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  1. Lord snooty always makes out he lives in a mansion, I’ve got a shed bigger than this!
  2. Understand the January prices are inflated argument, but if you can get a team together early, even if you’re not going up or down, in my opinion gives you a better start for the following season! Something we haven’t done really well at in a long time.
  3. North yunderup, Western Australia, the best place on earth after the north stand, Hillsboro' of course!
  4. Cheers paddy owl, didn't realise I'd asked such a difficult question! Enjoy the game mate thanks
  5. Does anyone know if the game is televised at all? just wondering if it's available to view using I follow. Muchos gracios
  6. Watch em fly now! That's all I'm saying! C'mon Wednesday uto
  7. Hi has anyone found a link for the game? Muchos gracios in anticipation
  8. Try wiziwig but just as game starts, otherwise you'll get bombarded with muck links normally great but not on derby day! Sky method working uto
  9. Yes have uk credit card still. If this isn't an option try bet365 have had a few recommendations for that. Just join membership and put on a small bet I believe is the go.
  10. Hard work isn't it! Hope above post helps....have no doubt this will work, but will fall back to bet 365 if there are any failings. Then last but not least scan around for the links! If I get any sent through I'll contact you on this message board.
  11. Bought a day pass for sky tv, including sports channel for £6.99, it is working as we speak, quality not great, but that'll be down to shitty internet speeds here in whup whup. Only catch is you need to get a unblocker, like 'unblock us' to make it look like you are in the uk! Hope this helps, it beats driving across the Nullarbor, to blow up someone's pool, that's apparently surrounded by funnel web f$&kers anyway! Enjoy the game everyone the fridge is full, in anticipation!
  12. Hi mate, understand according to Ronio, you are the man to ask regarding watching the game abroad. I'm based in Perth, Australia and I'm struggling at the thought of missing the derby. Any tips links or help would be very much appreciated, I have no kodi box! Hope you don't mind me contacting you this way. But thanks in anticipation!

    1. themaskedowl


      Oh crap mate! I've only just seen this. Probably better to PM me as then I'll definitely see it in email. Sorry about that. In this case I'm not 100% sure I could have helped but, g'day anyway and let me know if you think I might help in the future. 





  13. Would be grateful for any links, based in Perth, have no kodi box. Cheers
  14. I follow is sponsored by the the blunts and run by Dom Howson. There's no hope!
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