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  1. New Sheffield Wednesday shirts

    Sounds like your moaning about people moaning about people moaning lol.
  2. They wheeling in Carlos excuses for when we next lose.
  3. Well this 150 anniversary is going well . Not happy at all.
  4. George Hirst

    Also on pes 18
  5. Sheffield Wednesday started in the heart.
  6. August 26th 1972 Owls v Hull

    Ah my grandad told me about that game. Also said something about acquiring a frozen chicken? Was that the norm in those days or any one know anything about it??
  7. Slow, Slow

    It's Carlos fault. No it's nuihu fault. No it's ff because he doesn't want to be here. It's winnall coz he is crap. Oh it's Rhodes coz he crap. I'd blame it on Palmer. There we go all bases covered I think. Oh n it's coz kits are crap. There let's close this negative thread down now. All bases covered. ( the above mentioned does not necessarily represent the thoughts of the poster)
  8. The Championship This Season

    No one dominates a league after just 2 games though. Let's look at it after 10 then start talking possible league positions.
  9. May as well be under an embargo

    Think it was all or nothing regarding the Rhodes deal. Our defence was looking ok at the time we commited to purchasing him. We will be ok though. We ain't kicked a ball in the real season yet. Don't let pre season cloud judgment either way.
  10. Joao to Wolves???

    you work for the club? Just wondered as you have an official copy of the email that got sent out.
  11. OFFICIAL - George Boyd signs

    So. I can't wait till the new kit arrives with the Scotland badge on lol. Nice to have a network of players from same country though as it helps towards a good team spirit. Well done Wednesday n welcome george. But I have to ask do you really want to hurt me?
  12. The Marquee Friendly

    Would love it to be a little comp between heeley fc. Attercliff fc and Sheffield fc. Like the old days. Especially as heeley were the only club in our ENTIRE HISTORY to be a threat of greatest club in Sheffield
  13. 150 Years of Owlstalk

    Hang on the Wednesday cricket club have a football team now? How's that going to work?
  14. Carlos

    Ah so its McDonald at asda roundabout them off to mexborough to memories bar then down onto the slot machines in mexborough amusement arcades. Classy night.
  15. Mcgugan & melo

    Ah that's fine mate. Understand. Hope he makes it anyway.