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  1. Bet DC agrees with you wholeheartedly there. Not only is he saving money on having Bullen in charge, but also by having an undersized management team as it would make no sense to appoint anyone now for some other manager coming in later and change the whole backroom. Win/win for good old Dejphon atm.
  2. Any reason to believe the players not to back Bullen? Seems well liked by most(all)?
  3. Just like Ole, Bullen might force his way into the manager role through good results, club loyalty, and being popular with the players and fans. Solskjaers results turned completely once he was made permanent manager and all the silenced critics saying he wasn’t ready for the role, were suddenly right all the time. Do you reckon that it could be the same case with Bully? I think he has a stronger case, based on the following: He has been with the club for years allready, and knows the players well. And, being tipped for the lower half and relegation battle, he starts with little pressure and almost everything to win.
  4. Paolo DiCanio as player/PR manager. Could probably coach a bit as well.
  5. Who scored our last one again? Should continue until he misses.
  6. Short yes, but also very short in wingers. What if Harris get injured? maybe lump the money on a fast winger, able to play on both sides, and pull Reach back to midfield?
  7. Penney might be another option on LW/LB when he is fit. A midfielder first priority, no doubt
  8. Gary Cahill could have done the same for us, lazy git
  9. Can't we just stick Tom Lees in there? Worked against Reading.
  10. Wednesday Legend!!!! Still a no, though
  11. Agreed. But Rhodes will be on the bench, probably taking Penney's place.
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