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  1. kilnhurstowl

    St Johnstone

    We ain't Scottish
  2. What's with all this pedestrian like football. We throw it out n walk it about. They get the ball n pass n run. Then we just keep kicking it back to wildsmith. Looks like a team totally devoid of ideas. So sad.
  3. Crap tactics. Crap effort. Crap everything. We are dying as a club at moment. I don't care if we put under 10s out but put some flipping effort in. Don't just walk the ball around.
  4. kilnhurstowl

    1 year ago today

    Away at forest.
  5. Not had a season ticket for years but yea I would. Can't wait . Bring it on. Lol.
  6. kilnhurstowl

    The funny gif

    This is why owlstalk is so much better than any other forum. Flippin brilliant.
  7. kilnhurstowl

    ghost F.A cup draw.

    So according to the op we have got Southampton?. Why do we always get screwed with naff draws. Not gonna bother watching the draw tomoz what's point. Thanks the F.A . Prob be on a wet Monday night as well.
  8. kilnhurstowl


    You are right to a degree. As a trained fitness instructor you can increase slightly your peak levels but it's more on the mental side that it effects. So even though you might feel tired you can mentally push yourself that bit further. Explains why the players have more fight about them.
  9. kilnhurstowl

    Sheffield Wednesday monopoly

    Think it's a cracking idea. Well done to the club. Just bought monopoly Sheffield edition ,which is more fun as you know the places your having to pay money on.
  10. They are a dangerous team though. N that ref. Oh n the fans lol. Gets stuffed Carlos n do one
  11. We comparing real Madrid to Wednesday now? That's like comparing a 1997 fiesta to a 2017 bugatti
  12. What we worried about?? Carlos said we WILL be promoted by the end of season. I don't care if we lose all our games because Carlos says we WILL be promoted
  13. kilnhurstowl

    New Sheffield Wednesday shirts

    Sounds like your moaning about people moaning about people moaning lol.
  14. They wheeling in Carlos excuses for when we next lose.