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  1. BenitoCarbone


    This 100% Frightning if this is true.
  2. BenitoCarbone

    New signing next week?

  3. BenitoCarbone

    A new signing

    My feeling is that Palmer would be more suited as the right CB in a back three. Lacking the final product to play further up field.
  4. BenitoCarbone

    Van aaken off

    Think Jordan Thorniley is better than both of them.
  5. Dawson - not much to do - 6 Full backs - Ok defensively, awful crossing - both 6 Lees - Solid, our best - 7 Hector - Looked tired - 5 Reach - Varies - 6 Bannan - Also varies a lot -6 Hutch - Shame - N/A Pessy - Terrible - 4 Matias - Tried and had good runs - 6 Boyd - Ok, but not matchfit - 6 Fletch - Worked hard, but didn’t pay off - 6 Winnall - Same as Fletch - 6
  6. Somethibg like this, possibly with Joao for Fletch. Either way a strong bench with Joao/Fletch, Winnall, Joey, Penney, Pudil, Palmer and Dawson/Wildsmith (Lee the only player sadly not returning)
  7. BenitoCarbone

    Bruce’s first signing...

    Elmohamedy, would strengthen our weakest position.
  8. BenitoCarbone

    Mason Holgate

    "Local" lad available on loan. Can play CB and RB. Couldn't be much worse than Baker?
  9. BenitoCarbone

    What XI does everyone want to see ?

    Westwood Lees Hector Thorniley Lee(Hutch(Pelupessy)) Bannan Hutch Reach Joao Hooper(Winnall(Fletch)) ForestierI Coach: British
  10. BenitoCarbone

    How we line up today - Blackburn (A)

    And none in the starting lineup.
  11. BenitoCarbone

    Tonight's player ratings

    I get that people are dissapointed with the performance, even though we won, and finally managed another clean sheet. But, I really don’t understand the harsh words on some of the players. Fessi is just back from injury, and although our best player, we can’t expect that much from him before he is fully matchfit. Same goes for Matias, who hasn’t had a good string of matches for us since... well, ever. Baker, Penney, Dawson and Thorniley are still young and will be up and down, we cant rely on them to carry the team. The ones who needs to stand out, are players like Bannan, Lees, Reach, Fletcher ( Obviously players like Fessi, Hooper and Winnall when fit). Would’ve hoped to at least add Westwood and Hutch in to that mix as well, but seems unlikely. So please, direct you anger further upwards in the club.
  12. BenitoCarbone

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Settle for a draw, then?
  13. The ome with teeth is obviously Matias.