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  1. Chaos engine is on steam?? Might have to purchase it.
  2. Retro games who produced the brilliant c64 mini have announced an Amiga A500 mini console. It includes 25 games such as kick off 2, Chaos engine( one of my favourite games ever), speedball 2 deluxe, and a few more classics. Also has ability to download and play A600 , A1200 games via USB port. So looking forward to this. The amiga was such a good gaming computer back in the day, with many classics on it.
  3. I hate this. Just realised that music I listen to from the 90s that I think is well cool. is as old to people now as music from the 60s was to me in the 90s. That has blown my mind
  4. Looks like he left his sports direct sticker on his hat Seriously love this guy though . Looks so happy all the time. Genuine smile that.
  5. Anyone aged this on the oculus quest 2? Bought it last night and really enjoying it. Really atmospheric and great graphics as well.
  6. I still don't like it for some reason. The blue just does not seem right somehow and it's like it's got too many stripes. I'm sure it will probably grow on me though.
  7. That's great. I will let him know. Thank you
  8. Sorry if this has been mentioned but one of my mates has recently been registered as disabled and is entitled to a blue badge. He does not need a wheel chair though. Does anyone know how much a season ticket will cost? Heard its the concession rate but I'm not sure.
  9. Just ordered the 256 GB model . Can't wait
  10. I think someone should take him because if he misses turn offs on the road like he misses balls, he will never get there lol,
  11. Signing players who played in the championship last season is a good thing?? We had a squad full of players that played in the championship last season. Didn't do us any good did it. I want, nay I DEMAND champions league players. Dm should be going after Harry Kane , Messi, Ronaldo etc. Lol
  12. I hope we sign him as I feel a lot of footballers will lose out on contracts because of covid. Could make the young footballers feel like they are the JILTED GENERATION
  13. I wouldn't go. I have heard our strikers are the ones doing the shots.
  14. Heard it will be emblazoned with chansiri's new can re cycling company D-CAN-IO The best way to get rid of your rusty fancy cans. Lol
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