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  1. Didnt realise the extra 10 minuites could be the difference between catching coronavirus and not. Wow. What a stupid thing to say. Either play the full 45 as it's safe to do so or dont play at all. The love I had for this game is really coming to an end. It's all about money.
  2. This pandemic has shown football up for what it really is , and that's money. Clubs are more bothered about money than safety of players and fans. So so sad.
  3. I woke up this morning to three beautiful ladies all dressed in wednesday tops. I have never been so disappointed in all my life.
  4. Buying players who should have been short term on long term contracts has been a major factor in our decline. Then when offers cane in for our players, the refusal to sell also cost us. Should have had a big refresh after the playoffs but because our players were on stupid contracts we could not do that. Such a shame such a great club like ours to be in this sad situation. Sad thing is I'm not sure (like a lot of fans) what the answer is as our problem seems to be at every angle you look at.
  5. Harris and nando playing as keepers ? to be honest I would not put it past monk.
  6. Each person is unique and so is their mental health. Not one person can call the other out about mental health issues because it's all relative to the individual . Even top mental health workers don't go in with pre meditated ideas about that person . We should not judge anyone mental health. We should try and listen to that person not pull down.
  7. Football is now classed as part of the entertainment industry. Problem with that is You go to theater and the actors put in a display where they cant be bothered. Crowd would complain and you get money back. Bua a film. You return it and get money back etc etc. Football you pay 40 quid and it's like "well tough crap deal with it" kind of attitude. It's not right.
  8. So call those people at the arsenal game were shouting Carlos out? I did not speak to.one person who is an owl who spoke badly of Carlos in that season.
  9. Should all be the same no prem then efl but all run under the same governance.
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