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  1. BenitoCarbone

    Injuries - so it wasn’t Carlos

    Two players who were pretty injury prone with us were Rhodes and Jac kHunt. Am I correct that these two have been ever present(although in Rhodes case often from the bench) this season? Hard to say if it was Carlos fault while they were here, but...
  2. BenitoCarbone

    Wednesday - West Brom (Knock off OMDT)

    Jon Shaw on the bench? Respect.
  3. BenitoCarbone

    Watched the Match back

    Still is, mate.
  4. BenitoCarbone

    Isaac Rice

    How come we only do left sided CB’s? Congrats, Isaac! Hope you enjoyed the moment and that it spurs you on.
  5. BenitoCarbone

    Watched the Match back

    Ref was poor, no doubt. Easy to say, of course, but I honestly believe we have been cheated of quite a few points that last seasons by refs determined not to let our big crowd control the match. Leeds were the better side last night, either way, though. Their passing was far superior, happy with that one point as the match progressed.
  6. BenitoCarbone

    Bannan misses Boro game

    Better be Baggies because Boro was Bullsheeet
  7. BenitoCarbone

    Hope he's a better player

    Hope he is a better anything
  8. BenitoCarbone

    Gary Cahill Linked

    Will hopefully stay at the Bridge until the summer and then join us in the prem for the 19/20 season.
  9. Great stuff. Shows how Adam Reach is a valubale player too, even when he is not in his best shape .
  10. BenitoCarbone

    Worst Signing Ever

    The ones that pissed me of the most were Bothroyd and Jeffers.
  11. If that is his level, he should be in the first 11
  12. BenitoCarbone

    Joao News?

    ...and Winnall UTO
  13. Three points in this one, and this season start is allready way above expectations. UTO