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  1. To not get paid on time once or twice= you get on with your job, feel annoyed but you have pride in your work so you do your best. To not get paid on time on a consistent basis= a stuff you attitude, why should I bother and it becomes a employee vs employer situation which is what I can see now. I totally understand how it can affect the players mentality as its an ongoing problem. Chansiri should have got this sorted. As a business owner you plan ahead as best as you can for future events (not that covid could be planned for) but you have moneys availabl
  2. Lol. Nothing like that. Even though I think she was a shoplifter as she had a sausage hidden down her jeans. ..... actually now you mention it
  3. All I remember is I copped off with a lass who had hairy arms and legs.
  4. Lost my glasses there. Great night though.
  5. If we are to.judge Francis on how he would deal with today's squad and he is viewed as a bad manager , then surely those who say monk failed are justified in doing so. His results were awful. I don't care if we were third at one point. We collapsed and he rightly got the sack. Francis was so much better than what some give credit for. Not the best I agree but the best after big Ron that we have had I think.
  6. So we can blame Francis but can't blame monk? I'm confused? How come tge bad signings Francis made was his fault but yet the bad signings and decisions monk made were not his fault.
  7. Probably in my noses basket as I was less than 4 weeks old
  8. Liverpool and wolves on Amazon video right now. Good game
  9. Just bought my first apple device and went for the ipad air 4, (cant afford the pro or mac books etc) and what a device this is. Thoroughly enjoying it. Using the A14 bionic chip, its mega fast and using lightroom on it to edit photos is awesome. Feels proper solid as well. For anyone wondering if they should get one or not, I'd say go for it . You wont regret it. You also get a year of apple TV as well
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