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  1. I've welcomed the break and thought I'd not batter an eye at the restart. But the closer to Saturday, the more I'm ready to get back into it. So roll on.
  2. TBH I think we'll go down myself, and will be having a flutter on it.
  3. I'd take Ashley tomorrow. Look at the money he's spent on them for a start. He's built Newcastle into a club that's appealed to the world's wealthiest investors, then sold them on. The man knows the game and is a much wealthier Mandaric. Amanda Staveley was all over us after the Azerbaijan thing. Honestly thought she was going to be our new owner. Then it went quiet.... Then DC arrived. That's how close we were to being the wealthiest football club in the world.
  4. His best position is a number 9. He's bulked up loads.
  5. All I got this morning was a message saying plan B more likely than plan A. Plan A was Hughton and we'd made a genuine attempt at him. Plan B is a secret...... Or still in the early stages of defining
  6. Sounds like we tried to tempt him but failed or failing.
  7. What if Hughton (one for the spelling police) wanted the job from the start, but knew what deal Bruce was on and wasn't happy when we offered him 60% less than what we were paying Bruce. Two people negotiating best deal isn't something new.
  8. Brilliant. Nixons took the bait and proved what a t0sser he is.
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