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  1. Interesting perspective. Didn’t realise he had the firepower with what seems a poor league standing. bet Jay Bothroyd did a reyt number on Vissel Kobe too
  2. I’m not sure if you’re trolling on this one
  3. His last name sounds like a Scottish bloke wanting to beat me up.
  4. A Very British Coup (Book/Film) is about a hypothetical socialist government taking power in the 1980s and has a few SWFC references. The Prime Minister, Harry Perkins is an ex steel worker from Sheffield and there are a few visual clues during the film. But there’s a part where he declines to meet the US Secretary of State with his aide telling him “It’s something to do with a Sheffield Wednesday”. The Movie Threads has a few references to Wednesday too - but only visually.
  5. Let’s not tie football in and politics. regardless of who we follow, we’re all here because we are Wednesday fans. There’s an entire section dedicated to politics where you can talk about how much people hate labour/the tories etc people’s personal beliefs are different to the football team they support.
  6. @TaxiMark has picked me up before - he could be worth a shout?
  7. Didn’t we try this when Rob/ Go-For-It-Owl tried to create an ultras supporters group? People on here gave him some right stick - but he seemed like the only bloke to try and get something going. His idea was great though - to create a really good atmosphere, a bit like the away games or other teams that have some kind of ultras mentality in the U.K (York/Palace). Where I currently live, the local hockey team has a huge ultras section. They sing for 60 minutes straight and creates a Proper good buzz.
  8. Imagine Liverpool at home.. SAG would go into meltdown Scrap that. Brighton
  9. They’re not doing too bad this year - hopefully it can amount to a title challenge.
  10. Shout - great on a budget. On 30/11 - Jabra release the new 75t range. Although pricey (200), their current iteration the 65t are the best wireless earphones on the market.. they're supposedly smaller and have better battery/
  11. The Big Short 9/10 - can see why it won an oscar.
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