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  1. All I have in this business are my balls and my word, and I don’t break em for no one. (Said Steve Bruce never)
  2. Felt he was the best manager in 20 years, so it hurts. fizz him tho, no loyalty in this business anymore. Turncoat poopydoo
  3. rounduns to him, thought he was our saviour, not to be. He can f00k right orf
  4. Great signing for them, DJ will light up the Dutch league for many years to come.
  5. Absolute no brainer for me. Two year deal
  6. It’s absolutely heartbreaking tbh. Deservedly Draw and win against villa and Norwich respectively, and we’d be right in the mix. If we’d have got in I’d really have fancied our chances too. All this while the snorters edge towards automatic. Gutting.
  7. Lucky to get a couple of mill, couple of years was one of the best players in the championship, now he’s an injury prone forgotten man.
  8. Fantastic keeper, new deal should be on the table already.
  9. Fair play to them both, they’re both triers, but that is an awful combo down the left. League one standard.
  10. We were bobbar today yes, but I genuinely don’t think Leeds are that good a side. They play with high press and tempo, but they don’t wow as a side to watch.As said before, it’s another poor championship this season, if it wasn’t for that fvckwit Jos, who knows where we’d have ended up.
  11. Vvank today, despite the result helping shaft the pigs, I flipping hate losing and hate playing badly and losing even more. Not a fair reflection of us under Bruce in my opinion, need our pacy players back ASAP.
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