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  1. Over the past year i have seen so many stats stating how bad we are, from shots on target, to goals conceded, even pass accuracy etc. My question is if these stats are accurate why does monk not see this and try to change it? I'm not a monk in our out guy , or even a shake it all about guy. But surely management have access to the same stats we have? So why not change things? Am I missing something?
  2. Think today showed how shot Rhodes is. In a half paced game he still looked sluggish . Such a shame as I really want him to do something, but alas, this doesn't look like it's going to happen.
  3. I agree. The players we had last season have not done anything since our promotion push, in fact season upon season they have been worse. Last season was a hard one because it was just the manager with out his coaches. If it fails now and the players put top effort in every game ,then that is garrys fault. But he has my backing at the moment
  4. I have heard they have gone to see if the Pope is ok. Apparently he is not well
  5. When I was younger I just wrote to clubs. I explained my ambition to be a professional. What my position was and who I played for. I had a trial Chesterfield fc for their center of excellence. But from my letters it started with just one scout turning up out of interest to the next minute I ended up having trials for Burnley. Had Southampton on the phone and an offer from staileybridge Celtic. So I'd reccomend letter writing or emails.
  6. I went down and I tried some shorts on but half way home I realised it was shut so i took them back.
  7. One major floor with that video. He likes to pass to players that have the vision to run on to the ball. Who do we have like that. Ours just stand still lol.
  8. A legend should be someone who amongst all generations stands out as being an excellent footballer/manager and contributed to the club in a big way. People like Derek Dooley etc. I never saw him play but I understand how valuable he was to the club and understand what a great player he was. Also big Jack. Never saw him manage but understand the importance he played in swfc history . These kinds are legends. Legends are rare. Not every player is a legend.
  9. To be honest, Westwood has also made loads of howlers before he was dropped. We need a new senior keeper I think, and get one of these lads on loan
  10. Water is a necessity. Football isn't. So yea fans are entitled to their money back. Silly comparison.
  11. I'm not understanding this. Monk was fired by who???
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