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  1. Chriss

    Jordan Rhodes

    Cardiff paid £5m for Gary Madine, there's still hope
  2. Chriss

    Where was Fletcher?

    Players that can take two games a week would be ideal right now. Big ask, I know.
  3. The only stress involved is how early we decide to rebuild each season when we inevitably f*ck it up
  4. Chriss

    Adam Reach

    I was absolutely against Reach earlier in the season but he’s one of the only players we have at the moment that will run his testicles off and try his best. Boyd is the one you should be chucking at.
  5. BUTTERFIELD Put Fuckking dawson in midfield if you need
  6. Wouldn't surprised me. What does surprise me is that people think Rob Staton would get it out of the club even if it was true
  7. Chriss

    Carlos not the problem?

    He won’t be allowed to make a f ucking mess of a premier league team because so many people will come to him with their recommendations and not bring their w ank physio team. Not having a dig at you btw Annoyed that everybody now thinks he’s the messiah. Put him on a losing streak and see how he handles that again at Swansea.
  8. Stop the bus I want to get off. £6m for Madine. That is absolute madness and should in no way be endorsed. Can't help but feel that Neymar transfer reset our expectations for players at all levels and somehow we've been tricked into thinking this is normal. Pathetic.
  9. Chriss

    George Hirst

    As a fanbase I'd like to think we can just forget him and move on. He is deadwood and a potential conflict within the squad.
  10. Chriss

    Carlos The Second

    I'd say he's done an exceptional job given the players at his disposal. Tough times are ahead whilst the likes of Hooper et al are still out but lets see what happens given that: - Youngsters now have an incentive to kick on and fight for a 1st team place (youth players coming through and being an asset would be a very big achievement!) - Fringe players are getting some decent game time - Our fitness will be sorted out - We actually have a structure and a coach that doesn't seem out of his depth I think we're in for an interesting time and Jos is the man that might not be an exceptionally attack minded coach, he'll tick the boxes for the football club to develop and take some decent steps in the right direction.
  11. I hope George Hirst sees all his mates playing and smashing their way into the first time whilst he's sat on the bench looking on at what could have been, not being funny but this situation would have, at any point, been totally reversible and he's knackered it. Chin up George lad
  12. Chriss


    What a helmet. Have you been watching us this season matey boy?
  13. Chriss

    Wilder on the Derby

    Ahhh the arrogance now showing through. Wondered when it would show up. Pressures on him if he gets cut up on his own turf, what a cheeky monkey. Says the right things to get the piglets snorting in harmony but they wont be so kind when they're on a losing streak.
  14. Some way to piss all over your fathers legacy, what a twat
  15. I love these type of comments ! "BREAKING: Local man adjudges fan status by internet posts."