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  1. Ironman

    Chelsea Away

    Anyone know when they’re on sale? Lets hope for for a heroic draw, then get them back to Hillsborough on a winters evening for a repeat of 1991 semi! Also, if by some miracle that happened, an i right in thinking a replay would likely be Bruce’s first home game in charge?!
  2. Ironman

    Chelsea Allocation

    6000 wow. May have a chance of getting one..
  3. We will inevitably concede in the first ten minutes of the second half.
  4. Ironman


    Took one to the gonads and his willy fell off
  5. Surely as he stated, he’s just the voice of Bruce and is carrying out Bruce’s tactics/line ups?
  6. Can’t we just flog the whole squad as a job lot bulk buy. Surely some team in China will have them.
  7. Utter tosh. Simply not good enough again
  8. Simply not good enough this
  9. fizz me it’s hull not flipping barcelona. Sort it out wednesday
  10. Got a bad feeling about this today. Hope I’m wrong but il go 2-0 ull
  11. Ironman


    His positioning might not be great at times but he also makes more runs off the ball than our entire team put together. He’s alwayd looking to run in behind defenders but team mates rarely find him. Also, think he’s got pace to burn personally, probably our quickest player.
  12. Ironman

    A new signing

    I like Liam, he’s has his off days and his decent days, yet shifting him to cm is not the answer. Not physically or mentally quick enough to play in that role.
  13. Ironman

    Added time

    Ref was awful
  14. Ironman


    That was really poor today. Frustrating as good feeling was returning slowly, and you’d have thought the players would have been desperate to impress the new management. Instead we we looked half asleep, sluggish to go forward, and a yard off the pace. Plenty of huffing and puffing and very little else. A game to match the atmosphere in the stadium.