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  1. Look at wolves. Prior to the promotion season, they averaged around 21k. Then in 2017/18 had 28k average and this season it's over 31k. They have a season ticket waiting list of around 4k and are working with the council towards a plan for upscaling molineux to 48k. Anyone that tells me we couldn't do the same isn't with it.
  2. Problem we will have is the embargo from April until July. Signing Hec is a longer shot than the playoffs.
  3. Appreciate that but I'm talking about one game. Still watching the Brum derby and still not seen anyone other than odd one on front row sat down. Brilliant support.
  4. At Derby yesterday, the section that was behind the goal next to away fans was an obvious 'singing' area. Everyone stood up and made some racket for them. We desperately need something like this on the kop.
  5. Noticed that everyone's stood up at the Birmingham Derby, creating a intimidating atmosphere (without the idiot that's just punched Grealish). Shame that we didn't do the same. Might have got that extra 5% we needed from the team. "sit darn" gets screamed at you if dare to Stand up for 5 seconds on kop.
  6. This is where DC and his wealth is stretched. Spending on infrastructure doesn't impact FFP so nothings stopping him like is with the team. He put the module on the training ground and mortgaged the million pound.
  7. Whatever the cause was I hope that the club are taking it seriously and are looking at cctv of the concourse areas at HT. Supporters groups should be pushing for a response on this.
  8. Lost the Mrs for ages at HT . Said it was chaos and very frightening . Not been an advocate for a new ground but after last night it's something we seriously have to consider. The concourse areas on the kop were horrendous start to finish. Sounds like similar on North. And we all know that the West stand is close to being condemned.
  9. Going to swap for Blackburn I think. Cheers
  10. Anyone tell me if row 13 on block T1 that's straight behind the goal, is high enough to 1)escape rain like we had Monday night 2)Is high enough to see over the bar 3)what seats on this row are annoyingly hampered by the goal net (125-136 are available). Fed up of paying over almost 2k for 5 season tickets on row 9 of a block further into corner that you get soaked in when raining. One of our group int great on't feet so can't go much higher. Thanks
  11. That next season, even if they don't win a game all season, they won't sack Wilder and he'll get them back up the season after.
  12. We'll be in an embargo from April. But with so many outgoings expected, we'll be able to prove that we're working towards resolving the situation. The wage bill will be cut dramatically, and a plan for moving forward will remove us from the EFL P&S embargo. We'll replace some 30k plus a weekers with some loanees and freebies. Bruce will work his magic in the transfer market. His contacts are worth every penny of his salary.
  13. Good article but old news. However we'll still have fans that fail to see any truth in it.
  14. Was farcical pre-game. Rubbish music that was changed couple of times part way through, walk out music out of sync, no Hi ho silver lining, slow and late team announcements that ran into ko time. Then for us to lose the tos and kick wrong way! Ya just don't recover from that.
  15. This last couple of weeks have pulled me round. Hopefully the pricing doesn't switch me off Again.
  16. Buy the shirts. Tell the kids who they are supporting and why. It really is simple.
  17. Reliably informed that DC would have sold at the right price. But his valuation and that of potential buyers were miles apart. And isn't any doubt about it. DC can't put more in. Not sure why after all the talk on this subject you would doubt this.
  18. We'll drop into another soft embargo around April time, but will be able to prove that are working towards a more 'sustainable' model in time for the summer rebuild job. Not renewing several Contracts and maybe some other sales, will be replaced by loanees and cheaper permanent deals on less than who's left. Bruce has a rebuilding job to do and we need to let him do it without expecting a top 6 place. Lol.
  19. Bizarre press conference. Them 2 looked sombre and terrified. Questions were diabolical and embarrassing.
  20. Purchasing 4 season tickets for my family, approx £25 per home game on drinks, programme, snacks, foundation membership, several away days and a few hundred quid in the shop on shirts, tops etc, is my limit. And because DC isn't listening regards match day ticket prices and securing the support of future generations, my loyalty is under threat for next season. Very undecided regards renewing never mind doubling up with a scheme that is bonkers.
  21. Exactly. Our home game v Luton was a no show from us fans. Same as the Wigan game.
  23. Great offer if you can afford it and if your commited too the cause for a good few years yet
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