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  1. Decent player from a magical time.
  2. If the EFL have any sense at all, they will be trying to help save football clubs. So many will be on the brink of extinction come july.
  3. Too many pages to be read, but how did Tom Lees do last night?
  4. Most talented: FF Most productive this season: Fletcher Most productive overall: Bannan Least talented: Moses(sorry m8)
  5. I don’t get it. Are we awful or are we pssng the league?
  6. Great to see our youngsters both on the pitch, and on the bench. Have to have one or more at least on the bench every match. Also painfully obvious where we need to strenghten.
  7. Very good shot stopper, young Cam. Needs to be more commanding and confident on crosses in the box. Still young, though. Still time to make him a Wednesday legend.
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