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  1. Got no problem with pudil, good solid player who gives 100%. Still think he’s better at left back than cb.
  2. It was awful, painful to watch at times, but come on that’s a good result. Credit to the back5 and keeper. Have to try and be positive from here on in. First clean sheet,couple of attacking players back.
  3. Ironman

    Andy Hinchcliffe

    Absolutely nailed it. The man has clearly lost the plot. Such a bizarre blades bias,he’s probably knocking on Wilders door now, todger in hand.
  4. He’ll be in the banner from 10.30 am like he was day after the last derby. loves a drop does old bitter rounduns.
  5. Wow. That angry mad,bitter,red face. What an absolute tosspot. As usual,hate Wednesday first,support blades second. Typical bitter scumbag.
  6. well done lads we dug in if anything. Dawsondoing brilliantly. (Cue us falling apart and conceding 4 second half)
  7. Go fizz yourself hinchcliffe you Judas fool. Talked of coutts affecting blades top six finish no mention of our 15 first team squad injuries for most of season. What an absolute helmet.
  8. Ffs where the **** is forestieri. We’re gonna get a good hiding, no doubts now.
  9. Ironman

    Fessi today

    Got to be kidding. Surely he’s on the bench at least.
  10. Ironman

    Fletcher up for the derby

    Will score the winner. Gonna be well up for it after his recall.
  11. Ironman

    Press Conference LIVE NOW

    Gone from the depths of despair to having a massive lob on after reading that. We’re gonna do em!
  12. Ironman

    Fernando and Marco

    Although jos drives us all mad with his line ups, I have a feeling somethings changed and it’s time for him to make a gamble now. His job is almost definitely on the line if we get hammered, so reckon we might see one or both involved. Time to roll the dice jossy boy.
  13. Ironman

    We all hate L**ds scum

    Hate this chant even though I despise Leeds. It seems to be our most sung song these days.
  14. Ironman

    Pessy or Warrior?