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  1. As a Leeds fan who is not particularly fond of the Owls, I always think that this is the sort of fixture that defines “Old Skool”, the sort of game that got me hooked many years ago. Hillsborough, like Elland Road, may need modernisation but would you swap it for a modern Walt Disney-style identikit bowl? And it pains me to say it but should LUFC ever return to the “Promised Land” of the Premier League, yes, the atmospheres that we could expect away from home would be very much of the Sky manufactured, happy clapper day-tripper variety, not the edgy type experienced on Friday night.
  2. As a visiting Leeds fan trying to find out what exactly is happening at S6, I wholeheartedly agree with this. One good game does not a season make. Yesterday was unexpected and immensely enjoyable but we are up there with the best when it comes to unduly raising expectations.
  3. As "an outsider looking in", with some incredulity I must say, to the affairs at your club, I was struck by this comment. Surely, the last thing that any owner of a "big club" wants is to disassociate his investment with tribalism??? It's tribalism that makes us supporters consistently part with ridiculous amounts of hard-earned income to watch/endorse a product that, more often than not, is disappointing and sub-standard. If this fails to be the case, we all simply start supporting Manchester City, until they falter, which they inevitably will. But I suppose that entry into the promised land of the Premier League means that the "hardcore" fan, and his £40 match ticket becomes an increasingly minor component in the overall scheme of things, as far as finances are concerned. I always thought that the good folk of S6 were very fortunate to dodge the bullet that was Ken Bates, as the damage that that man did to my club is only now being addressed. For all his faults, Chansiri has invested in the team and whilst his judgement may be questioned, his intent seemed obvious, to me at least. But the appointment of this Katrien woman seems at best to be ill-timed, and at worst to be some indication of a change in attitude. I think that those of you on here who are worried have every right to be so. I am heartily fed up of the way that modern football is run, and the malign influence of the Sky Millions will, in the long run, will impact on us "tribal followers" more than anyone else associated with the game.
  4. As a non-Sheffielder driving through the city and listening to the radio phone-in, this George Hurst business seems bizarre. I’m a Leeds fan and there were some rumours linking him with us and at the time, I thought why on earth would Wednesday even consider letting him go? Yes, money talks in football but surely not as loudly as that?
  5. As a Leeds fan I was amazed at the 4,600 allocation (sold out this morning I believe) compared with t'Blades allocation for the weekend. What's the point of a Derby if it is to be sanitised by a poor away support? And when reading this thread, you can sense the posters who travel away and those that don't. We we are in 2017, and the SYP surely have enough manpower, intelligence and technical gear to ensure that a game of 32,000 ish can go ahead with a minimum of bother with say 4,600 Blades fans in attendance? And if they can't, are they "fit for purpose"? Hope to god you don't play Koln at any time soon. WYP are perhaps no better but we don't have a "same city club" for them to deal with and the current bizarre housing of away fans in the West Stand at ER gives them a ready made excuse to be awkward. Or do SYP just want a nice overtime wedge on Sunday for the minimum of effort? Be interesting if some sort of ruling was brought in whereby in the case of a football match, the local police force were contra-charged a fee for every empty seat below capacity when they have imposed a lower maximum attendance. But thinking on, that would just allow them to ban away support completely, "in the interests of safety" But I am cynical.....and bored....
  6. In a mad, sad, world, voices of reason and intelligence are still sometimes heard. Thanks for that!
  7. Bugger me! I come on here with a genuine question (I thought the Wednesday stripes were a tradition beyond tampering with*) and pre-menstrual ANDY (it's the caps lock that gives it away) has a big hissy fit. Strange behaviour for such a moody ***** to be playing the "my wee wee tail is bigger than your wee wee tail" game but I suppose it takes all sorts. Keep taking the Evening Primrose dear. *and yes, I am old enough to remember the blue shirt with white sleeves a la my John Ritchie Soccer Stars album
  8. What's the thinking behind your new kit? I knew you had had a bit of an overhaul but a couple of my mates even thought you were playing in your away kit. What's the reasoning behind ditching the stripes?
