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  1. Biggs knows f*ck all, never had an insider tip off and regurgitates the same old shite. Does he have an Owlstalk account?
  2. Said it before, he's run it like one of my football manager saves, only worse. He doesn't have a clue what he's doing.
  3. Feels like they haven't been paid for 4 years
  4. So in theory you could put a forward line of Gary Madine and Jay Bothroyd out and still reap the rewards of those billions..
  5. Even if we'd have got to the prem, we still have Chansiri running the club. He's a tuna fish out of water in the Championship, imagine the shitshow we'd have had in the premier league.
  6. Largely the same team of players for a number of years now and not one single manager has managed to get anything out of them. Players and DC are the issue here. Should be cause to terminate contracts of the lot and have a clean out. I’d rather have a youth team play than watch this clapped out squad try and look like they give a ****.
  7. He setup that company a year and a half before he bought us which seems a bit weird. Its also pretty depressing to think he bought us in January 2015, 6 years and he's taken us to league one. Fucking hell.
  8. Thank god we didnt have Roy Keane in our squad, he'd have made them cry if you believe any of the shite thats being posted I'd be worried if they weren't having a pop at eachother.
  9. Him and Dawson both need to leave. They've gone backwards massively not that they were that good in the first place. Clear off and bring someone else new in. Does Pressman have a son?
  10. Chansiri reminds me of me on every single Football Manager save I've ever had
  11. Run down your contract and eventually sign with us if no other reasonable offers come in. Or... Sign for another team in the championship that will actually be able to pay wages/target a mid to top table finish. Tough one.
  12. And all that time we've been imitating a professional football club
  13. Some right drips in this thread. Is he supposed to throw the club under the bus after one match
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