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  1. Well I heard that one man went to mow, went to mow a medow. But he brought his dog with him and one man and his dog got shifted on to mown another meadow. Now he wants two men to mow his meadow.
  2. We are the owls whoa ohh, we are the owks that's what they say, we are the owls oh Sheffield, Sheffield Wednesday. A take off of a Thompson twins song I think.
  3. Lawful??? Because he plays by the law??
  4. Who is Steve bruce?? Joined ifollow n can't wait for Carlos first match in chaelrge. Should be good.
  5. We are actually going for it ain't we. Like actually trying to get to playoffs. Flippin get in Steve. You gonna be a legend if we do it.
  6. It turned up but got to the place you wanted to go without you on the Car. D taxis alway one step ahead
  7. Think a Steve Bruce or /and Stuart gray combo could be good as a short term kick up the backside then take it from their. Idea is to keep on improving. Look at our history and uniqueness of the club and drive those as selling points for the commercial aspect. Then see where we are from there.
  8. Just put a bid in of 80 million pounds. Hope to get it. I'll keep you posted.
  9. We would it woukd be about the bands Neil is promoting.
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