  9. Leeds fan here with two simple questions; How come Leeds and Wednesday, with the undoubted capacity and fan base to generate a return on any significant investment, make such hard work of obtaining credible, wealthy owners? Yet other clubs, who you think to yourself, "Why on earth would anyone buy them" seem to get apparently good deals done overnight?
  10. As a Leeds fan, I am simimilarly bemused by the happenings at SWFC. After your promotion last season, all seemed well and I anticipated that you would harness the momentum to perhaps "do a Norwich or Southampton", bankrolled by the large gates that are synonymous with a big club on the rise. Where it went wrong, I'm not qualified to comment, but I do know from experience that re-gaining that lost momentum is easier said than done.
  11. Leeds fan here. Ray Fell always was, always has been and always will be, a tool of the highest order. As for last night? All too predictable, bearing in mind that several pubs in the city centre seemed to be full of Leeds fans from early afternoon. The Savile stuff was vile, the Galatasary stuff was vile (and I saw severa of your lot in the North Stand going seriously bonkers at their fellow fans for singing it). The knob who attacked Kirkland will no doubt get his comeuppance and deservedly so. The knob who shattered the window of the tram full of Leeds fans I was on on the way to the ground with a brick probably won't (last seen hurtling off from the Netherthorpe Road stop). Good job that laminated glass works or, having seen the impact mark, we could be discussing the death of a 15 year old lad today. Over the years, most of the Blades/Owls/Leeds games (I have attended several Sheffield Derbies with mates of both persuasions) I have been to have been accompanied by an undercurrent of violence. Sometimes the police/stewards get it right, sometimes they get it wrong. The common theme has been that all three clubs are big city clubs. Big city clubs will always attract both the good and the bad elements (and Leeds does have a larger bad element than most, I concede). But it was a cracking atmosphere last night, and that was because of the intense rivalry. Did 28,500 pepole turn up for this game because of mutual respect for the other team? I think not. If things were that bad, how come that if we meet again next season, home and away, the crowds will probably both be season bests? Out of distaste for Leeds, will you lot not sell out your allocation for Elland Road? I doubt it, no matter how much Uncle Ken tries to fleece you. In fact, like it or not, last night's events will probably guarantee it, as your "lads" will be out for revenge. And if it is all too much, we can all go and support Barnsley or Huddersfield or Doncaster Rovers. It will be lovely and quiet and you don't get people standing up and blocking your view. As long as football continues to throw up games last night, I will continue to attend. poo poo happens, and when I look at the crock of poo poo in the news at the moment, if last night is a life-shattering event, I may as well top-myself now. As for the footy, you looked good, and more importantly hungry. Jones has the air of a man for whom the gallows beckon.
  12. And therein lies the problem. I'm a Leeds Utd supporter and Bates knows that no matter how much he shafts us, there is a hardcore of "morons", to quote Ken himself, that will continue to pay. Wednesdays will have a similar harcore "Golden Goose" of supporters who, regardless of how disgruntled they become, cannot bring themselves to stop at home on a Saturday afternoon. There is a sizeable chunk of Leeds' potential support that will not pay anything to support Bates. Some will only go to away games. I admire them, I really do, because deep down, if all of us had the same conviction, our management would have no option but to reduce ticket prices. But we moan and chunter and swear never to go again, but we do. Its in our blood. Wednesdays and Leeds enjoy great, loyal support, and it is that continued loyalty that will be exploited ad infinitum. As a rare show of principle, I decided that as Bates was fleecing me enough with £530 for my season ticket, I would boycott the Everton game. I stopped at home and watched it on the telly, feeling guilty for the entire 90 minutes for doing so and at the end of the game, I had missed a memorable performance but had I achieved anything?....I think not. Never mind, its Barnsley at home on Saturday.....I need serious f***ing help.
  13. Insomniac Leeds United fan comes in peace! If you are going to Brighton, allow yourself plenty of time from the town centre. Yes, we played at the Amex early doors last year and no doubt they were experiencing teething problems, but the ground is 4 miles from the town centre and virtually in the middle of no-where. Mind you, even then, a distinct improvement on Withdean. And whilst I'm on, please enlighten me as to the weird sentiments expressed on this board? If I'm not mistaken, it could be taken as affection for your Chairman? How strange.
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