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  1. He had a few seconds he could have cleared for that pen. He instead decided to try and spin around two of their players and loses it and fouls one of them awful decision making. I'd be fuming if I was his team mate
  2. Anyone know are tickets collection at preston if bought now?
  3. Chin up. Compare first third/half of season. We are away from home against prem relegated side holding our own with a depleted squad. These results/performances boad well moving forward
  4. In the cup match a few years ago against arsenal there were a couple Arsenal fans sat behind me. Before game started they were talking openly about how they thought their team would win 4 or 5 nil. I thought it was quite brazen/rude how open these opposition fans were. Needless to say when our first and second goals went in I celebrated in their face. They never came back for the second half.
  5. Anyone else staying in portamao on Wednesday night if so how you now arranging transport too and from Wednesday night game ? Train there taxi back?
  6. How do u normally get tickets for these games is it pay on gate ?
  7. Yeah season ticket 20 quid per game is so expensive..... You sound like fun guy
  8. Completely agree.. Not sure why people worrying
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