elsewhere, but think it would be hard for Guiseppe Rossi to find a Premier League club willing to take a bet on him. Would he be tempted by a pay as you play contract in the Championship?
  10. Have changed my mind, and now think our best option is to sell Reach, if the price is right. Add only a few loans and maybe we could end that whole FFP saga once and for all.
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