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  1. Think he has done ok when called upon. That a LB can play at LCB shouldn’t be too much of a surprise though?
  2. Injury clear up, and a well thought through january window and we might, MIGHT, avoid the drop.
  3. With the current formation: BPF Hutch/Brennan Iorfa Dunkley/Palmer Hunt FDB/Adeniran Bannan Luongo Corbeanu/Johnson Windass Gregory/Kamberi
  4. With the voice of Simon LeBon. Not sure how Lewis Wing feel about it though.
  5. Are Wildsmith and Luke Jackson actually the same person on a different hairday?
  6. Moore has some work upon him making this entire squad happy with playing time. Should make a real competetive squad.
  7. A chance for Paterson (and Green for that matter) to prove himself. Let’s hope he takes it.
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