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  1. Best pals, godparents to each others kids but not blood related.
  2. All the comments show why the ground starts emptying from 75 mins and our crowds are low for midweek games. Hillsborough is a nightmare for parking, getting out of car parks, traffic control and public transport. Roll on a new purpose built stadium with purpose built parking and transport links. With good amenities inside / outside for drinking and eating.
  3. I do know this. Weeks before he signed officialy, I was told by a staff member that wasn't a cat in hells chance of us getting him because he was on around 65k p week at Middlesbrough. Then we got him.
  4. @ChinaOwl is obviously much more on it than me. But I'll wait until after seeing the nitty-gritty of the deal before worrying too much. Chansiri will have protected himself as much as swfc in whatevers been done. I expect transparency and a safeguarding element of the deal for future ownership.
  5. I'm presuming he's sold it to himself like Derby did. If that's the case then we don't have a problem. He's simply moved a tenner from left pocket to right pocket, passing some hairy balls (EFL) en route. Now if he's involved another enterprise (TUF or Bin Laden for example) then that's different. It puts swfc into the real possibility of future conflict.
  6. Think the 4m was heavily linked to performance bonuses, promotion etc. I believe the initial outlay was less than a million.
  7. Hec will choose Fulham over us. If its even a competition.
  8. Knew he'd miss. Never confident when FF picks the ball up for a penalty. His performance overall was poor and delivery from dead balls even poorer. He'll be lucky to play for us again I think.
  9. Special mention to Dec Thompson. Played for Beighton Magpies right through until finishing the u16s season not so long ago. Just shows that you don't have to be with an academy from 7 year old, or that if not signed upto one by 14, your a dead duck. Like many would have you believe. Well done Declan. Decent first half, very good 2nd half.
  10. Didn't see any of them, but saw the R8 in car park so pressumed he was there.
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