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  1. G.B.OWL49

    Westwood starts u23

    More cosmetic tinkering.
  2. G.B.OWL49

    Sell Reach?

    Invest? The only investments we have made are Reach and Forestieri. Better to have a clearout,
  3. G.B.OWL49

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Was Johnny a Phantom Was Peter a Swan Was Harry from Catterick Was Vic from Buckingham
  4. Bramal Lane will celebrate 45 years of being the sole stadium of Sheffield United on 7th August 2018. Before 7th August 1973 it was a cricket pitch.
  5. G.B.OWL49

    Mason Mount

    No, it's near Penzance.
  6. I want Carcrash out as well.
  7. G.B.OWL49

    Why we attacked from the start

    Potus is President of the United States. Is Impotus actually Trumpitis?
  8. It won't have to be 5 because Jordan Rhodes is with us now.
  9. Managed to stop the video as Hooper headed the ball, and it looked level with the post to me, but the camera was at an angle. We have to trust the linesman was correct.
  10. 'Udders went wild camping in Sweden'. Bring back Tommy Toms and get them on the moors!
  11. G.B.OWL49

    Sky Sports Mix

    You get it with the Sky Box Set package.