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  1. Good stats but oh so frustrating. It looks like another season where we are almost there,just not quite. Two or three of those 1-1 draws were wins, and w'ed be looking strong favourites for automatic already. So near yet so far.
  2. Almen Abdi

  3. David Garrido

    I'd have a permanent chub on if I worked for sky sports news.
  4. Another shout out for Fletcher

    Reyt player. Strong, physical, good in the air, and great link up play. Also, exactly the sort of experienced player we need in the upcoming games against Pigs and Leeds.
  5. Colin Murray

    He's sound and a good presenter. The shows much improved with just him and our mate Micky Gray presenting. What the chuff is that bird all about tho?!
  6. Had the Wednesday ale, a lovely drop I must say.
  7. Fletcher form!

    Another outstanding performance alongside hoops. A great combo.
  8. Buzzing about this,love a thornbridge ale absolute quality
  9. Last night...

    Were there any current players there?
  10. Liam Palmer

    Has his good days, has his bad days but overall he's a very competent 2nd choice right back, can fill in elsewhere, and is a good squad player to have. Gets some ridiculous stick on here.
  11. Joao's got it in him to make a crucial impact this season. Come on lucas,it was meant to be.

    My whelm is well and truly under after that..where's the flipping pace were crying out for man. So frustrating.