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  1. Semedo's ferret

    Sunderland - Vs - #SWFC (League Cup MDT)

    Same surname as the grotto. Waiting in the hilton to book in then we'll have a drive for a bit. Thanks.
  2. Semedo's ferret

    Sunderland - Vs - #SWFC (League Cup MDT)

    Think 2600 ish. I'm just setting off with the little lad. Any seaside amusement arcade type areas I could take him for half hr before hitting the pub?
  3. I know. But just maybe he has to agree this time. If he's serious about doing everything possible then getting fans through the door is the only place to start.
  4. Fans through the door, merchandise sales, flog whoever we can without too much detriment to the team Neil. Everything we've said. Some of which we've said for a couple of years. I repeat what I've said in earlier posts. Nows the time for season ticket breaking POTG prices. £20-£25 until Xmas. Huge campaign by the club explaining to ST holders the reasons why they are selling tickets at the same price or less than we've paid for Season tickets. Let's get another 5k walk up fans into Hillsborough. Merchandise - shirt sales are good. We're not going to do much more from that area. Commercial - Better deals on boxes. Radio - get that 90k back. Swallow pride this season. Sign back up. Players - If not figuring. Get shut. Now.
  5. After listening to the podcast or reading all the comments on this and other posts, you still drop this one in.
  6. Semedo's ferret

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Any ideas on travelling support numbers to Sunderland?
  7. Semedo's ferret

    Sheffield Star

    Certainly seems possible.
  8. Semedo's ferret

    Sheffield Star

    The star and radio Sheffield are hanging onto the rumours that Jaoa is about to depart. Without actually saying so, they are testing the water for any more gossip before going to press.
  9. DCs justification for high ticket pricing has been the push for glory and better players. Now that's gone by the wayside I'd expect ticket prices to be reduced. Problem is that he's already taken money off around 18-20k of us. Money that he can't give back. No way can he give people a better deal than the majority. He's well and truly stuck with the monster he's created.
  10. Semedo's ferret

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    This for me. Maybe Penny for Boyd.
  11. I'll shout providing the deal is no more than £25 per game. I don't care that on average it might eat into my early bird Season ticket savings. Its gone way beyond that. Let's get some sense back into ticket pricing. We desperately need all the help we can get.
  12. We will finish: 15th Who wins the league?: Villa Relegated Teams: Rotherham, Ipswich, Brum Top goal scorer: Forestieri 12 goals Will Jos be in charge?: no Stand out players?: Hutch and BB Notable crazy moment(s) of the season: Jos will tell chansiri to fornicate off on radio Sheffield
  13. Semedo's ferret

    Sunderland..which tier?

    Defo this. We'll do well to average 2500 this season. Especially with all midweek games getting sky coverage. What we shifted for Sunderland? Sure someone said was about 2600 as of last Friday.
  14. Semedo's ferret

    Joao Injury?

    Rumours of him leaving on loan to the dark side. Couple of million fee in January. He was at the game yesterday. Sat in top corner of South stand with the rest of the absentees. Jaoa was very expressive every time we attacked. The only one that kicked every ball. I'll be surprised and disappointed if he go's. Especially to them lot.
  15. Semedo's ferret

    What about....

    He's got to improve rapidly. Doesn't go past players. Isn't big and physical. Plays easy inside pass constantly. Said on another post, I'm not taken by him. Palmer had the better of preseason, then gets bombed out after a bad game. Baker will have to go some to not meet the same fate