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  1. That’s it then, plays offs not happening.
  2. As amazing as it would be it’s such a long shot that this could happen. We’d need our incredible run to probably include beating or at least drawing with Leeds and Norwich, and this in turn would give blades an excellent chance of automatic if they keep up their run. Fingers crossed!
  3. Been absolutely superb, very well done. Always been a fan, glad he’s starting to show his full potential
  4. Literally not heard a bad word from Bruce since he took over. Top man.
  5. Ones I’ve spoke to seem worried tbh, I could smell the fear in them. Just like The crozzled bacon il be smelling, wafting out of leppings lane when we beat them monday
  6. FF 16 starts in two seasons fizz me..
  7. Looks class, very effective little player always causing a nuisance for defenders.
  8. Makes me so angry thinking about what weve wasted under Jos. Some of his decisions border on insanity. Unbelievable really.
  9. I’m usually pessimistic but now I’m starting to think why not. We play 3 of the 4 mentioned above. To be honest I think Bristol city will fall away now, Derby have been vvank, and forest and Brum are inconsistent. It’s all about momentum at these late stages and we actually have that now. Even a draw Monday night isint the end of the world.
  10. Holding no hope of us netting today. We can’t score for poo . Another stalemate as we trudge towards a club record for 0-0 draws in a season.
  11. Considering moving from kop to grandstand seeing as kids ST is only £23 on there! Have they always been that cheap?!
  12. Really gone off the boil after early season worldies. Reverting to type maybe who knows. In a good side he might look a better player, but for us at the moment he goes completely missing. Added to that his touch is woeful, he can’t beat a man or run with the ball, and he literally cannot make a proper challenge.
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