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  1. loved his sheer joy and delight at both Ipswich's goals and his understated response to Dave's last gasp equaliser too. Numpty.
  2. 68% possession

  3. Next 3 games

    3 very winnable games. Need minimum of 7 but really should be taking 9.
  4. Dinosaur Football

    We play like an over 45s team in an exhibition match. Or a team of ex pros in a charity match...lots of neat slow passing, occasional neat turn, nobody breaking a sweat, like they just can't be arsed to get going. Give me some direct, attacking, pressing, dinosaur football any day.
  5. Right...Team for Saturday

    We need to be playing 352 or a diamond but I'm seriously struggling to think of who to play where if the missing players such as Abdi, Matias, Hutch,Boyd,Venancio etc won't ever be used. For me Reach/fox and Palmer should be wing backs in a 352, but without hutch who do we play as the 3 centre backs? He won't try venancio so only leaves calamitous lees and loovens alongside Van Aken. We can't have Bannan, Lee, Butterfield all in the middle they're too similar.none of them can defend well enough to play as a 3. Wallace offers occasional creativity at least. Hooper works better with fletch but Fletchers shooting is horrendous. Rhodes will score if offered it on a plate but he's so useless in every other department it begs the question is it worth playing him. Conundrums all over, I can't see a line up out of our squad that's drastically going to change the awful football we play.
  6. Clueless Carlos

    I'm embarrassed that was on TV for everyone to see. Imagine being a neutral and trying to watch us, you wouldn't last 5 minutes.
  7. player ratings

    Only bannan, Westwood, and Hooper, as usual, can take any credit for that. And of course Adthe for that header. The rest of them were utterly useless.
  8. The basics

    Constant individual errors, players always looking backwards as soon as they receive the ball, no movement off the ball, slow to react to any situation,zero pace or physicality, poor decision making... The list is endless. We keep the ball neatly and that's it. That's our game, its what we are all about. Slow, possession football. Its infuriating to watch as these teams are there to be beaten. When we push on, usually only in desperation, things happen. Time and time again Ipswich turned defence into attack and created chances. We just don't do that. A hollow point. Games like this are killing us.
  9. Add loovens and fox to that list.some abysmal performances tonight.
  10. Genuinely forgot we had him. What a shuffle season.
  11. Boring

    Its a nice photo that. Warms the heart.
  12. Time For Rhodes

    Hooper fletcher and Joao as a 3 for me. Forget Rhodes, he's dogger.
  13. Rivals Watch

    Unbelievable is'int it. Worlds gone mad I swear.