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  1. I think he speaks pretty well with the media. But we’ve all got our own opinions I guess. I certainly prefer him to Monk, Pulis, Jos etc
  2. He comes across as a really sound bloke to be honest. I’d imagine players and staff would like to play for him and get on with him. too early to judge him tactically on the pitch but there’s been small glimpses of progress, in a really really terrible situation we find ourselves in.
  3. Possibly the most depressing time to be a wednesday fan in 30odd years of watching them. Absolutely dreadful side worse I can remember
  4. How many reds this season. Indisciplined, clueless awful set of players this lot
  5. Shouldn’t be played again. Two reds in two months plus he’s ******** off soon. Get him in the reserves. We’re going down at this rate
  6. Huge games. If we could win 3 I would be confident that we can stay up, can’t see us doing that though.
  7. Real old skool legend in the making here, however for me he’s got a long way to go to rival big Dave in the cult hero stakes.
  8. Got to be the winner of the ugliest selection of wednesday goals ever. But who cares. Legend.
  9. Absolutely soul destroying line up again. can we start with the 8 on the bench instead?
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