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  1. We Are Sheffield Wednesday

    Wish they would extend it... with some more of our goals since Xmas
  2. How nervous do you get?

    I remember being very nervous for the majority of our run in last season even at the games...but watching that second play off leg was something else! I generally stand up whilst watching on the tele but distinctly remember being slumped in a heap on the floor only the radiator keeping me upright! This season I haven't felt it as bad... on Friday I practically skipped down penistone rd just certain that we would get the 3 points! The nerves have started to creep back in though had to go for a walk Monday afternoon...
  3. Melo

    Maybe... but he did help keep a clean sheet against benfica tonight whilst our midfield Friday were overrun and outclassed by reading.
  4. Melo

    Was flicking though some streams to find some football to watch and chanced across the benfica game vs Paco de Ferreira and noticed that Melo is playing. Given how limited/small/toothless we looked in midfield last night would it not be worth recalling him? Can we recall him? I didn't realise he was fit... hopefully hutch is back after the break was crying out for him last night. I miss his proper tackles
  5. This is hands down one of the best things I've read on Owlstalk. Thank you!
  6. Westwood at full time

    You can't tell these types anyway... I'm sure I heard one of them saying we should bring Kieran lee on at half time
  7. Westwood at full time

    Yup GG must have been pretty much stood next to you
  8. Westwood at full time

    maybe I'm a clapper but I did suggest to the bloke in question that we're supposed to be here to support our team... he claimed he had being doing for the last 28 years or something, and he'd had enough.. me thinks if that genuinely is the case he might be a bit more appreciative of our current position?
  9. Westwood at full time

    The bloke was just hurling abuse at every one of our players, Carlos... even bullen copped it. Complaining that they didn't show enough passion. There wasn't a lot to it other than that really. As others have said the bloke has paid his money and is entitled to his opinion but in my opinion I'd rather people like him stopped at home. Don't know if it's just me but something just felt off today with our fans across the board?
  10. Westwood at full time

    Some joker stood behind me slating all our players and Carlos as they were coming off. Westwood offered him out down the tunnel, I asked if he was going to go and see him. He didn't...