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  1. Just hope big Jake Kean gets the send off he deserves on Sunday.
  2. Ironman

    Wes Hoolahan

    Wes Who Lahan?
  3. I'm on kop and yep it is atrocious. The staff,though it's not usually their fault, are clueless and inexperienced. Best one was when I ordered a pint after queueing for ages, and the girl serving me turned to the other one and said 'I've never poured a pint before what do I do?'
  4. Ironman

    Time for an Experiment?

    I'd love us to beat reading and them go down. No time for that club at all.
  5. Ironman

    Time for an Experiment?

    No lets go for it. Wolves might already be in the beach so you never know we could end up with nearly 60 points. Crazy when u think back to 4/6 weeks ago and we couldn't see where the next win was coming from. Onwards and upwards.
  6. Ironman

    Barry Bannan

    Absolutely love the bloke. Weeeeevve got Bannan..
  7. Ironman

    Almain Abdi

    This situation actually beggars belief now. Surely he's now fit and overcome his eye injury, yet can't even make matchday squad. Randomly appears on the bench for a game once every few weeks. Randomly plays an u23 game now n again. Then disappears. What the frock is wrong with this man?!
  8. Andy Pearce was a bit nutty.
  9. Ironman

    Mathematically safe now

    Thank the lord.the pessimist in me really feared the worst for the last few months. Relief now.
  10. This thread is incredible
  11. Great combo. Can see they're top mates off the field as well, always posting daft videos together on instagram. Love it.
  12. Ironman

    Nuhiu at the crossroads

    Get the big man signed up for another year. There's plenty of other players we've need to shift out, he's not one of them.
  13. Ironman

    U23s away at Watford

    Looks like we battered them according to the stats.
  14. Ironman

    U23s away at Watford

    Be great if it was but surely not?