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  1. Football is now classed as part of the entertainment industry. Problem with that is You go to theater and the actors put in a display where they cant be bothered. Crowd would complain and you get money back. Bua a film. You return it and get money back etc etc. Football you pay 40 quid and it's like "well tough crap deal with it" kind of attitude. It's not right.
  2. So call those people at the arsenal game were shouting Carlos out? I did not speak to.one person who is an owl who spoke badly of Carlos in that season.
  3. Should all be the same no prem then efl but all run under the same governance.
  4. That's the crazy thing though about this ticket. If Wednesday never get promoted it gets cheaper and cheaper. Crazy.
  5. At least with my 10 year season ticket its gonna have worked out at about a fiver per game by the time this club gets promoted. What a pile of poo.
  6. To be honest yes I have. My house is made from a cave.
  7. Is this true then. Did she actually do this?
  8. Looks pretty decent to be honest. Raw but a decent prospect.
  9. So that's definitely happening then lol.
  10. A big lump who was played a beautiful ball involving 4 people that then blasted the ball home with a superb shot. Not a direct ball from defence straight up to him fir him to them out muscle anyone. It was superb play. Get over your self leeds and just admit we were clinical on the day.
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