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  1. Semedo's ferret

    Westwood Going

    Don't get why people can't find it remotely possible that this could be true. Shouting back at the OP with comments like "utter bolox" is just that. I for one will be extremely surprised if Westwood is still at S6 in August. He's just had a bad season. He's not played under Jos. He's on a inflated salary. It's the last chance to make some money on him. We have two capable replacements. We need to reshuffle, and have some spare cash to help Jos rebuild. No brainer.
  2. Semedo's ferret

    Amazed if anyone was at this one?

    More importantly, did we win?
  3. Semedo's ferret

    New Kit

    Can't see DC retreating from his 'made in house, keep most of profits' idea. Regardless of what a huge failure it was. But I'd be happy to have a brand where that horrendously cheap Elev8 logo is now.
  4. Semedo's ferret

    Sam Hutchinson

    Wish he'd stop telling people negative news. Suppose less likely to see owls fans while in Spain.
  5. Semedo's ferret


    Do you think that the club might at least match the contributions from this?
  6. Semedo's ferret

    Could it have been a blessing in disguise

    Look at Brighton. 2012/13 playoffs 2013/14 playoffs 2014/15 20th!!! 2015/16 playoffs 2016/17 promoted in 2nd. The fact that they dropped like a bomb between promotion standard campaigns, is a good omen.
  7. Semedo's ferret

    Looks quite busy for Sunday...

    Can't see anymore than 26k. Makes a big difference when the away team only bring 300. The last couple of home games I thought looked busy, so was surprised when less than 25k.
  8. Semedo's ferret

    Anyone ITK about pre season tour yet?

    If was a betting man, I'd say either Scotland, Germany, Holland. In that order.
  9. Semedo's ferret

    Prepare Yourselves

    The only way I accept losing Banan and / or Foristieri is for big money that is all used to rebuild under Jos. FF is worth minimum £15 million, Bannan £10 million plus, Westwood £4 million. Plus a few more outgoings theat could easily generate £5-10 more, and Jos has a fund in the same bracket that wolves spent in 6 months. I just can't see us next season without BB or FF though. Jos has seen enough to know he should be keeping them 2 and rebuilding using the other £5-10m.
  10. Semedo's ferret


    He's barred me on Twitter for expressing freedom of speech. Fancy a journalist doing that.
  11. Semedo's ferret

    We got a player on our hands!

    Stats like this show why we payed alot of money for him. And why we could get much more for him if chose to sell.
  12. Semedo's ferret


    What's match details for Friday?
  13. Semedo's ferret

    Under 23s Title Defence

    What times ko on Friday? Win guarantees the title. Again.
  14. Semedo's ferret


  15. Semedo's ferret


    Nahki Wells in, Rhodes out. Loan swap. Jos has sights on minimum 4 German players. Loans or end of contract.