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  1. Semedo's ferret

    The talk of moving to Weedon Street...

    Love Hillsborough but it's in need of about £30m spending on it. And even then it will still be in an area with poor commercial possibilities outside swfc and still located in a poor location that floods, has poor transport links, terrible options for car parking without risking damage to car, and not enough space to develop social areas outside the stadium. Not forgetting the stigma that will forever hang over the name. For that reason, find me a area closer to the city.
  2. WHEN we have to sell it won't be to buy new players. It'll be to balance the books and stop us getting a 12 point deduction.
  3. Semedo's ferret

    Last nights attendance

    Even next season when we have 14k St holders?
  4. Semedo's ferret

    Last nights attendance

    Yeah that's 100% behind the thinking. The Leeds game showed that. Praying that the clubs agree a cap on away fan tickets for next season. That would force his hand.
  5. Semedo's ferret

    The Big Black Cloud over S6.

    ... And a chairman that isn't willing to do anything about it other than continue sleepwalking off the cliff edge. Unless he changes his high price policy to reflect that 50% of matches are on the tele and that he's getting paid handsomely for the TV deal, plus that we'll be operating with a squad of youngsters and no stars (like BB & FF 'cos they'll be gone) ST sales will drop to the lowest levels in 4 years next season and POTG will vanish completely.
  6. Semedo's ferret

    Last nights attendance

    Am I being thick here? But surely the club would be better off by using the broadcasting money to reduce POTG prices? I know its all the same pot, into the same bigger pot, but do you see my logic in speculating with the extra match day revenue to accumulate even more. Next season, now all us ST holders know the deal, championship clubs are going too have to stop the greed by cashing in on TV deals and still expecting to charge top whack prices. Some of the TV money has to filter down to us. Otherwise I can see a good 20% fall in ST holders.
  7. Semedo's ferret

    Forget promotion

    I'd say 70% of our fan base are more concerned about the Derby games and how they've pushed on while we've gone in opposite direction, than you are.
  8. Semedo's ferret

    Forget promotion

    Iike I say, it's the only thing we can 'win'. We'll pick up enough points for mid table, giving youth experience en route ready for losing high earners next year. Winning or not losing the Sheffield Derby games and finishing mid table would be a success this season.
  9. Semedo's ferret

    Forget promotion

    I have one, sorry 2 concerns this season and its not promotion or relegation (We'll finish 10-14th) . Let's just roll through league games, tinkering away, picking up enough points 55 to 60pts would be good with ONE Focus. Them dirty horrible barstewards. They have a great opportunity to turn us over again and we mustn't let that happen. Nothing else matters.
  10. Semedo's ferret

    Forget promotion

    Next season your having a laugh. Can't see anyone coming in worth a shank with a Higher risk of 12pts deduction and the need to sell players like BB, FF even Penney.
  11. Semedo's ferret

    Get through this season..then?

    Birmingham mail have already conceded that Villa will get a minimum 12pts deduction at start of next season if not promoted. We've got 2 seasons after this one on a shoe string to come. Hopefully we stay in the championship and still get crowds over 18k. Then Chansiri does it properly in 21/22 and pushes for top 2.
  12. Semedo's ferret

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    This is the exact reason why we need a supporters panel of 3 to have weekly meetings with Kat and whoever else. £30 should have been the max price for a Friday night TV game. Yes we'd lose on the Leeds fans ticket income (they'd pay 30 aswell) but would pull a large chunk back in home sales, plus in ground merchandise, beer, pies. But most importantly, better atmosphere.
  13. At last. The Urika moment
  14. Semedo's ferret

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    The geezer making accusation seems like telling truth but big holes in his claims for me. Just wondered if anyone else had seen it. It's now getting lots of support on Facebook and twitter. Obviously Blunts are well onto this, calling us allsorts of stuff. Apparently Wednesday are renown for not being in touch with the real world, unlike dem blades
  15. Semedo's ferret

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    Anyone seen the thing about this swfc fan that is in palliative care that wants to go Friday (might be his last game) but because he's not on the database, the club won't sell him or his (Leeds supporting) son a ticket for the disabled area? Swfc is getting some reyt stick on forums about this.