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  1. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    We can't let this lie. We need to get even, we need revenge. Its time swargrass and snodbrick wake up with a horses head on their pillows. Let them know were coming for them
  2. Ross Wallace

    Unbelievable if he's out too. Also some idiotic comments about him. Had some great performances for us, a real big game player. Could have done with his cleverness and guile today, someone to wind up Snodgrass and his cronies. We were a bit too soft,despite the bent ref.
  3. Don't condone violence but id have condoned one of our South stand gents strolling onto the pitch in injury time and giving him a quick nipple cripple.
  4. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Neil whatever your stupid flipping name is, I hope you get your licence stripped and never referree again, u absolute bent tvvat. and as for that vile scumbag snot grass, don't even get me started..
  5. Wow.amazed by this news. Thought that ship had long since sailed.
  6. Do us a favour Jos

    There's rotating the squad and there's going to flipping millwall and playing with no strikers. And losing...deary me.
  7. Sean Clare

    I could imagine him being a very able wing back in our new formation. Didn't look like he was afraid of a tackle the other night, and got loads of pace to burn.
  8. Cannot stand lawrenson. Awful,awful pundit.
  9. Sean Clare first league start

    Superb full debut.
  10. Pelupessy

    Had a very tidy game.
  11. Lucas Joao

    Superb tonight.a classy player.
  12. How you feeling tonight?

    Chill after knocking out a decent victory vvank.
  13. Team for Saturday

    That set of players he has to choose from beggars belief. What the f#*k is happening to us.
  14. The season is truly doomed. its just one thing after another, a complete shambles on and off the pitch. Have a horrible, horrible gut feeling that it's going to end in relegation. Never known anything like it.
  15. Sunday 6th May

    This season has slowly spiralled out of control. Its showing no signs of getting better, things are getting worse. The last two times we were in league one we'd been crap for years previously, but to get relegated after being so close to the premiership two Years running is unimaginable. This is starting to become a reality. People seem to assume once we get injured players back we'll be fine again, well for starters there's no guarantee, and secondly these players don't seem to be coming back anyway. I reckon we'll be lucky to see half of the I jured high earners make a returned. This season. At best. The club feels like a sinking ship at the moment.