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  1. Plenty of our regulars could do with wash
  2. He's made mistakes all game. Poor commentry
  3. It was coming. We sit back 1 nil up
  4. wildgust


    This is pants does it every week
  5. wildgust

    Portugal roll call

    Anyone else staying in portamao on Wednesday night if so how you now arranging transport too and from Wednesday night game ? Train there taxi back?
  6. How do u normally get tickets for these games is it pay on gate ?
  7. wildgust

    Not many hotels rooms left

    We got ours cheap at that point last year
  8. Yeah season ticket 20 quid per game is so expensive..... You sound like fun guy
  9. wildgust


    Completely agree.. Not sure why people worrying
  10. wildgust


    The amount of non facts in this thread are incredible. Fact is we have him under contract and it's swfc that will control what happens. DC and CC are far from stupid we have done good business to this point expect same moving forward.
  11. Me and my dad are season ticket holders again :D Last time was when Mandrich had just taken over. This should be so much better :D looking forward to next season
  12. Does CC know how to organise our defense??????? I'm not sure I can remember a string of such poor defensive performances
  13. wildgust

    Laughing stock?

    maybe someone doesnt have their blue coloured glasses on !!!!!
  14. wildgust

    Laughing stock?

    Would agree with you 100%. And to be fair I've had great day so defo not on downer ;) There are as many if not more negatives to each positive!. Hope I'm proved wrong