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  1. Basically anything we get will be a bonus. I bet he was dreading the question, he knows the answer and so do we. We've got no cash for transfers.
  2. Goes to show it really was the right decision wasnt it. Got a bit too big for himself, Sean Flair makes me die a little inside.
  3. what a f*cking disaster he's been
  4. Westwood was easily worth £100m last year. Forge those documents Chansiri.
  5. Is it a distraction? No, I thrive on not being paid, Rob.
  6. Just when you think we can't go any further backwards. Wednesday
  7. Let’s be honest, he can only do so much if he’s dealing with flipping awful players with diminishing talent.
  8. Identify weaknesses in peoples game by observing them. That’s why we’re all managers on here and know better than anyone else.
  9. Can you honestly say from the last 20 years we've had someone that knows the game inside out? Looking at the list of managers from 2000 makes me want to self harm. Pair that with no academy prospects coming through and money troubles and you've got our current situation. @rickygoo
  10. People want change overnight. Our players are awful, the club is well and truly shyte but I know we have someone that knows the game inside out, I can't say the same for monk. Pulis commands respect. He isn't a miracle worker but he'll identify exactly what he needs within the team given the time. Three games isn't enough to form an opinion on the guy, jesus christ.
  11. Awful prescedent. 3 games for sexual assault, wasn't even a one off - he went back for seconds. Ban to the end of the season would be fair.
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