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  1. We always end a teams bad run

    Yes it happened, told you so, know wednesday inside out, tonights lottery numbers are...... Nahh i'm not sharing
  2. Why always us? Its been the same for years, already we list to Birmingham, lost to Bolton in the cup, year in year out its always us FFS, hope we end that hoodoo today..... PLEASE !!!
  3. Watch wednesday by wearing blue and white stripes on your lenses, it doesnt work but at least you made an effort
  4. Disrespectful names

    Is there a footballer called Mustapha poo ? Hope the Blunts sign him
  5. People who can't get players names right.

    NOTTS forest is one, its like calling the other team NOTTINGHAM County
  6. Football was RUBBISH in the 1960's

    Looked more than 36.000 more like 50.000+
  7. Disrespectful names

    But that was for us
  8. Disrespectful names

    Pigs and Weeds spring to mind when we refer to those 2 pointless clubs, but various clubs round the country must have a few when refering to us, I remember when we played Napoli in Italy the home fans called us "Merda Inglese" ahh the memories
  9. Millwall

    I did online 5 minutes be fore your message, thanks
  10. Millwall

    Anywhere really, promised my son to see a game, we're bith wednesday fans
  11. Millwall

    Live in London, would love to get 2 tickets v millwall, not a member, so how do I buy them?
  12. Its leading to a Rhodes to Nuhiuwhere
  13. Is there no escaping them? Can't enjoy a game of football with them lot sounding like pissed women on an hen night out
  14. We must be good

    We had a bigger attendance than Barcelona, happy days
  15. Turned a corner today, season starts now