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  1. Semedo's ferret

    Westwood to Cardiff?

    Tha can forget all about that.
  2. Semedo's ferret


    Only for a nice pay off in 6 mths time when he's been sacked. Easy money.
  3. Semedo's ferret


    It's not who I think we can get but who I think we can get that's right for swfc. And it's not Bruce right now. He'll bleed us dryer, if that's possible.
  4. Semedo's ferret

    West stand ....

    Head..... Thick...... Skulls..... Chansiri can spend money on the ground without impacting on FFP. The fact that he chooses not to tells me we aren't a long term project. He's not a builder of foundations type of guy. That's evident with the first team situation.
  5. Semedo's ferret


    Bruce is exactly the manager I didn't want. One of the managers version of the rat pack. He'll come in on a huge wedge, do nowt because we dont have funds available like he's had at most clubs, then get sacked after not improving things and take a £10 million pay off with him.
  6. Semedo's ferret

    Credit Rotherham

    Of course I was at the game. The stats back up what I say. Very evenly balanced game. The best chance to win it fell to Rotherham but other than that, could have gone either way. 2 poor teams, one playing on its arse, one at the top of its game. The one on its arse isn't happy being on its arse, the one on the top of its game is overjoyed with being below us in the league.
  7. Semedo's ferret

    ‘We Must See The Reality’

    You've missed some bits off..... Work under the same restrictions, with the same poor players and look void of life after 48hrs on the job. BECAUSE THAT'S MORE LIKELY THAN US SUDDENLY LOOKING HALF DECENT.
  8. Semedo's ferret

    Credit Rotherham

    We're on our backside. There for the taking. Rotherham, like them pigs, couldn't take 3 pts off us. Today we just about shaded the game, although listening to Ronnie Moore on't radio, we didn't get a touch and they should have won by 6. One look at the stats show how balanced the game was. Rotherham will finish below us and like utd, they'll be overjoyed with another failure of a season.
  9. Semedo's ferret

    Bannan at full time

    Bet he doesn't.
  10. Semedo's ferret

    ‘We Must See The Reality’

    What's he going to do with additional investment? He's maxed out the CC and isn't allowed to pay it off for 3 years.
  11. Semedo's ferret

    ‘We Must See The Reality’

    Stop talking daft. Once a new gaffer arrives, we'll have £20m to spend, westy back in sticks, FF, Lee, Hooper, Winnall won't be injured, Hutch will be captain, Nuhui rediscover last seasons form, our full backs will be clones of Roberto Carlos and Kafu and we'll thrash everyone.
  12. Semedo's ferret

    ‘We Must See The Reality’

    He's reyt.
  13. Semedo's ferret

    JOS OUT!

    So do you think a new manager is suddenly going to have 11 fit players, all in top form, covering every position? Jos knows what frailties we have in the full back areas, so rotates 4 poor players best he can. Same up front. Non of his forward options have cemented a position or if have, they suddenly can't play due to injury. Jos has raised the issue with continuity and consistency and that we have 5 players tops that will play 25 games. Now before I'm mistaken on here, I'm not against a change of manager. But I am worried about the next appointment, and can't see anyone working a miracle with Baker or Palmer at RB or with Fox or Penney at LB. We're stuck with Dawson in goal. Nuhui will play this season and key players will be sold in January whoever is manager.
  14. Semedo's ferret

    JOS OUT!

    Both goals were errors. Jos can't do anything about that. The players available to him is bottom 6. The players available to the next manager is surprisingly bottom 6. Get over it.
  15. Semedo's ferret

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    Debt. I see that only 24 other clubs have bigger debts to banks than us at £38.1 million. Is DC actually funding swfc like we think ? It looks like he's not putting owt in, instead borrowing off the bank. What happens when DC decides to leave? Is the £38.1m stuck with swfc or DC???