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  1. The standard of defending

    We still don't have that leader. One player that everyone knows is the top dog on the pitch. Gives everyone encouragement or a ****** but organises. Until that happens we'll continue being slack defensively. Especially midfielders who constantly cost goals by not being aware of runners.
  2. Trouble in the park

    Loads of 15 yr old Vanillas in burbery caps stood on corner of park Rd before entrance to park. Just thought was waiting for school bus.
  3. Ever get the feeling

    Got that same feeling I had in 89/90.
  4. Pigs win anyone??

    Wilders mardy interview won't stir his players. It'll have opposite effect. Carlos' decline started when he lost respect of key players by slating them in press conferences. We all know that player power is a destructive force.
  5. Pigs win anyone??

    While ever it's in our hands, I want utd to lose games like tonight. Be a different story if was last game of season and a utd win kept us up.
  6. Sheffield Wednesday Injury Update

    Possibly the strangest owlstalk post I've read.
  7. Rate jos so far?

    We're in a bad way. Jos couldn't have expected how bad. I'm amazed he's not walked out on us TBH. For that reason I'll cut him some slack and give him 5/10. Feel like It all could completely collapse at anytime though.
  8. Stripes next

    Adidas v Elev8. We live in a age where the top brands are in our face 24/7. Give any under 50 year old a top with Adidas or Nike badge and one with Elev8. Same colours, same style. Both £50. I'd take a guess at 99.9% would leave the ELEV8 one well alone. Would be the same if John West Tuna was on the shelf next to Aldis own North Sea tuna or whatever its called. Both 80p a tin. I reckon the big brand would fly of the shelfs. Really am surprised that our chairman hasn't taken this into account with his bold alternative. Saying that though, however much I dislike his new brand logo, if we get stripes back I'll buy again. First time in 18 years I've not bought home and away shirts for both kids. Money was waiting in July and August. Eventually spent it on Barca kits.
  9. I love my European accent when silent reading jos' press conferences. Really is just like how he says it.
  10. Wales Online Poll

  11. The pitch

    Other than being marginally bigger, isn't much difference to our indoor (or all weather outdoor) facilities.
  12. The pitch

    But why is utds pitch ok? Same weather, no undersoil heating at shirecliffe either, same league....... Only possible reason is that utds u23s and 18s play games at Stocksbridge rather than at Lane.
  13. Family Area - Grandstand

    Think it's a great part of the stadium. Wish my lad wanted to go back up there tbh. Instead I'm on the kop watching a game with little perspective of what's really happening! The things we do to please the kids and in-laws.
  14. Stripes next

    Only club in the world that 1) charges £55 for a shirt that arrives months late 2) puts it up a tenner when 75% of stock is still on the shelf two and a bit months from end of season. Commercially it's been shambolic. The ELEV8 design is horrendous. If it must go on the shirts, please don't stick it where we'd all prefer to see a genuine brand name. Put it on the sleeve or back of neck / bottom of back. Quality of the shirts isn't a patch on puma. I can see where DC is coming from with moving away from the big brands but at what cost?