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  1. I've got a football kicked by Lucas v Cardiff, I was walking down Penistone Road at the time
  2. Uniteds version is different, its called Farthall Lame
  3. Wednesday should never face the indignity of relegation ever again, go to clubs like Stevenage expecting a win ann then getting hammered 6-0,rather get promoted to premiership where we should be. I was lucky to see Wednesday win cup in 1066 v Hastings
  4. There was a player called Papapio X in Italy few years ago, he was rubbish
  5. Lets judge him over 10 games, not 1 watched on a small tv screen, where the only thing you see is what is shown, not the running off the ball
  6. Let him loose on Friday, Reading you are being warned, hope he's a firecracker jumping jack combined
  7. Dont forget Joost Juan Cornetto, Keiran Leeam Palmer, Jordan Atdhe New you CrossRhodes,
  8. He's looking for a move, could he do a job for us?
  9. Pre-season friendlies v Hertha Berlin, Augsburg, Stuttgart and Borehamwood (I can walk to that one) coming up
  10. I was wrong, you have good qualities, sorry
  11. And what quality have YOU got as a supporter?
  12. And Mark Crossley when it comes to goalis he's our top scorer!
  13. For me Lucas has felt like a new signing, puts in a lot of work during a match, his fitness is improving, but until then he might be better if he came with 30 minutes to go, same as Matias who is another one who has improved IMO
  14. No he gets his critics but his day will come. He scored 7 in 11 his first season, then went to Blackburn last season, now we have the right man in charge, he'll be ok, thats what I meant
  15. Jordan and Lucas haters beware, Matye Vydra at Watford was a prolific scorer 20+ goals every season, got sold and then disappeared for nearly 3 years, Derby gave him a chance and look at him now, I have faith in both of them, with right blend of players around them and a manager like Jos, their time will come, HAVE FAITH C'MON
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