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  1. I'd suggested going to the Cardiff game with me dad, I genuinely felt the need to apologise after 8 minutes for bringing him there. I hate Hillsborough but love it at the same time. flipping football
  2. Dont know what it is with this woeful fucking football club but it never fails to disappoint. Talented squad and no bottle. Even the new additions that come in that are supposed to be decent quality or have good previous form just go to absolute shit or never make an appearence for us. Same story over and over again - gets tiring, sick of the club, management, players, broken record. Get rid of the lot.
  3. Reyt awful match. Actually quite alarming how vertically challenged some of the squad are when you saw the big shithouses they had at CB.
  4. Seems to just be bothered about arguing with SYP about seating
  5. Complete waste. Carries a real mardy attitude round the pitch and doesn't help his team mates out. Take the cash and put it towards hector.
  6. Bullens a nice bloke and all that but I wouldn't want him as caretaker for much longer.
  7. Says alot when your boyhood club don't want you to go there Hope it hurts
  8. Push for the £5m and put it towards signing Hector permanently. I'd consider signing Hector permanently a better deal than having Bruce, the c*nt
  9. Please leave, we all bought into the anticipation and you've fizzed us.
  10. Cardiff paid £5m for Gary Madine, there's still hope
  11. Players that can take two games a week would be ideal right now. Big ask, I know.
  12. The only stress involved is how early we decide to rebuild each season when we inevitably f*ck it up
  13. I was absolutely against Reach earlier in the season but he’s one of the only players we have at the moment that will run his testicles off and try his best. Boyd is the one you should be chucking at.
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