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  1. As the title says. If anyone would like to swap please message me
  2. As the title says. If you can swap I would be grateful.
  3. What a night that was. Somehow got completely lost coming home but didn't care less!
  4. I feel well cheered up by that video. I'd have that entire team, with a couple of exceptions, in our team yesterday.
  5. It's good to be called a hip kid at 53, thanks.
  6. Don't think I've known it as thoroughly rotten through and through in all the 46 years I've been watching Wednesday. From the chairman to the players to the fans. It's utterly toxic down at Hillsborough and I fear the worse. We might just stay up because of the poorer teams below us this season but this has got all the makings of wilderness written all over it. Not just the wilderness of being out of the premier league for 18 years but potentially much much worse. What's happening to the club we love?
  7. Worth noting the comment in the independent auditors report about the owners intention to indemnify the club's trading for the next 12 months (pay the bills). The next paragraph though states that the Director's (Chansiri and Meire) do not see this as a binding agreement.......
  8. and other cliches. Really hope we stay up and regroup over the summer.
  9. So you'd play him above Peluppesy or Abdi who are warming the bench?
  10. Only made better by half the Everton fans only arriving at half time
  11. There was absolutely no bother getting in at 6.45pm.
  12. Fair enough. I was at the front of the crowd getting out and it wasn't good. Glad its quiet in town and hope that continues.
  13. Badly organised exiting from the Stain tonight. A right crush meant that the police were overwhelmed and they seemed unable to stop the blunts from attacking our fans and throwing missiles at us. Also, to be fair, there were some idiot wednesdayites who didn't help things. It's going to be chaotic in town tonight.
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