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  1. Row 20 seat 210 on kop. Got tickets for a different seat but something tells me to sit here.
  2. Yea i agree but what level does our approach work at though??
  3. Heads have definitely gone. We have become frustrated and are making mistakes we didn't make before.
  4. I have really enjoyed this game and thought qe have played well. We don't deserve to be behind based on our play but we need to defend better. We definitely need better strikers as back ups though.
  5. We should dig down and re do the pitch with one of them new Desso pitches... oh wait
  6. I would not have the iso set to auto on a 3100 as it has a tendancy to go higher on "learner" Nikons then resulting in an extremely noisy photo. Iso 800 should be OK though
  7. It’s just every now and again the realisation hits you that’s all. We are not poo, league 2 would be poo, we just not very good at the moment.
  8. The fact we are below Oxford and Wycombe shows how far we have fallen.
  9. So an update for anyone that is bothered. I have now played the console and gone through its various menus and quickly played the games it came with. First off... the console is really well made, well impressed with the build quality. Same goes for the the carts, the packaging is excellent and the carts feel solid. Regarding the carts the console takes two at a time and they cam be hot swapped so no need to turn console off each time. Gameplay. This is excellent. All the games are fully licenced so play really well. All in all a great package and for £89 for the starter pack or £109 for the premium pack you can't go wrong to be honest.
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