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  1. Really interesting stuff - thanks for this mate.
  2. Generally not, no. Sheffield has a lot of outdated and in some cases, poorly built office spaces. Businesses generally want flexible spaces that can accommodate different methods and styles of working. A lot of the stuff built in they 70/80s is now becoming obsolete because it was built to reflect the trends at the time - traditional space partitioned into smaller rooms, often with poor lighting. Businesses these days don’t want this kind of environment - for a whole variety of reasons (working/employee culture e.g). A good example was the office space built on the old Limit nightclub
  3. GB win their first regular time game in the top tier since 1962 with a 4-3 win against Belarus. Big congratulations to GB and an incredibly proud moment for all British hockey fans.
  4. It’s a privately funded development and looks a whole lot better than it’s current land use. Despite the whole WFH trend due to COVID, Sheffield still lacks high-quality grade A office space and this (encouragingly) shows there is demand which is good for the city. As you don’t like it, how should we use that space then? Because your previous post doesn’t seem to address that. It currently looks like this:
  5. Cracking little development - this and Midcity house will really give That bit of Sheffield a big city feel.
  6. To bring the thread back on topic.. I don’t agree with Anais’ comments - we have a very small city centre compared to that of cities similarly sized (Liverpool, Leeds etc). Retail isn’t exactly dead either.. but we need to rethink how we utilise those spaces and add developments that can adapt to future uses. I do agree on the jobs part - but this is a situation not unique to Sheffield and bar Manchester and maybe Birmingham, we’re struggling to attract high level jobs to the city for a plethora of different reasons (e.g. Channel 4 chose not to be based in Sheffield due t
  7. Anybody been watching? GB playing once in the top level - so playing against NHL/KHL players. Britain lost against Russia 7-1 in the first game and currently 2-1 down against Slovakia in the final period. On Freesports for anybody wanting to watch.
  8. Maybe worth having a read through Camra’s Sheffield website? Camra pubs - Sheffield Most of those pubs will be child-free and will have the experience you are looking for.
  9. Think it’s just a sign of the times with the Arena. It’s nearly 35 years old since conception - the whole concept of arenas was new to Britain when it was first built. New one would be ace - ideally bigger than the Leeds one, as it’d drive them absolutely nuts
  10. If this thread shows, we should request international funding and turn it into the “Sheffield Historical Institute of the Times”. It’ll be for everybody who doesn’t want to look forward into the future. We can include... - Greasy spoon cafes that cost 50p for a full English (subsided by council parking fees ofc) - The Julie Dore Echo Chamber of Council Criticism - A live real time huge screen that displays what shops Leeds/Manchester have and Sheffield doesn’t. - Trade motor association stand of driving young people round the bend - Real that doesn’t serve food
  11. Absolutely hit the nail on the head. I’ll refer to this video: Sheffield: A City on the Move This is a great example of Sheffield and SCC trying to be progressive and modernising. The problem is (and always has been) that urban development is a gamble, capitalising on current trends and predicting future ones. Look how spectacularly wrong some of those projects went - but is that the council’s fault? As I said in a previous thread - traditional retail is dying a horrible, slow death. British Land & Meadowhall know this - hence all expa
  12. More than happy to be proved wrong buddy, please provide me figures. Absolutely no need to be snarky though - we’re all respectful adults.
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