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  1. Can you honestly say from the last 20 years we've had someone that knows the game inside out? Looking at the list of managers from 2000 makes me want to self harm. Pair that with no academy prospects coming through and money troubles and you've got our current situation. @rickygoo
  2. People want change overnight. Our players are awful, the club is well and truly shyte but I know we have someone that knows the game inside out, I can't say the same for monk. Pulis commands respect. He isn't a miracle worker but he'll identify exactly what he needs within the team given the time. Three games isn't enough to form an opinion on the guy, jesus christ.
  3. Awful prescedent. 3 games for sexual assault, wasn't even a one off - he went back for seconds. Ban to the end of the season would be fair.
  4. He could join Felipe Melo doing a Saturday shift on the tram.
  5. No chance. Just assume anything you want to do is cancelled until late next year. Theres no way they'll allow away fans in any of the stadiums either, travelling from say.. Bristol up to Sheffield on a Saturday with a couple of stops on the way? Nah.
  6. Ban for the rest of the season, no place in football for that.
  7. Confident with that. Knows football inside out, knows what a 'proper' club setup looks like from being in the higher leagues. Lets have it.
  8. Westy Wonder how many of the other pros he’s fallen out with at the club.
  9. Or, you know.. charging more if we get to the premier league vs being in the championship exactly like it is now. Whats the theory? Right, we’ve lost two games 7-0, next match is only a fiver? Couple of wins and it’s 50 quid?
  10. Dunno which i'd prefer less... Monk until the end of December or Bullen.
  11. A can’t be dealing with this. fizz off football for a bit.
  12. Get Roy Keane and kick that lot up and down the training pitch. He'd literally kill them.
  13. I had some blind faith when I saw the squad togetherness and a few signings coming through the door. That hope has quickly disappeared. We aren't removing this gap anytime soon. This is the story every fucking season we seem to have, crushing disappointment after another. I'll end up zoning out for half the season with the odd scowl when dad texts me the score, take a minute to get over it and worry about something else. Nothing club.
  14. Makes me wince that we’ve just handed all of these players contracts and now a fair few want him gone. Don’t know what the answer is but I thought we’d at least be through the negative points by now. Worrying.
  15. Proper helmet, cant wait to see him grounded when he realises he can't bang em in for Rotherham.
  16. State of this squad, how you can slap this lot together and expect it to workout I'll never know. Must be some right personalities in that dressing room..
  17. No wonder it got turned down, if the only bids we've had are around 1.5m we should be safe. Worth well more than that. Clowns.
  18. Imagine if you scrapped parachute payments, left clubs in the higher tier to manage their own finances and have a pot of money left over to help struggling clubs/contribute to the growth of the lower leagues. What a weird idea.
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