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  1. This thread is not a reflection of Jordan's cameo role today but to all those people saying ,if he gets the service or a run of games or play to his strengths he will score goals . Sorry but he's had his chance ,he's not the same player I saw put 4 past us for Huddersfield. The guy has no strengths he can't hold the ball up ,he's painfully slow ,his shooting is weak and he cant head the ball . Please no more "give him a chance"
  2. Would you have him back. Its a yes from me
  3. Anyone remember the name of the boxer that came on at half time last night ???
  4. Not me , I was on row z and was not shouting abuse at Reach or any other player. I don’t do that but I am entitled to my opinion which obviously other people share
  5. Get 10 million plus ,snap their hands off. Scores the odd screamer every now and then but today we saw the real Reach clueless , ineffective and so so weak in his challengers, Take the money and invest in some decent full backs
  6. keeper to blame for both goals , not Jos's fault ???? He picked him instead of Westwood who would have probably done better
  7. i'm afraid the chant from the pigs ,of what a waste of money,when he came off was spot on .
  8. If you had to have a shot of whisky every time he touched the ball , you wouldn,'t even be tipsy by the end of the game
  9. thought Jones had one of his better games 7/10 hooper did well 7/10 Rhodes dire 4/10
  10. me 2 40 years , ive seen worse ill be there @middlesrough game WAWAW
  11. ok perhaps not but my point was he aint as good as a lot on here think
  12. Of course not the worst player tonight , Fox and Wallace can fight it out for that accolade, but the fact that this lad promises so much but almost never delivers and i've never seen anybody at Hillsborough in all my days so nesh . The fact that he is heralded by some as some kind of saviour and undroppable by Carlos is beyond me
  13. Think the real problem is here, Is that Carlos as him first down on the team sheet every week. If he can't see what a useless t@at he is then of course we're f@cked
  14. Jordan aint the player who hit 4 against us for hudders .It ain't the way we play it's Jordan he's lost it , pace , heading , shooting its all gone. could be confidence I don't know but I think we got sold a lookalike
  15. no , went down to easy . seen em gid but not for me
  16. Which ever way you look at it defence did their job , Lees mom for me , it's the rest that were the problem . Reach n Rhodes were shocking
  17. 0-0 v Colchester 78-79 season ,should have called it a day then
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