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  1. Didn't they stay up in first season and now coming down about 300 million better off?
  2. Once saw a forum thread by Barcelona fans debating Messi. Couldn't believe how many said that they should cash in on him because they rely on him too much and he wouldn't be missed if left. Its the same with BB. Infuriates me when hear the clowns slagging him off. Just shows how stupid football fans can be.
  3. If, as is suggested, we're now in a transfer embargo. We can't negotiate a new contract with Westy.
  4. Apparently, if in a soft embargo, we can re-sign players close to contract ending. But on a maximum of 16k per week. And that's got other stipulations also. Westwood and Hooper would want more than that. Not fussed about the rest
  5. Sounds like we're probably already in a soft embargo. So can't sign anyone up.
  6. Can't renember last time FF had even a 7/10 game. Fletch and Hooper start for me.
  7. Think most clubs have released annual accounts now. Once again we're set to be the last one. Which obviously attracts a good conspiracy theory.
  8. Looking at West broms fixtures, they could still get 2nd.
  9. Like the new Tottenham hotspur stadium.....
  10. What's the attendance looking like? Pressume villa have shifted 4k?
  11. After the Kirkland incident, was a 'campaign' on here, twitter etc, to not give Leeds the £. That, plus price, TV, dirty Leeds, meant we've taken more to London and Wales on a Tuesday night than 35miles up the road on a weekend. Anyone with half a brain can see that obviously somethings not right.
  12. Bullen recently said at an event he was attending that off the field, we aren't anywhere near prepared for premiership football. But that he hopes to have the opportunity of being proved wrong. Think we're going to be the last ones to release our accounts. Which stinks of some kind of accountancy creativity.
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