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  1. Lucas Joao scores again. Imagine having a striker like that in the squad...
  2. How would this team finish? Martinez Venancio Iorfa Hector Jack Hunt Onomah Alex Lopez Barkley Forestieri Joao Antonio
  3. Considering how desperate Liverpool seem, I'm kinda glad Iorfa is injured.
  4. If we c0ck this up, thats me done. All the ... we’ve gone through, cursing our Development squad for never giving is any real talent. Finally, a decent prospect appears, and we just let him walk?
  5. Bannan as a CDM and Windass a deep fake 9 of course.
  6. No point in resting Wildsmith as he will be back on the bench as soon as Westwood is back. Needs matchfitness. Same goes for every senior fringe players. Wildsmith Palmer Urhogide Shaw Penney Hunt FDB Pelupessy Brown Kachunga Rhodes
  7. Think I heard something about him being unhappy and wanting to get loaned out, but you’re probably right.
  8. Never played in a three back line. I’d stick with Lees, Iorfa and Borner.
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