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  1. Row 20 seat 210 on kop. Got tickets for a different seat but something tells me to sit here.
  2. Yea i agree but what level does our approach work at though??
  3. Heads have definitely gone. We have become frustrated and are making mistakes we didn't make before.
  4. I have really enjoyed this game and thought qe have played well. We don't deserve to be behind based on our play but we need to defend better. We definitely need better strikers as back ups though.
  5. We should dig down and re do the pitch with one of them new Desso pitches... oh wait
  6. I would not have the iso set to auto on a 3100 as it has a tendancy to go higher on "learner" Nikons then resulting in an extremely noisy photo. Iso 800 should be OK though
  7. It’s just every now and again the realisation hits you that’s all. We are not poo, league 2 would be poo, we just not very good at the moment.
  8. The fact we are below Oxford and Wycombe shows how far we have fallen.
  9. So an update for anyone that is bothered. I have now played the console and gone through its various menus and quickly played the games it came with. First off... the console is really well made, well impressed with the build quality. Same goes for the the carts, the packaging is excellent and the carts feel solid. Regarding the carts the console takes two at a time and they cam be hot swapped so no need to turn console off each time. Gameplay. This is excellent. All the games are fully licenced so play really well. All in all a great package and for £89 for the starter pack or £109 for the premium pack you can't go wrong to be honest.
  10. Getting mine delivered today, can't wait. All the initial reviews are solid. Looks like it's going to be great fun.
  11. Thanks mate, appreciate it. I would love to be back at some point even just on a casual basis but at the moment it’s a no go. climbing is great though isn’t it .
  12. Not a chance. My knees have gone . Been told I have severe post traumatic arthritis from the shock from the fall
  13. Thanks mate. Climbing was everything to me , was about to break into the 7s on indoor climbing walls then got injured lol. Oh well. It’s nice to see others like yourself enjoying it though. It’s an awesome sport
  14. Ah it was awful. I lost my job cause I was struggling to even get in my house for a good year. Still waiting for hospital appointments to get it sorted. Mentally it proper threw me out. Am OK now though. Mentally like. All I can say is when belaying make sure you concentrate at all times.
  15. Alright mate, I was well into climbing but at Awsome walls in Sheffield a guy who was belaying me did not catch me when I came off and I ended up falling 25ft straight to the floor. Knees are shot now because of that. I can't climb now. Proper gutted as I so wish I could.
  16. Has anyone got the handheld or pre ordered the vs console. This looks amazing for retro gamers. They take there own cartridges and with games such as chaos engine, speedball 2, zool, sensible soccer, etc being available in multi game cartridges it looks a great deal
  17. A nice outlet selling fresh cheeses and biscuits and a nice glass of chardonnay or champagne to finish it off with.
  18. Jan/Feb comes.... Fans:- The prices are Disgusting I'm not paying that ( but fans pay it as SWFC is their life and have many social connections at games) Dc:- you can't complain, I put cheap ticket prices out for you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Outcome- SWFC get more money from fans that feel they have to fork out more money for their season tickets as football is tribal and fans are loyal. Fans don't count these days as its all about money as its a Business now. So sad. ( this is my take and reflects in no way what those involved in swfc could be thinking)
  19. This is the thing though........ I don't think they are expecting you to find it. What they are expecting you to do is not afford it now but come February when the prices have gone up for then you to be able to afford it. In effect almost forcing you to pay a higher price.
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