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  1. Semedo's ferret

    Pig game Tickets

    What did we pay for the stain tickets back in November?
  2. Semedo's ferret

    No "Hi Ho"

    Was farcical pre-game. Rubbish music that was changed couple of times part way through, walk out music out of sync, no Hi ho silver lining, slow and late team announcements that ran into ko time. Then for us to lose the tos and kick wrong way! Ya just don't recover from that.
  3. Semedo's ferret

    S.T renewals.

    This last couple of weeks have pulled me round. Hopefully the pricing doesn't switch me off Again.
  4. Semedo's ferret

    Club Shop

    Buy the shirts. Tell the kids who they are supporting and why. It really is simple.
  5. Semedo's ferret


    Reliably informed that DC would have sold at the right price. But his valuation and that of potential buyers were miles apart. And isn't any doubt about it. DC can't put more in. Not sure why after all the talk on this subject you would doubt this.
  6. Semedo's ferret


    We'll drop into another soft embargo around April time, but will be able to prove that are working towards a more 'sustainable' model in time for the summer rebuild job. Not renewing several Contracts and maybe some other sales, will be replaced by loanees and cheaper permanent deals on less than who's left. Bruce has a rebuilding job to do and we need to let him do it without expecting a top 6 place. Lol.
  7. Semedo's ferret

    Bruce Bulletpoints

    Bizarre press conference. Them 2 looked sombre and terrified. Questions were diabolical and embarrassing.
  8. Purchasing 4 season tickets for my family, approx £25 per home game on drinks, programme, snacks, foundation membership, several away days and a few hundred quid in the shop on shirts, tops etc, is my limit. And because DC isn't listening regards match day ticket prices and securing the support of future generations, my loyalty is under threat for next season. Very undecided regards renewing never mind doubling up with a scheme that is bonkers.
  9. Semedo's ferret

    On The Way Back - Fans

    Exactly. Our home game v Luton was a no show from us fans. Same as the Wigan game.
  10. Semedo's ferret

    Club 1867 Launch

  11. Semedo's ferret

    Club 1867 Launch

    Great offer if you can afford it and if your commited too the cause for a good few years yet
  12. Semedo's ferret

    Man of the Match - Wigan (H)

    Well it wasn't the crowd. Atmosphere was atrocious. No band on kop again and think we mustered 2 half hearted songs in 2nd half. Not a peep for first 45 mins. Remind me why do the North stand lot stand up like they're at an away game but can't generate a atmosphere? We know it's bad when Wigan fans are slagging us off on social media
  13. Semedo's ferret

    Chelsea game - Ticket Information Here

    Not done intercity owl in years. If games done by 8pm, realistically what time can we expect to be back in Sheffield?
  14. Semedo's ferret

    Hector in midfield

    No. Not agile enough and too many sloppy passes when in tight positions. Hutchinson is currently the only one we have that does the job well.
  15. Semedo's ferret

    Liam Ridgwell

    Deserves a neg for even thinking it never mind posting it.