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  1. Well other than the goal. That was pretty poor. Fans seem quiet but I'm not surprised to be honest. Not much to watch. Hopefully monk can sort them out.
  2. Not talking about the police but as if the police were saying it about themselves and passing responsibility of everything back on to the club. As in we(the police) caused a problem. And we(the police) have blood on our hands, but we are gonna pass on responsibility to the club. That's what I took from it. If I'm wrong then fair enough.
  3. To be honest I thought he was saying about the police and there viewpoint. Not come across as probably as he inte ded but its the way I initially read it.
  4. Heard he exited the North on yo lepings Lane end. Bit of a rebel. Think we should have him
  5. Can after years of starting the league campaign slowly with "proper" managers , be top of the league and still have fans moaning. seriously enjoy the moment, chill, and things will happen when they happen. We should be enjoying the ride. Not living every moment on the edge.
  6. Don't think the cowleys are pe teachers anymore unless Lincoln ain't paying very well.
  7. I was skeptical of bullen but in the post match interview when he said " we saw Barnsley and how they high pressed and we thought we would out Barnsley Barnsley" I thought so many managers would have tried to soak up pressure and play on counter but not this guy. He is wanting to take the game to the opposition and attack. It's refreshing. If Lee is given the job he will have my backing.
  8. Match restarted yet or is it half time still? Think my YouTube is frozen.
  9. Ah but since the changes in finances have you seen us play at Hillsborough?? Ah thought not. Plus no one has seen new kit so we might not play in blue and white. Cracks appearing in your logic my good fellow.
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