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  1. As per the title, joins Major League Soccer’s newest team: https://www.angelsonparade.com/2018/2/24/17049162/lafc-unveil-charlie-lyon-shaft-brewer-james-murphy-nico-czornomaz-steeve-saint-duc-hugh-roberts Didnt do too bad for the developmental squad, but good luck to the lad.
  2. Here’s to you, Atdhe Nuhiu.
  3. “Buy Gary Teale a new Bentley” Lose £20
  4. Thanks for the offer pal, it'd be too much of a trek to pick up tickets from Hollingworth or Glossop - there should be a couple of people here who will buy them! Go
  5. As per title. Off on another job for a year, so it'll be my last game for a fair while! Fingers crossed it'll be a better outcome than Bolton.
  6. Where is he stopping? I repped round there a couple of years ago. It's by far the best bar in Alcudia/Pollenca - Linekers is awful and Pollenca isn't really that kind of place.
  7. If you're around Alcudia way, the Foxes Arms (Leicester City pub) is always really good. Owners are really nice, serve a good pint and they've even got a Wednesday shirt hanging up on the wall - they'll be definitely showing the game.
  8. Any links for tonight's game? Using an ipad, so a lot of them never really tend to work.
  9. Steve Simonsen's penalty re-orbits, hits Aaron Cawley and bounces into the Leeds goal for an unprecedented 99th minute winner. Look Leeds refuses to recognise the result and subsequently, the independent Republic of Sheffield and the shire is born. Realistic, right?
  10. Kell Brook

    This. It stoops to lows we associate for them. Blade or not, it's still nice to see somebody from Sheffield be successful at what they do.
  11. Last two were when we signed Bothroyd and Barkley - we had a great start to the league under DJ and those two signings looked to be the piece of the puzzle Wednesday seemed to be missing. How wrong were we Before that, Windmill Arms Before that, Lloyd Owusu
  12. Really didn't want him to sign, but I'm so so so excited now
  13. Who's next?

    Another striker would be nice, but not worth paying 10+ million for Rhodes. Maybe the lad from Grimsby.. Bogle? scored heaps of goals and may be the finisher we need. Agree with Hootie though, prioritise another centre half as Sasso doesn't look up to the job. His move felt like a bit of a panic buy.
  14. My guess is he'd be educated at one of the internatonal schools in Bangkok - maybe regents or Pattana. They re taught the British (GCE/IB) curriculum in English and usually have British teachers educated in the UK. with what their family is worth, not a prayer he'd be educated in the Thai state system.