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  1. Lol. No not at all , quite the opposite in fact Just looking at the trueness of the situation. Don't see a reason to think spend spend spend would be Ok. Would love to know what you think we can realistically do whilst living within our means.
  2. Its catch 22 isn't it . In one hand to compete and be where we want to be we have to spend big (teams who get promoted on low budgets are not that common) but yet to stay within our means involves us sitting in mid to lower table like we used to. We don't have the ground to be able to improve on facilities. We don't have the infrastructure to bring players through and sell. And we don't have the pull to attract big advertising revenues. I'm at a loss as to what it is we can realistically do. Would we as fans take mid table for a few seasons to get ourselves sorted financially and just spend within our means?? I don't know. All I know is football is a mess. So sad. ¾
  3. Find out where the losses are coming from then deal with that.
  4. Swfc should be working like mad to get advertising revenue in. We are a big historic club. With a unique name and we should be promoting that. We shouldn't have to advertise businesses which don't exist. Also when a offer comes in for a player if it's a good offer we should sell. Not hang on like we used to . Such a shame that a club like ours finds ouself in a bit of a mess when you consider our history.
  5. Some random 5 year old in a kick about on the pitch in 1986. Just before the game started. Took about 3 players on.
  6. As a member of SAG I would like to notify this page that any chutney brought into the ground will result in that person and persons in the stand being banned from all remaining games of the season. We would also put in place further restrictions to make sure this does not happen again. As well as the road closures we would be inspecting each and every car for dangerous items like chutney . Yours piganomicly SAG
  7. On the bottom graph. What the heck has happened to his head. Looks like it's getting sucked into his body.
  8. Could not see a thread on this lad ,so sorry if it's already been answered. Just wondered what had happened to him? He came over with good rep but not seen much of him. Is he injured?
  9. Hillsberg fuller?? That our new German player that we are going for?? Lol
  10. Yes but it wasn't a leeds player so doesn't count. So was a lucky bounce off of the shin. If it was leeds itbwoukd have been pass of the century.
  11. Should be coming hear and getting all three points. We are 1 point 1 friggin point behind. Not a whole league. Bog off sky.
  12. This is a joke now. Surprise they ain't pulled a leeds United curtain down so you can't see out ground
  13. They can't stand talking about us being good can they. I honestly never bought into anyone saying sky have been against us but today its do piggin obvious
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