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  1. kilnhurstowl

    Todays training...

    Thought it was a bit fruity myself.
  2. Not pork. A similar thing happened last year at bamford. The woman was a mad Wednesday fan but it was united that Sent stuff in to her charity not Wednesday.
  3. kilnhurstowl

    Player songs - non existent

    Let's get one going for Lewis Buxton. Lol
  4. kilnhurstowl

    Outside View

    That's true. But if you isolate it down to when the ball leaves the strikers boot. Which one is better?
  5. Your a flipping star mate. Thanks for that. Saved a few quid.
  6. kilnhurstowl

    Leeds fan in peace

    He aint the manager lol.
  7. kilnhurstowl

    Wednesday Celebrate 100 years !

    I was there aged 51
  8. kilnhurstowl

    Wednesday In One Word

  9. kilnhurstowl

    St Johnstone

    We ain't Scottish
  10. What's with all this pedestrian like football. We throw it out n walk it about. They get the ball n pass n run. Then we just keep kicking it back to wildsmith. Looks like a team totally devoid of ideas. So sad.
  11. Crap tactics. Crap effort. Crap everything. We are dying as a club at moment. I don't care if we put under 10s out but put some flipping effort in. Don't just walk the ball around.